[3.4] ❖❖ Low-life Phantasy ❖❖ Occultist / Dbl Soulwrest / Phantasms / BM / 8 Auras / 3 Curses ❖❖

It is time for your Phantasies come true. Brief "pictures only" version of build in post #2.

Build Summary:

We invest all damage in 20-21 Phantasms summoned with unique Soulwrest utility and Bubonic Trail Death Walk aura.

This build utilizes Occultist ascendancy to boost energy shield, have massive pack clearing AoE from Profane Bloom and gain solid support for our offensive and defensive curses.

We run Blood Magic and every aura node on skill tree to maximize reduced reserved mana. Blood Magic chained with Victario's Influence and Alpha's Howl enable up to 8 Auras and 3 Curses.

During clear/delve we able to perma-sustain full complement of defensive flasks, which brings us to 90-91% elemental resists, no-chaos damage through energy shield and huge physical damage mitigation. Our gear and aura choices also allows us to gain 75% chaos resistance as a bonus. We can easily have 5k energy shield at lvl 90 and ramp up it to 6k+. And remember 90% resist is effectively 60% more EHP over 75% resist build.

This build can clear at least 350 depth city Delves and full T16 with bosses. Everything lower just melts.

You can start this build at 1-2ex budget, but it really shines with 5-10ex investments. There is limit to how things can get expensive, but even if you try squeeze everything from gear it is hard to overdue 25ex budget.

General Info/Media:

Build algorithm:
1. Summon phantasms 1st time
2. Run trough pack with Phase Run and 5 flasks up
3. PuRPeL pOp
4. Circle on corpses to pay your respects
5. Repeat 2

Delve 302 Abyssal city clear - lvl 91, pre-endgame upgrades.
T16 Phoenix kill - lvl94, clean kill, showcase Shavronne's Revelation ring swap.
T16 Pit of Chimeria full clear - lvl 94, showcases bad flask management at boss fight, basically worst case scenario during Guardian fights.
other T16 - inc
Shaper - inc

Would I recommend as 1st build? - No.
Would I recommend as 1st summoned build? - No.
League starter? - Only if you are "cast on death-portal" masochist.
HC viable? Yes if you know what you are doing and "one-time invest" in every piece of gear.

Pros and Cons:
+ Great clear speed, fastest for Soulwrest builds ATM, overstacked Profane Bloom OP.
+ Can do T16 with bosses, delve 350+ ATM (didn't tested other endgame yet).
+ No flask management aside press all 5 every 5 seconds.
+ All defensive layers in existence: 90%+ ele res, 75% chaos res, 12k+ evasion, 4.5k+ armor, enfeeble, enemy hits are unlucky, antistun, antignite, antifreeze, phasing.

- Our defenses ramp up slowly, gearing up and lvling could be obnoxious, almost like any golem build
- You can die instantly if you forget your flasks
- Could not do no life regen maps, reflects could be obnoxious to do

Passive skill tree, gear, gems and links:

Skill Tree Compendium:

Pastebin (lvl 94 - fully geared)

Pastebin (lvl 100 - goals)

PoE link (lvl 100 - goals)

Utility: We collect every Aura node and Blood Magic on the skill tree to be able sustain 8 Auras and 3 Curses. Top Flask node is solid choice since we rely on perma flasks uptime and their buffs.

DPS: Scion minion node, top one and big left one. No life leech on scion one, pointless since Phantasms are resummoned constantly and Minion Instability useful on problematic bosses like buffed Abomination Piety. Minion damage > Minion attack speed, both as DPS and as spike damage (which we need most to proc Profane Bloom) So instead of full left wheel we grab small damage nodes near start.

Defense: Build actually starts with 8 energy shield nodes up to Arcane Focus. We go for Void Barrier node since it is in 1 DEX passive from Aura node. Unnatural Calm node is right under top minion node. Faith and Steel solid +15% ES on the left side and gives a bit of our ele resists goals. There are 6 Jewel sockets in close proximity of our route and only 1 is used to convert excess STR in sparse DEX, other 5 can be used for more ES and minion damage.

Kill all bandits.

Ascendancy: - Occultist - Wicked Ward - Vile Bastion - Profane Bloom - Malediction.

