[3.4] Dire Phantasms - Spirit Offering Minions | 7k+ eHP EB MoM | Triple Damage Auras

Where is the tree?
prodiosounds wrote:
Where is the tree?

You can open the link on the Path of Building section in Path of Building.

Otherwise, you can use this:

Passive tree here
thank you so much ^^,
this build can do easily all map (t15) and go to guardian's?
Ty for the sharing your ideas.

Im at 282 depth and done all bosses except Uber Atz and Uber Elder.

Red Elder, Guardians, Atziri, Breachlords, Lich-Boss in Delve and Shaper with ease. Level 92 at the moment and preparing my Atlas for Uber Elder.
Curious on your thoughts on Minion Blind Ghastly Jewels. I see it's not listed in your priority, but on the surface, it seems like it would be a huge boost to survivability. I feel like I still get chunked pretty hard and would gladly take an tips on smoothing that out. (assuming my low hp is the biggest factor here, but that's taking some time to fix)

Absolutely loving the build btw. Watching a swarm of ghostbro's blitz whole rooms and bosses to death is immensely satisfying.
what bandit i should take?
misterx_x wrote:
what bandit i should take?

Kill all for the 2 points.

Btw amazing setup so far, one quick question that i dont fully get, the victario's link wrath-hatred-haste / curse-blasphemy-curse, the curses setup its ok but the auras need to be linked? cause i dont see any benefit from that
Its good build for league start?
Hi guys, so I'm thinking to do this build in the next league. My "problem" is that I don't know what I will do with all my currency. Let's say I stick to this build till the end and I gather a few exalts, how can I improve the build in the late game with currency ? Since it is a minion build with several unique pieces there is not much to do except min-maxing the unique stuff.

Can you give me some advice on how to spend currency on this build ?

thanks in advance !

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