[3.6 discontinued] Ice Golems - Adrenaline mapping - 6 Auras / 3 Curses

Hi. Do you like golems? This build is optimized for fast mapping and good survivability. It's relaxing, safe, and fun to play. You're just running around and collecting the loot.

---------------- 3.7 Legion notes: ------------------

The build was absolutely nerfed to the ground with the recent patch changes. It's not possible to use Mortal Conviction for aura reservation anymore, and Occultist ascendancy was also adjusted, along with Multistrike changes...

While it's possible to make similar build for 3.7 based on mana reservation, it would be simply not so powerful as before. It was very fun to play, but the concept became too stale.


RIP 05.06.2019


Please, note: This is low-life build without life flasks. We use defensive flasks preemptively to minimize the damage. You may be tanky as hell, or you may die in seconds - it depends completely on your playstyle. Thus, I can't recommend this for newbies. You may not like it.

  • 87% elemental res, regardless of flask nerfs
  • 79% chaos res (plus some flat reduction)
  • 66% evade chance (up to 86% with flasks, plus 58% dodge from Vaal Grace)
  • 180% movement speed (on key press)
  • High clearspeed. Mobs explode on single touch
  • High survivability. 15-30% ES regen/sec with other defenses. Safe choice for 100 level.

  • curse nearest enemies
  • golems attack cursed targets
  • enemies explode on death, killing other enemies
  • enemies grant ES recovery to master and frenzy charges to minions



Maps (relaxed):


Pros & Cons

  • high clearspeed
  • high survivability
  • ton of auras and curses
  • AoE damage is percentage based and scaled hard
  • Primordial Might is not required

  • low EHP (~5k)
  • bossing is reasonable slower, compared to other golemancers
  • golem items are expensive

Why Ice golems?

Melee golems tends to have unique playstyle that differs from the ranged ones. They don't have broad AoE skills, instead, they have tiny AoE skill with a short cooldown. It allows them to charge between the targets quickly. With Profane Bloom explosions, each charge become fatal for the whole cluster of mobs, making it very efficient.

  • no screen explosions
  • no blocked projectiles by the walls
  • good AI pathing for closed rooms
  • good tanking

  • they need a lot of movement speed
  • they need a lot of cooldown reduction

With recent updates, we can handle all that issues easily.

Why Occultist?

With introduction of Primodrial Chains amulet, each class can have up to 8 golems. While Elementalist was a king for pure golemancers for a long time, its power was more related to number of golems rather then ascendancy points itself. Now the relative difference is not so high, and another ascendancies may be used.

Elementalist vs Occultist

What Elementalist can offer?

  • +2 golems
  • 260 HP regen/sec, +12.5% phys damage reduction, +25% cast speed (250% increased buff effectiveness from golems)
  • 200% increased golem damage
  • 20% more damage to enemies (Beacon of Ruin)
  • 12% all resisances
  • freeze, shock, ignite immunity
  • elemental immunity for elemental golems

  • getting stun immunity is expensive. There is no much choices except Presence of Chayla
  • ES recharge is unreliable. Should stack ES regen to survive
  • last 4 ascendancy points seems kinda meh

While Elementalist pros are obvious, it's hard to scale them. There is no much options except stacking jewel sockets and getting "increased damage" from Harmonies.

What Occultist can offer?

  • +250 energy shield
  • 32% increased energy shield
  • +1 curse
  • +15% increased curses effect
  • curses apply to hexproof enemies
  • 10% more damage to enemies (Malediction)
  • 10% less damage from enemies (Malediction)
  • enemy clusters explode (Profane Bloom). Scaled by Harmonies HARD (+1100% base dmg)
  • up to 30% ES regen/sec
  • shield recharge not interrupted if started recently
  • stun immunity

  • golems have low resistances (40%)
  • no additional golems
  • no freeze immunity

What Occultist can offer is an ability to stack curses. We can drop a few jewels to grab all mana reservation nodes, along with the curse and aura ones. The bonuses from auras and curses can be used to boost survivability and damage in different ways. This can be useful for any non-boss fights including Delves.
Benefits from 3x curses

We have 45% curse effectiveness from the tree and 10% from blasphemy. Let's consider 20/20 gems and calculate:

Poacher's mark:
  • Enemies have 76% less Evasion - no need for Lycosidae / accuracy items
  • Enemies grant 155% increased flask charges - flasks refilled after each pack
  • Enemies have a 62% chance to grant a Frenzy charge when slain - free frenzy charges without Victario's Charity

