[3.4] KissMeQuick's Pet Viper Strike | Starter for FRIENDS to fight against UBER ELDER with FRIENDS!


💧 Crazy DPS - Up and beyond 5,000,000.000 DPS! W0W!
💧 Forget party play, you now have 10( TEN) friends who you can map with
💧 No matter what, the build will be cheap because of common uniques
💧 A lot of uniques that are very strong with this build
💧 Plenty of interesting and powerful Delve crafting items to be obtained and maxxed
💧 Fast as HECK and doesn't need Movement Speed
💧 15 Second Vaal Blight and Vaal Haste!
💧 So many defensive layers that I need to use a spoiler
💧 Fight against the evil corruption of Uber Elder with friends!


80% All Resist + 5% Chaos Resist
66% Evade with Blind
52% Dodge
42% Spell Dodge
12% Block
Flasks up 24/7
15K Life over 4 seconds life potion with 5 charges
6K+ Life
Chill - 30% Reduced Enemy Movement & Attack Speed
Immortal Call
Hinder - 30% Reduced Enemy Movement Speed
Immune to ALL elemental ailments
Immune to Corrupting Blood is easy to get on jewels + Moving doesn't make you take more damage from Bleeding with Bloodgrip
~ 2.5K life leech per second without Vaal pact
6% Reduced Elemental Damage Taken + 8% from Pantheon
4 Purity Boys tanking damage for you
80% Slow from Vaal Blight + Withering Touch making even Guardians almost stunned.

👴 If you like being bored, then this build will let you down



These videos are done on a basic setup in 3.4 with all mid tier equipment aside from Loreweave. My gear for either Uber Elder or Shaper hasn't been even remotely min maxxed.

T17 Shaper

Phase two shows how you can drop gazillions of DPSes on Shaper if you proc your Vaal skills at the right time.


T16 Hydra

Waited in the beginning of the Hydra fight to let her change phases so I could start doing proper DPS.




A random rare chest if you're starting and Loreweave is the goal.

Best in slot! 80% resistances + high life and maybe physical damage would be the best. Always aim for 80% resistances tho.


Best in slot by far, might not be very available on the first 1/2 days of the League as it's obtained from Plaguemaw V completion. Corrupting it generally isn't worth it simply because only 1 affix is good and it's rare.


Very cheap and good for starting!

These items can scale insanely but also need a lot of crafting!

T1 ALWAYS 60% more poison damage
T2 Poison Duration / Attack Speed / Physical damage / Chaos Damage
T3 Accuracy / Increased poison damage


Really good for starting but even better would be a rare Delve crafted -X Chaos Resistance Rare helmet!

Enchants T1: Viper Strike Duration, Herald of Agony Mana Reservation
T2: Viper Strike Critical Strike, Blood Rage Attack Speed, Herald of Purity Mana Reservation, Viper Strike Damage, Ancestral Protector Attack Speed, Herald of Agony Projectiles


Very strong for very long time early. You can try your luck with corrupting it. I might add some variations and stronger rare amulets once in the League. Impresence is good as well but more expensive and not very smart to corrupt it. Good corruptions are: Resistances, Attack Speed, Additional Curse. Max resistances won't work with Loreweave.

A good rare amulet. You're aiming for life + physical damage at first and rest is for you to decide.


Super good in slot and an easy way to 5L your Herald of Agony early! Good corruptions would be: Frenzy, Attack Speed, Maximum Life, Level of Gems, Level of Projectile Gems. You can get Temporal Chains / Enfeeble / Vulnerability curse if you get +1 curse from amulet or somewhere else.

You can also get more friends with Grave enchantment!

The endgame goal would be gloves with "Socketed gems more attack speed" + any other cool socket Delve stuff which would increase the Agony's attack speed without reserving any mana from us.

Currently using belts just to get resistances, a Stygian Vise of course would be better!

You would want Increased Duration + high Life from Elder Boots most importantly asap. If you can fix some resists in it, would be nice as well!

Just rare rings with resists and as high life as possible.



Not optimized yet!



Doesn't even matter what life flask you have since you regen so much with them, especially with Bloodgrip. I would go for reduced charges used and Eternal tho.

Good damage increase and Chaos resistance!

Just more damage again (:

Your biggest damage increase, try to get it to as close to 75% increased poison duration as possible!

Reduced charges would be better again, some more defenses + removing curses. Basalt Flask is also a very solid choice for this slot!

You want something like this aside from Critical strike multiplier for normal jewels. You can use resists or whatever you want there.

Always life and try to get Onslaught or if not that, then double attack speed or physical damage.