Gear Compendium:

Priority 1 - Mandatory to start:

Soulwrest - Price would ramp up further, relevantly cheap. Without it we are not a Phantasm build, no links required, sockets 2g4b. If you have tons of extra Jeweler Orbs mid league do not buy 6 sockets for 30-60c, just buy cheap 1 socket and do Vorichi craft step by step starting from 2 green off-color sockets

Victario's Influence - Cheap. Our key for aura and curse spam. 6 sockets, at least 4 link 3b1g, separate 2g. We take advantage of generosity and +1 to boost our main damage auras - Hatred and Haste. Reduced reserved mana is godlike to run 3 curses with Blasphemy support (gets +1). Corruption +2 lvl to curses is solid and rather cheap to affect 4 gems out of 6. Got mine under 40c.

Alpha Howl - Cheap. 8% reduced mana reservation mandatory for this build to function. +2 level of aura gems is great for our Purity and Discipline auras. In this helmet lvl 21 Purity gems with aura bonuses grants us extra 2% max resists.

Coruscating Elixir - Cheap. Without this flask low life just dies to chaos/poison damage through energy shield

Fluid Motion - Cheap. Without it we do not meet gem/gear DEX req. Converts excess STR to DEX

Priority 2 - QoL to improve:

Bubonic Trail Boots - Cheap. Makes this build shine and autopilot. Death Walk Aura basically triggers summon Phantasm. Corrupt +2 lvl of AoE Gems can buff Grace aura)

Presense of Chayula - 2ex+, more ES, solid chaos resistance, anti-stun is pointless since we have Vile Bastion.

Ming's Heart - 20-50c for good roll. Main half of our chaos resists, necessary evil to have 75% chaos res

Lorri's Lantern - 20-50c for good roll. Enemy hits are unlucky is huge damage mitigation. Movement speed, free corrupt implicit and last part of our chaos res. Solid corrupts are buffs to Hatred and Discipline auras

Grip Of the Council - 30c+. Just additional mini-Hatred aura. +2 lvl of Duration gems is solid corrupt for Phase Run link

Watcher's Eye - 5-30c. Look for anti-ignite! and % phys damage taken as elemental. Now you can do T16 Phoenix

Priority 3 - Endgame min/max:

Taste of Hate - 2.2ex+, any roll. It is second Basalt Flask, best flask ever)

lvl 21 Purity of Fire/Cold/Lightning gems - 1ex+ each, with Alpha Howl and passive tree they add +2% to max resists over lvl 20 version.

lvl 21 Summon Phantasms - 1ex+ flat 5% to total DPS

+2 lvl AoE/Aura Alpha Howl - 0.5-10ex. could be alternative for set of lvl 21 Purity gems, hard to catch cheap one online

Presense of Chayula with lvl 23 Purity skill and 2 Abyssal socket on Bubonic Trail (we move Grace to helmet, also you would need + DEX on one of jewels)

Upgrade Victario's Influence with +2 lvl of AoE gems (Affect every gem aside Blasphemy. Really hard to find, may be expensive and most likely you would end up spending a lot of Vaal orbs at Vorichi to recolor it. Other possibility is to gamble for it.


Ascent From Flesh - Chap and solid unique to start on budget.

Depending on the market rare Crystal Belt with reduced Flask Charges and high ES would work. +Armour is solid. +INT/STR is nice. +DEX is Insane, expensive and questionable alternative.

Upgrade to Darkness Enthroned with +ES and minion damage Jewels if you willing to sacrifice flask sustain. In that variation you gain minion damage/utility and at least +30 additional flat ES over max Crystal Belt.


Anti Maim and Hinder are great corrupts on 2 of gems.

Watcher's Eye with anti-ignite and % phys damage taken as elemental

Fluid Motion, without it we do not meet gem/gear DEX req.

Rest are Abyssal Jewels with +ES and +% Minion damage. Minion Blind on hit is great for boss encounters. Hinder is solid extra defense layer. +20% Damage on minion skill use is good only if you willing to recast golem every 4 seconds. +% minion damage against abyssal monsters is solid in delve abyssal cities.
Place your +% Minion damage in Darkness Enthroned if you run it.

Flasks (Important!):

Press all 5 on CD during clear/delve. During boss fights you would be able activate flasks 2-4 times, if by that time boss is still alive something is wrong.