Basically, this curse opens shield slot while providing x2 for its value

  • Enemies take 60% increased physical damage - 60% more physical damage to enemies
  • Enemies have 46% chance to Bleed by attacks - additional damage for single target
  • Enemies have 31% chance to be maimed by attacks - additional slow for single target
  • Enemies take 46% more physical damage over time - even more damage from bleed

Basically, this curse boosts single target damage by very good margin

Temporal Chains:
  • Cursed enemies are 60% slower - Good defensive option

  • Enemies have 73% reduced accuracy rating - very efficient since we stack evasion hard
  • Enemies have 54% reduced critical strike chance - helpful on some map mods
  • Enemies have 46% less to critical strike multiplier - seems good
  • Enemies deal 46% less damage - just 85% more EHP against mobs

Basically, this curse is a very strong defensive choice. It even better if you using defensive flasks
Benefits from 6x auras

We have 60% aura effectiveness from the tree.

Hatred - Vaal Grace - Discipline - Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice - Purity of Lightning

  • +70% to all elemental resistances
  • +8% to maximum elemental resistances
  • +347 Energy Shield (flat)
  • +4120 Evasion (flat)
  • +72% physical damage as additional cold damage (for golems)
  • +54% chance to dodge attack hits (Vaal boost)
  • +54% chance to dodge spell hits (Vaal boost)

That's a lot.


6L armor: Summon Ice Golem - Minion Damage - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Damage on Full Life - Empower / Added Fire Damage

4L gloves: Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Poacher`s Mark - Temporal Chains / Vulnerability

4L helmet: Purity of Lightning - Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice - Discipline

2+1L weapon: Hatred - Generosity, Vaal Grace
Generosity should be linked only with Hatred.

3L shield: Summon Stone Golem - Summon Chaos Golem - Minion Life

2L boots: Phase Run - Increased Duration

1L boots: Arc, or any skill you prefer to trigger Elemental Equilibrium

For the last gem slot in boots I'd probably use Dread banner for additional evade chance.


1-hand: Ephemeral Edge
Colors: G-R-G
Gems: Hatred - Generosity - Vaal Grace
Ephemeral Edge grants +50% ES bonus and its simply good. We don't have a lot of ES nodes from the tree, so it's a nice option.
For alternative, you can take Corona Solaris for blind aura. It's king for physical damage mitigation, at cost of sacrificing some ES. Another option is Clayshaper for +1 golem bonus. It should boost clearspeed in theory, but in practice it's not very effective. It good for leveling though.
The Screaming Eagle x2 is a good choice for medium-tier mapping if you need a lot of movement speed. Just be sure to run Purity of Elements to backup resistances.

Body: Solaris Lorica
Colors: G-B-R-R-R-R
Gems: Ice Golem - Minion Damage - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Damage on Full Life - Empower / Added Fire Damage
Solaris Lorica is a good choice for a few reasons. It protects life from chaos damage, it adds a lot of chaos mitigation and it's easy to color. The only downside is lack of energy shield, but this is negotiable with another items.
Another option is Skin of the Loyal. It's better for single-target damage, but a little clunky for mapping since you need to use Coruscating Elixir flask for preventing chaos damage. One more option is Shavs, but it's pretty expensive, hard to color, and not adds a lot of benefits out of some (not too much) ES.

Shield: Saffel`s Frame
Colors: R-B-B
Gems: Stone golem - Minion Life - Chaos golem
Saffel`s Frame maximizes our resistances and adds some spell block. With elemental flasks nerf in 3.5 it become harder to stack max resistances, however Saffel`s Frame is still there and still a good choice.
Another option is well-rolled ES shield. You will have ~6.5k ES instead of 5k, but would take 30% more elemental damage. In my opinion it's not worth it, but still a good alternative to consider.

Helm: Alpha`s Howl
Colors: B-B-R-G
Gems: Discipline - Purity of Lightning - Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice
Alpha`s Howl reducing our mana reservation. It also adds freeze immunity and grants +2 level to aura gems. We can have 23 lvl purities with +8% maximum resistance from each.

Amulet: The Primordial Chain
It's important to get near-perfect rolls for this amulet. ~36% less damage, ~36% less hp, ~90% movespeed is good. We can't sacrifice anything here.

Ring #1: Ming`s Heart
Incredible amount of chaos res on this ring makes it adorable. Without Chayula, CI, Shav's and +% chaos resistance from the tree, it's easily the best source of chaos res for this build.
What we've lost is huge (ES, life, resistances), but acceptable. What we've get is: opened body, amulet, and shield slots.
For alternative, you can craft "minion speed" ring with essences, but it would be expensive to get good rolls. This variant would be a bit better for fast mapping, but not safe.