Helps you get enough Intelligence. Good in the beginning, you can swap it out later if you get int on your gear.

Place here

Increases your Viper Strike DPS BY A LOT! Mandatory!

Place here

Makes your Vaal Blight even cooler! Not mandatory but very good!

Place here




Viper Strike - Deadly Ailments - Vile Toxins - Melee Splash - Added Chaos Damage - Ancestral Call for mapping and Multistrike for bossing

Our main damage skill. If you feel that you're dying a lot or need more regen, try using multistrike for mapping.

Most important to level up is Viper Strike, then Vile Toxins & Added Chaos damage, all 3 are REALLY good at level 21.

Viper Strike Level 21 gem is better than level 20 with 20 quality since it gives you +1 range.
Added Chaos damage gives us most damage at level 21.
Vile Toxins gives you 5% more damage with hits per poison at level 21.


Vaal Blight - Herald of Purity - Ancestral Protector

We get 5 friends from this! Ancestral Protector is mainly to get 20% MORE attack speed, which is A LOT! Herald of Purity is to have more friends, more damage for us and fun poison stacks!

Vaal Blight is the biggest DPS buff you can have and it also slows enemies by 80%. I've pretty much gone as far as completely stunning T16 Guardians with it + Vaal Cold Snap.


Cast When Damage Taken Level 1 - Immortal Call level 3 - Vaal Cold Snap level 1

This is what enemies get blasted with when they attack us. Don't ever level up above these levels or your setup won't work. The main function of Immortal Call is to proc Soul of Arakaali Pantheon. Even though Vaal Skill don't work with CWDT, the Vaal skills also have a normal version attached to them which does work and the Vaal version will be able to be casted manually.
Manually casting Vaal Cold Snap gives you frenzy charges and freezes enemies - use it for bosses and strong targets!


Vaal Double Strike - Withering Touch - Lesser Poison - Faster Attacks

These hop into boots since once we get Increased Duration on Elder rare Boots which make it a 5 link and their duration goes to 15 seconds. The duration of these skills is super long because of our passive tree and boots.

Holds 2 stacks, both can be used at the same time, use only Vaal version of the skill. This is super good for bosses and hard encounters. It applies tons of poisons and also Withering which increase our DPS output a lot. Plus we get 4 more friends!


Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

Main movement skills, scales with attack speed and movement speed is irrelevant. You should use it as your main method of moving even during bosses to proc Fortify which makes you take 20% less damage from Hits. This doesn't drain any mana from us, only health.


Herald of Agony - Pierce - Maim or Empower LV3 / 4 - Minion Damage (+ Vile Toxins if using Embalmber's Gloves )

This is our cool friend who helps us with clearing and killing + gives us MORE poison damage! Keeping high stacks is VERY easy.



You do not have to follow it 100% and I suggest removing resistances after getting rare gear. Also you may choose flask nodes if you have trouble sustaining them.

My Level 92 character in Delve 3.4 - Updated 6th of September 2018


My Level 93 character in Delve 3.4 after Uber Elder kill - Updated 7th of September 2018


Level 100 official website tree for Delve 3.4 - Updated 6th of September 2018




Bandits: Kill all

Pantheon Major: Solaris
Pantheon Minor: Shakari

Solaris provides the best bossing defenses. Poison has been buffed the latest patches, while rest of the powers aren't that good, so we go with Shakari.



Leveling Tree Progression til level 100

This build is able to finish acts comfortably with it's original skill gems. Dual wielding is not worth it until you get Breath of The Council, meaning that you should start off with a shield.

Good shield options are:

- Leper's Alms ( needs Elder Guardians)
- Lycosidae( expensive but best)
- Ahn's Heritage
- Great Old One's Ward
- Lioneye's Remorse ( used to be expensive early league but since spell block got nerfed, might not)

Embalmers Gloves can be used from level 50 for Viper Strike instead of having a 6 link chest

Most importantly have 4 skills always available:

> As many Viper Strike skill links as possible - Viper + Melee Splash + Lesser Poison are MUST.
> Whirling Blades
> Ancestral Protector
> Herald of Agony + Lesser Projectiles

Rest can wait until maps until you have gear that you'll be using for a longer time.

Some more tips:

> You can use Ancestral Call instead of Melee Splash early
> If you use Rare Claws, get with +life gained on hit
> Physical Damage, Chaos damage and Attack Speed are all equally good early
> Use a Quicksilver flask early because Whirling Blades are slow before maps
> Try to do as many side quests early as possible that give you passive points
> Do lab before finishing act 5 and next 2 before finishing act 10
> Being in parties isn't always the quickest way to progress through acts. I only party if I am overleveled and need the 1st waypoint of the act.

