[3.4] Dire Phantasms - Spirit Offering Minions | 7k+ eHP EB MoM | Triple Damage Auras

-7k+ EHP with Eldritch Battery - Mind over Matter combination
-10% life regen
-instant ES recovery with Spirit Offering
-3 damage auras and 1 damage curse with Victario's Influence
-easy minion sustain with Death Walk

1. Introduction
2. Gear
3. Links
4. Passive Tree
5. Ascendancy
6. Leveling
7. Why Spirit Offering over Flesh/Bone
8. Ghastly Eye Jewel Mods
9. Pantheon Choices

1. Introduction

Are you looking for an effective and inexpensive build to play? This one is definitely worth looking over.

Surviving maps and delves is done with 7k combined pool of life and energy shield. Using both Eldritch Battery and Mind over Matter not only lets you survive larger burst damage, it also gives you the ability to reserve all of you mana and still cast spells. Spirit Offering will instantly recover your ES and give minions up to 30% of their damage as chaos as long as there are corpses on the ground.

Using phantasms has a similar feel to playing Solar Guard spectres. Its loss in range is made up for with the sheer number of phantasms. Unlike spectres though, setting up phantasms is quite easy: popping Spirit Offering twice after a cascaded Desecrate will create 15 phantasms. Sustaining is as easy as walking over corpses to consume them with Death Walk.

Since you yourself don't need auras, Generosity-linked auras is the best choice. Victario's Influence is the best in slot for any Minion build looking to maximize damage further. Your choice of a Blasphemy-linked curse is used on the remaining sockets and mana.

Your strategy for bosses/single target is to cast Desecrate and run over it to proc Elemental Equilibrium.

2. Gear

3. Links

Soulwrest - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Minion Damage - Summon Phantasm on Kill - Controlled Destruction - Physical to Lightning - Elemental Focus

Wrath - Hatred - Haste | Elemental Weakness - Blasphemy

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration | Convocation

Desecrate - Faster Casting - Spell Cascade


5. Ascendancy

Normal: Commander of Darkness, early game damage and resistances for you and your minions
Cruel: Puppet Master, early-mid game QoL
Merciless: Mistress of Sacrifice, mid-late game QoL
Uber: Invoker, late game QoL

6. Leveling

Leveling all the way to maps is fast and easy if you know what you're doing.
Here are some things to note to make leveling less of a hassle.

Lv. 8+:
-Freezing Pulse until Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Splash, and Minion Damage
-look for a 3 linked wand or sceptre, and ruby ring. You'll need it along with Orb of Alteration to craft a +1 to socketed fire gems.
-To craft, sell all of the ingredients to a vendor.
-Keep any Life Flask of Animation if one is found. It will be used for crafting later.
-If you don't find one and are nearing lv. 25, find a Bone Spirit Shield instead.
-Vendoring any life flask with Bone Spirit Shield and Orb of Transmutation will give you a Life Flask of Animation.
-Darkness Enthroned belt with minion jewels will let you clear with your minions faster.
-Find all the gems you need and level them along the way.
-Get both Flesh Offering.

Lv. 25+:
-4L helmets are now available. Find one with energy shield and/or armor to craft with.
-Use Hatred for your minions.
-Trade in the helmet along with the flask and an Orb of Alteration.
-Socket Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Splash, Minion Damage, and Melee Physical Damage into the helmet.

Lv. 34+:
-You can switch to a Wraithlord helmet for +2 to Minion gems.
-Use Generosity on Hatred.
-Improvise the rest of the acts.

Lv. 62+:
-Get Soulwrest with at least 5 sockets.
-Get Victario's Influence with at least 4 sockets.
-Use Hatred, Wrath, and Generosity-linked Elemental Weakness on Victario's Influence.
-Use Haste when sockets and unreserved mana is available.