Ring #2: Lori`s Lantern
Lori`s Lantern adds some resistances, and nice bonuses for lowlife setups. Making enemies unlucky is very strong, since we have good evasion, so the mobs would roll their attack chance twice. Movement speed and chaos resistance is solid too.
For alternative, you can also replace this slot with "minion speed" ring, but your chaos resistance would suffer a lot. Your golems become reactive tho, so it may be a good choice. Another option is second Ming`s Heart to become almost immune to chaos damage.

Belt: any (high ES/res)
Any belt with a lot of ES and resistances. The more is better.

Gloves: any (high ES/res)
Colors: B-B-G-G
Gems: Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Poacher's Mark - Temporal Chains
Any gloves with 200+ ES. Dexterity rolls may be expensive, but optional for saving some skill points.

Boots: any (high ES/res)
Colors: R-G-B-W
Gems: Increased Duration - Phase Run - Arc - ...
Any boots with 150+ ES and some resistances.
Put there any skill you prefer. War/Dread Banner, Flame Dash, Frost Bomb, Vaal Lightning Trap, anything.

Belt, Gloves and Boots are the only sources of Energy Shield for the build. Try to stack it as much, as possible. You also need some resistances total: 50% fire, 50% lightning, 25% cold. Maybe some chaos resistance to max it out. 50 dexterity on items would be a good choice too.

Jewels: Anima Stone, Primordial Harmony (x11)

You don't need Primordial Might, since golems attack cursed targets instantly. The only case for Primordial Might is some bosses. You still have to be close to golems to grant them resistance aura, so don't run too far away :)

Flasks was good in 3.4 but was nerfed in 3.5. We still need them, however. They greatly reduce incoming elemental and physical damage, give us some evade chance and movement speed.
1: maximizes fire resistance.
2: maximizes lightning resistance. Gives some evasion.
3: maximizes cold resistance. Converts incoming physical damage to cold that further reduced by cold resist. It's like second basalt flask.
4: gives physical damage reduction. Protects from bleed.
5: ... put there any utility flask you'd prefer
You may be also interested in three flask-related skill nodes near the witch starting area. They give nice +26% flask effect bonus and it's good for mapping. Take this nodes if you like to use flasks.

Skills & Leveling

Path of Building:
PoB guide (+ trees for leveling)

Skill tree:
0-20 - take anything you like
20-41 - collect 134 strength for Clayshaper
41-70 - grab mana reservation nodes for purities before running maps
70-96 - take Blood Magic and jewel sockets

kill bandits for 2 skill points

Major: Soul of Lunaris / Soul of Arakaali
Minor: Soul of Garukhan / Soul of Shakari
Make the choice between movement speed / chaos resistance, or just take anything you prefer.

Breakpoints for leveling

0 lvl - take Arcane Surge from the chest in the first location. Don't sell it.
0 lvl - try to find Iron Ring till 6 lvl
0 lvl - try to find linked R-B-B wand till 6 lvl
0 lvl - start to sell some undefined items to get a few Transmutation Shards
0 lvl - start to sell some magic/rare items to get a few Alteration Shards
2 lvl - take Freezing Pulse from the quest
4 lvl - take Summon Raging Spirits from the quest. Drop Freezing Pulse and destroy it.
6 lvl - Sell Fire Ring with Alteration Shard with Magic Wand R-B-B to any vendor. You receive +1 fire gems wand. Insert SRS here.
8-10 lvl (Caged Brute) - take Summon Skeletons from the quest. Buy Spell Totem and Minion Damage and link them with Skeletons. Buy Flame Dash for easier movement and link it with Arcane Surge, you now have +15% cast speed self-buff. Buy Melee Splash and another Minion Damage and link it with SRS.
10-41 lvl - just rush through acts
41 lvl - Buy Clayshaper x2. Add Minion Damage, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage to it. Use 12 lvl earth golem to rush through acts. Buy Primordial Harmonies to boost your damage. Run first lab, take Profane Bloom node.
60+ - Switch to Ice Golem when you will have 5L armor, 3+ Harmonies and 14+ lvl gem.
Leveling tip

Thauma wrote:
Some additional levelling tips:

I was having trouble with colouring my sockets so I used temporal chains for ages. When I finally got Enfeeble up and running, I was blown away by how much safer it makes the build.

-Use Enfeeble as first curse.
-If having trouble with resists (particularly when you move to blood magic), use Purity of Elements. It's easy to fit in until you want to run a third curse.
-Bated Breath is a nice unique levelling belt for when you start using Energy Shield.
-You can spend a passive point to grab a 30 dexterity node on the tree if you can't get enough to use Alpha's Howl.

