It's always a pleasure to see our players pushing the limits of creativity not only with their builds, but with unique and cozy hideouts. In today's news post we're showcasing some of the recently submitted hideouts from the Hideouts forum section.

The Underworld Cave by 3sfour


Hideout by guggelhupf


Human Powered Hideout by IAmGozar


The Ancient Fire Temple by LAGROSSESIMONE


The Vaal Ruins by Aurquonn


If you want us to check out your hideout, just create a thread with a few screenshots or video in the Hideouts forum.
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Grinding Gear Games
Amazing D: I somehow missed that there is a hideout section in PoE forum, gotta finish mine and show it to the world. Too bad hideouts from last two leagues are deleted.
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PLEASE give us the ability to save our hideouts and edit them offline.
Thanks GGG.
thank you again GGG :D never thought i would ever find a place in your showcase with my actual hideout. even more im realy happy about that <3

one hideout love yall

btw if any1 is interested. i posted a timelaps video in my hideout thread how i build the hideout
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Thanks GiGiGi
Good job Aurquonn!
On my command, unleash hell.
Good stuff
I love these! Once I get a big hideout this league (which will probably take me a few more days) I will definitely decorate one aswell. Though mine can't even compare to the stuff shown here or in the forums.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

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