Skill Points:
-Get minions and life nodes to the middle left side of the tree, all the way to Spiritual Aid.
-Get Eldritch Battery, Mind over Matter, life nodes, and aura nodes to the right side of the tree.
-Get Elemental Equilibrium and the Scion life wheel.
-Get life and flask nodes on the upper side of the tree.

7. Why Spirit Offering over Flesh/Bone

Spirit Offering give both offensive and defensive stats rather than just pure offense to the minions or pure defense for the player.

Flesh Offering affects the minion's cast and movements, which can be replaced totally with Victario's Influence Haste.

Bone Offering affects block and spell block to give them tankiness, but phantasms are easily replaceable.

Spirit Offering grants:
-chaos damage based on physical damage, very useful for your minions
-energy shield based on maximum life, useful for both you and your minions
-elemental resistance, useful for both you and your minions

8. Ghastly Eye Jewel Mods

Mods to look for in order of priority:
-minion physical damage, t3+
-% minion damage when a minion skill was used recently
-% to all resistance
-% minion chance to hinder
-% life regen
-% minion attack/cast speed, 6% cast

9. Pantheon Choices

I recommend Brine King for partial stun and freeze immunity, and either Ryslatha for life flask recharge or Gruthkul for phys. damage reduction on hit.

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Sounds like a really fun build, how is the single target? do you think that the phantasm can do bosses or they are more like a mapping/delving setup.
Nonaco wrote:
Sounds like a really fun build, how is the single target? do you think that the phantasm can do bosses or they are more like a mapping/delving setup.

Phantasms are strong for single target, even without swapping to a single target gem. In my build, for example, just Spirit Offering and no EE was able to kill Atziri without having her do her healing phase. Having 20 phantasms will melt bosses no problem.

Mapping and delving is easy, too. My strategy is to just run with the phasing flask up and the phantasms will shoot projectiles as they try to catch up. If you really min-max your map, I think you can clear it in 1-2 mins.
videos soon?
cryyyy wrote:
videos soon?

I tried recording a video but my laptop can't handle it. I might need to party with someone and have them take the video, then use that to showcase the build.

If nothing else, I can invite you to do a map with me.
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I use build close to this one, i would say biggest deference is that i actually took Ghost Reaver on skill tree.

Since we are necro, we can risk loosing resistance on gear, so i am running hungry loop ring with:
- blade vortex
- blind (brings me to 50% evasion with es/armor gear)
- inc aoe
- duration
- life leech

This gives me 200 es leech per sec, so i dodged that awful moments when you take big hit, and you dont have es to cast stuff, also my blade vortex is for EE procs (fire dmg), to be able to get ES when you need it and you cant get close to enemy im using The Writhing Jar. This way you always gain ES. you can use it to cast offerings and stuff.

I actually tried to find place for VAAL discipline but cant get free socket (cry)

Anyway nice guide. I hope you have fun with it as much as i do with mine :)
What about a movement skill?
Nonaco wrote:
What about a movement skill?

Personally will use phaserun + increased duration and just desecrate by itself only need it to proc spirit offering if no corpse
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ftwwings wrote:

Anyway nice guide. I hope you have fun with it as much as i do with mine :)

Thanks, it is quite fun!

If you don't mind me suggesting some changes to your passive tree, I noticed some points you could shift around for improvement:
-If you remove the Gravepact nodes excluding the 15% minion damage nodes and take the minion nodes at the Witch start, you get the 12% increased ES, 8% minion life, and a free skill point for a loss of 4% minion cast speed. You can take those nodes again once you level up.

Nonaco wrote:
What about a movement skill?

As cryyyy suggested, Phase Run + ID works. I'm going to play around with Smoke Mine to see if the additional MS is worth adding.

I'm going to test if 4 endurance charges is better than the cwdt - ic setup if I get the spectre that grants endurance charge to allies.
What pantheons do you recommend?


currently level 75, breezing through maps like the play style just run around and let the minions do it all it's super easy and safe so far.


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