Similar builds

Mirror of Kalandra :)

Got this when was tested new build ideas for 3.5 Betrayal :)



  • tomatopotato - for the core idea for this build and for the Primordial Harmony Calculator.
  • mika2salo - for the Flame Golem 101 guide covering lot of things about golemancy in general.
  • GGG - for the game we all love.
  • PoE community - for the useful tips and answers any place anytime.

Ice Golems Occultist: /2199638
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Alternative options (3.4)

Actually this build is rather interesting and not by any means boring of you utilize Vaal skills to their full potential.

Vaal Discipline is THE biggest improvement to this build. It is really solid emergency healing skill. But you need to press 1 more button, lol.

Other thing that can make this build cheaper while min/maxing - grab one of the 23rd lvl purity skills as corrupted implicit on ring or amulet. I would recommend getting ice or lightning if you willing to buy lvl 21 Vaal Impurity of Fire later. By having Vaal Impurity of Fire you remove Achilles heel of this build - ignite.

This allow us to do some awesomeness:

- Move Vaal Grace to Prism Guardian and receive better discount for mana reservation (Grace use 50% over 35%) and two additional levels of evasion bonus!
- Free slot and unreserved health now can be easily used for additional Purity of Elements aura! And that would allow us to seek only chaos resistance on any of our gear and cut down costs of min/maxing by huge margin!
- Then grab +3 or +4 (if u rich) Prism Guardian to beef up Vall Grace.
- Swap Discipline and Purity aura from helmet into shield to receive even more ES since there is no need to have more that lvl 23 purity aura and helmet give us exactly that with lvl 21 gem!

While you have around 50% chaos resistance on belt/boots/gloves, since we do not need any elemental resistance, ring setup could be like that:

Boots are just made to be curse powerhouse with +2 curse corrupt:

And helmet could be really helpful with specific +40% golem damage enchant:

Also I found out that my playstyle is more in line with stone golems, they work great with this build! So far I am lvl 95, delve 310, killed 3 guardians with lvl 19 gems! and only minotaur is out of my league so far. Delve Vaal boss and Abyss boss down. Also I do not use as much as 11 Harmony stones since I prefer to have minion node with life leech.

Here is my chest setup and to be more consistent on boss dps I prefer Faster Attack Support over Damage on Full Life, other things pop instantly anyway (and I'm kinda stuck with this colors anyway, but can reroll to ice golems any time, and PoB shows bigger numbers in that setup)

BiS items (3.4)

Juraiz123 wrote:
So I quit delve for a week due to burn out. let me share you the latest progession before I fully retire this char. Many thanks for creating this build. Very happy with it.

Key updates

- Decided to drop the 3rd curse (poacher's mark) for determination. Now sitting at 75% phys reduction in h/o and up to 90% with basalt flask

- Iron reflex
- Shift towards aurabot by adding smite for extra lightning/shock chance. This also give you perma fortify.

- Added aspect of spider. Very strong with temporal chain stack.
- Go for ES shield with reduced mana reserve. Sitting at 7k ES.
- Delving is fine. Now at level 54x without hitting any wall. My golem dies occasionally in some node with insane mods.

Just to give you ideas. Here are some experimental before reach my current set up
Ice Golems Occultist: /2199638
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Bookmarked :)
⚡ Lightning Golems:
⛄ Ice Golems:
Pig is interested to see how this plays out. Please tell me you will put up some updates/vids while leveling! :)
Pig is interested to see how this plays out. Please tell me you will put up some updates/vids while leveling! :)

I've updated the post with some videos to demonstate the concept :)

It's only 4 golems with +50% movement speed bonus though. The things would become better with Delve release with solid 7 golems and +90% movement speed bonus.
Ice Golems Occultist: /2199638
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Something wrong with your videos, sir???
Something wrong with your videos, sir???

Hi :)

Thank you for reporting. The issue was fixed.
Ice Golems Occultist: /2199638
Don't forget for Occultist

Pros :
- Hexproof
Ten Thousand Ways To Die ...
titides wrote:
Don't forget for Occultist

Pros :
- Hexproof

Yeah, that's an imprortant feature I've missed somehow. Thank you for the contribution :)
Ice Golems Occultist: /2199638
cyberxndr wrote:
Something wrong with your videos, sir???

Hi :)

Thank you for reporting. The issue was fixed.

nice clear speed
but no boss kill videos , sir?? really want to see one!
thank you!

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