I personally play almost all builds to maps with rares because I'm quite lazy but here are some cheap leveling uniques:

Duskblight Boots - Fated, Lv 40
Dusktoe Ironscale Boots - Lv 18
Meginords Girdle Belt - Lv 8
Mortem Morsu Claw - Lv 34
Lochtonial Caress Gloves - Lv 0
Le Heup of All Iron Ring - LV 24
Thief's Torment Ring - Lv 24
Crest of Perandus Shield - Lv 8
The Oak Plank Kite Shield - Lv 40
Great Old One's Ward Shield - Lv 46
Goldrim Helmet - Lv 0
Hinekora's Sight Amulet - Lv 20
Warlord's Reach - Side Quest but can be used since level 1

My Delve Progress



Didn't get a 4 link because it needs 2G 2R and barely upgraded anything. Just picked up rares and everything went very smooth! Boots and 1 ring were bought after finishing act 5

ACT 10


Did a lot of Delving so I got quite a bunch of currency left and decided to buy some items up front before finishing acts.
After getting Wasp's Nest, things got REALLY fast and I didn't once after Act 9, aside from hoping to Zerg Kitava, but killing him with 5 second phases.

The items are very lazy and definitely not the most optimal ones. Amulet & helmet were from act 1 and rest except for Haemophilia and Wasp were from Act 5.

I still played very smoothly to level 60 with my ACT 5 claw.



POISON - The more poison stacks we apply, the more damage we deal, especially with Viper Strike. Biggest damage increase comes mostly from increased skill effect & poison duration as this gives us more time to stack more poisons on an enemy. The more attack speed we have, the more poisons we'll be able to apply before they start coming off. Rest of damage comes from chaos & poison damage increases.

RESISTANCES - Make sure they are ALWAYS capped after Act 5. There's a lot of space for more resistances in helmet / boots / jewels / tree if you're missing any and can't find an affordable solution with only rings and belt.

FLASKS - I generally play with 2/3/4/5 utility flasks spam and then 1, life flask when I actually need it but with reduced charges and late game, you might be able to even freely spam life flasks.

ATTACK SPEED Attack speed is one of the best stats in this build as it also increases your speed on Whirling Blades & Totem, so if you see an equal damage increase opportunity but can choose attack speed, then choose that.

KILLING MONSTERS - You don't have to wait until they die on your screen, they can even die a screen away and you'll hear the drop sound or with 3.4 there are also icons on map. You will need a good item filter for that - http://www.filterblade.xyz/

It's a cool Viper Strike giga damage + Herald of Agony cool friends for clearing build!

I will keep it constantly updated as I progress through acts and maps (:

I've pretty much finished optimizing the build but nothing is final until PoB is fully updated or we're able to play.

New league waiting room music - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYLMeQrhbac

Some poison to blast while Delving - https://youtu.be/-XMzeK-rvQw?t=33



6th of September 2018

Changed a lot of skills, edited the passive tree, added 100 tree Fertile Mind is not mandatory. Minor Pantheon to Soul of Shakari. Major Pantheon to Soul of Solaris.




Not playing 3.20 - just a sm0l break, builds are still fine.
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Not playing 3.20 - just a sm0l break, builds are still fine.
Awesome, was hoping u would come up with a 3.4 starter, love your guides and builds. Pleeaaase dont forget the lvling section :D i need thoose
Single target looks nuts, how do you think this will clear maps? Do we know how this will prolif? I'm hearing rumors its only 1 stack which would be really silly.
Looking at the online-POB thing so I can't see everything properly (like your glove links are fucked up, I'm assuming the herald is in there).

But is 182 poison stacks really normal? That's like 12+seconds of attacking, you'll never get that big of a window to attack unless I'm missing something about VS's poison application.

Do we know if the Pathfinder's "nearby enemies are poisoned" would chain like a mini-contagion? It doesn't have the same wording as Bino's so it looks like it would chain, meaning you target 1 enemy, likely a rare mob to get some poison stacks, and when it dies it will chain to everything around and continue chaining. Nearby range is sort of awkward though so it may not really do much.
Growing Agony is limited to 1

If I parse the POB link I see you used 4 Growing Agony jewels? Is taht correct? does 3.4 remove the 1 limit to that jewel?
Or did I miss something else?
Last edited by slayerxku on Aug 29, 2018, 1:41:40 PM
he used five and 182 poison stacks....
Isn't growing agony limited to 1?

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