3 to max our ele resists:
- Coruscating Elexir
- Topaz
- Taste of Hate / Aquamarine

2 to reduce phys damage:
- Basalt
- Granite

On non unique flask search for Curse and Bleed immunity, and grab +30% movement speed one. I prefer to use Chemists variation, but Topas/Granite flasks can use increased duration. I do not recommend non Chemists Basalt, it just feels bad and clunky.

Alternative Gear:
We can run situational gear swaps to boost build perfomance and raise comfort level:

Shavronne's Revelation - Great swap for T16 Guardian fights, since they have almost no chaos damage. Raw shield boost and a bit of permanent ES regeneration.

Gem Compendium:

Weapon 1 - Soulwrest

No reason to have links, Phantasms buffs works without links.

1+2. Slower and Faster Projectiles works great together. For extra 10-20% DPS on bosses Faster Projectiles could be swapped for added Cold Damage or Culling Strike.
3. Summon Phantasm on Kill Support - boosts our minion number from 10 up to 21
4. Minion Damage Support - BIS
5. Physical to Lightning Support - around 14% more DPS over closest competitor gem: Added Fire Damage support.
6. Elemental Focus Support - Another solid DPS choice since we have Hatred, Elemental Weakness, Grip of The Counsil and Physical to Lightning Support

Why no Pierce, GMP or LMP? Pierce is bad choice since Phantasms have it already. GMP and LMP are trash DPS options both for bosses and clear/delve. As Profane Bloom Occultist we need spike DPS to proc it. Profane Bloom is our clear AoE, not gem supports. Also Profane Bloom receive damage boost from raw damage gems as well as damage auras.

Why no Spell Echo, Faster Cast or Faster Attack support? Faster Attack and Spell Echo support do not work with Phantasms. Faster Cast < spike damage for Profane Bloom proc.

Why no Controlled Destruction Support? Unfortunately it stacks poorly,
Physical to Lightning Support gives better numbers with Elemental Weakness and Elemental Focus.

Phantasm have physical damage, why not to go physical with Brutality Support? Brutality Support while great on paper in reality is solid noob trap for this type of build. Brutality deletes following: Profane bloom, Hatred, Grip of The Counsil, added Physical to Lightning Support. So you need run other curses, auras, ascendansy, gems and gear to be physical.

Body Armour - Victario's influence

We utilize Generosity Support from armor as 7th socket. Reduced mana reservation allows us to run most expensive curses and auras.

4 link:
- Blasphemy Support (add ability to slack on our APM)
- Poacher Mark (Give us flack sustain, gives frenzy charges to minions, not as solid as on golemanser builds, but still great)
- Enfeeble (Chosen over Temporal Chains. It is our protection against 1-shots in boss fights and deep delve. And really only 1-shots bother this build.)
- Elemental Weakness (BIS since we run Hatred, Grip of the Counsil and Added Ele damage gem)

Non linked:
- Hatred (Most broken aura for DPS)
- Vaal Haste (Just plain added DPS, Vaal variant is great for DPS boost on bosses)

Helmet - Alpha's Howl

+2 on helmet allow us to have more defenses. Purity stacking just delete your resistance need.

Non Linked:
- Purity of Fire
- Purity of Ice
- Purity if Lightning
- Vaal Discipline
(Vaal version is solid emergency heal)

Boots and Gloves - Grip of the Council + Bubonic Trail

Look for +2 lvl of AoE or Duration Gems corrupt to boost Grace

Non Linked:
- Purity of Elements (top out our resistances, necessary evil)
- Vaal Grace (Emergency survival tool)
- Summon Stone Golem (Mandatory for Blood Magic build with active skills)
- Dececrate (Mandatory to start Phantasm spawn and great to sustain minion numbers during challanging fights)

+2 lvl of Duration Gems corrupt is nice to setup movement/buff 3 link:
- Phase Run
- Duration Support
- Flesh Offering
(Mandatory, second component for Desecrate, more minion DPS)

Weapon 2 - Soulwrest

Phantasms remain summoned and maintain their supports when you switch to another Soulwrest!!! (Playtested it with GMP). You just need another Summon Phantasms on Kill Support to stay at 20 minions. This allows for second combined set of gems.

Since we "lack" (1mil+ on 21 phantasms) in boss DPS department Summon Vaal Skeletons 5-6 link is great choice. We do not need to link Summon Phantasms on Kill Support to skeletons if you use it only on bosses, for delve cities however you can use extra link to have +10 Phantasms from Skeleton kills.

