Summon Holy Relic

What i wondering aside from some damage numbers is to know the formula.

It look like 2.6k phys damage but what do i know if i use poison if that damage is "Flat + Increase spell damage" and totally misleading. For poison i need to know exact flat damage to know if its worth going on already starved damage scaling.

Also i say mechanically skill is pure trol, it does not want to follow your attacks. I'm trying to play with ST as i like the skill but i ended up using cyclone in setup to not lose my mind.
I know what is the point of that but does it actually serve purpose other than irritating living hell out of people.

My suggestion is, make it falow attacks and unbind it from unique helm so to get more use for in other way dead lab enchant.
Skill is very innovative but need to behave in more intuitive ways as well regarding additional support that need to be in line with other skill.
It have potential but it's needlessly cornered, no real need to be to tedious i say.

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