[3.4] Dominating Guardian - A Speculative Heraldic Summoner

Hi everyone, i was thinking about this build and made my own skill tree and made it for double Terror scourge claw. What do you think about it i would appreciate recommendations.


Wanted to try to incorporate even the new herald of agony gem if its possible
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May i adress a suggestion, move downpath from templar from outside instead to get Resolute Tech, since you are not building crit base. It might add you a ton of dps, specially by dropping the acc support. Might exchange 200-300 ES for that. Plus, i`d drop 2 of the scion nodes to pick up the new witch`s mana nodes, on the same wheel of the Energy shield ones (Arcane Will). They give more overall mana than the 2 scion life to mana (10% each against 23%).
How is this build going?
Curse on hit doesnt work wiht purity
waiting for more :)
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since Curse on hit doesn't work with new heralds, any suggestions on other support gems to use?
The way this is using Curse on hit wouldnt work regardless since i do not see a trigger. Am i right?

Herald of Purity - Curse on Hit - Punishment - Empower - Added Fire

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