We rather tight on support gem choices that works both on Phantasms and Skeletons. To compromise we leave Minion Damage, Elemental Focus and Physical to Lightning Supports. Projectile supports are exchanged for Added Fire Damage.

Also be aware that second weapon set need some babysitting. Vaal Skeletons do not charge while other set is active, so you would need to charge it before encounter. Not a big deal, since even with sub-optimal link Phantasms have good clearing potential on second set.

Perfect DPS loop for this set is:
- Summon 20 Phantasms with weapon set 1
- Switch to set 2
- Summon Vaal Skeleton army
- Try not to resummon a lot of Phantasms during skeleton Phase for more DPS
- Switch to weapon set 1 at the end of skeleton phase
- Repeat if you have enough souls


Hit monsters harder then they do, switch to this build around lvl 75-80.

Lvlup as generic summoner with SRS, zombies and skeletons. Tabula, Goldrim, high move speed boots and 5x Quicksilver flask are your friends.

Skill Tree Routes:

- Go for minion nodes first, grab energy shield nodes as you feel need. 1 - minion node, 1 - energy shield node is solid way. Void Barrier node is good way to meet your DEX req early on.
- Grab aura nodes next and jump all way down to Blood Magic.
- Speck to blood Magic on lvl 75+ when you have at least 4k ES and endgame flask compliment.
- After that go for flask node / curse node / jewel sockets as you see fit.

How to beat T16 Guardians:

While T16 bosses are completely possible with this build, you need to be focused, know the encounter and generally not to slack. Feel free to use teleport on your first runs, since it refreshes your flasks. Do not forget that Shavronne's Revelation is solid extra defense layer, since T16 dosses do not have lot of chaos damage. Also remember that you can speed up boss fight by using second Soulwrest with Summon Vaal Skeletons (see Gem Compendium - Weapon 2 for info).

- Minotaur: You can easily deaggro 50-75% of the fight on the other side of the room using your Phase run. Use Watcher's Eye or Flask with anti-shock. Use flasks as emergency defenses only. Stay out of falling rocks, run through lightning walls only if nessesary, since they kill your cast speed and we need to resummon Phantsms all the time.

- Phoenix: Be sure that you have Watcher's Eye with anti-ignite. Flasks for emergency only. Stay at range, because Phoeneix AoE would most likely one-shot you. And always move, since Phoenix charge at you always.

- Chimeria: Easiest T16 fight. Use flasks for minion phase with poison snakes, they do chaos damage and 1-shot you otherwise. Bleeding from boss could kill you if you out of flasks, so keeping portal up in the arena generally great idea.

- Hydra: Hard fight. Nothing special but it mostly depends on your movement and dodge skills.
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Brief Version:

You can always look up my character - Maximia_Maro
Pastebin lvl 100 goal
PoE link

My Current Gear and Gems:


Screens of Defences, Jewel Placement and Ascendancy

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Updated guide with T16 video. More inc.

T16 Pit of Chimeria full clear - lvl 94, showcases bad flask management at boss fight, basically worst case scenario during Guardian fights.
Added alternative/swap gear section.

Added T16 Phoenix kill video.
Some editing + added section "How to beat T16 Guardians", would fill up with other endgame bosses as I do them.

Renewed info about second Soulwrest.
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Wow, that's an awesome concept!

Looks very cool and fresh, definitely should test that. Thank you for sharing!
Hi i have a question about aura's This build is similar and i was wondering how they can run 2 aura's at the same time? Hatred and Vaal haste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZRRFs-cWdA&t=168s

Is essential to maintain high mana reservation auras. Blood Magic keystone allow us to go nuts with amount of support auras, but have downside of this build to be reliant on pure energy shield defenses and high resistances.

We run Blood Magic and every aura node on skill tree to maximize reduced reserved mana. Blood Magic chained with Victario's Influence and Alpha's Howl enable up to 8 Auras and 3 Curses.
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Can someone get me a pic of the Build path? instead of the pastebin link
Sintan wrote:
Can someone get me a pic of the Build path? instead of the pastebin link

www.poeurl.com/b83N here you go

I also have a question: how do you get the "Minions deal X% increased damage" on abyss jewels? Neither can I craft those jewels in PoB, nor can I find that mod on http://poeaffix.net/jw-ghastly.html#/
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