3.4.0c Patch Notes

My first post on the forum.

This patch somewhat helped - now I am able to enter Mine Encampment for the first time without the game crashing. However, it crashes every time I try to enter the mine itself. So far no new content for me... Quite disappointed with this league start tbh.

Right now running under under Wine on Mac with dx9ex, so I cannot switch to dx11. Shadows are disabled at login screen. Before 3.4.0 patch the game was running okay, so these bugs have to be recent.
artyom6611 wrote:
My version is 3.4.0 and when i trying to launch client for update to 3.4.0c i have this error:

Your pack file has become corrupted. Currently the only one way to fix this is to delete Content.ggpk and download it again by running the client.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile and delete Content.ggpk.
There is a bug that changes your texture quality to medium when you press "option" (that means, game freezing and it's annoying), even if you changed the textures quality in the gamesetting document in a different way

EDIT: it's fixed now, thanks you :)
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Still crashing on whatever I do. Standing around, charging, attacking, in loading screen. You just randomly crash ..
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fix my problem : download content.ggpk files

but :

1/ D/L file via torrent (the pre load patch)
file size after delete (and after 3.4c) : 14 008 552 octet

File size after dowloading (via the client) : 13 152 612 octet

a very huge difference

no crash after
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crash, help pls

ERROR: 2005270523

i can't download this patch, i alway get this error message : 'unable to connect to patching server''

i know it's not my connection caus i can write in the forum

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Thanks! The look of the Subjugator Weapon MTX is also different than pre 3.4. Wss there something in the patch notes that I've overlooked?
Still regularly crashing unless i have engine multithreading turned off, usually when entering a new area, but can happen any time.

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