We have finished our press tour, having shown our next expansion to 16 news outlets. The journalist embargo lifts at 2pm PDT (9am NZ time) tomorrow, so we'll post the announcement/trailer simultaneously alongside the journalists posting their detailed information and interviews. Keep an eye on your favourite news sites tomorrow to see their coverage. We will also launch a new set of supporter packs that are themed around the new content.

For clarity, we're now officially labelling "Generation 3" leagues (like Incursion) as expansions. In addition to a new league, these releases have new skills, items, balance changes, revamps to old skills, graphical improvements and more. We can't wait to show you what this one contains tomorrow!
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We can't wait to show you what this one contains tomorrow!

we can't wait to show you tomorrow, lol just sounds funny i guess
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Yay. Here's hoping that TenCent PoE is as great as GGG PoE.
cool beans man
new skills?
me gusta

when will we see new skills and reworks?
reveal everything tomorrow?
no need to wait and tease another 3 weeks :D
Rhetorik ist die Kunst der Dampflok das Wasser aus den Segeln zu nehmen.
(Nein, da fehlt kein Komma. Kannst es in 2 Richtungen lesen und ist so gewollt.)
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Looking forward to it.
1st page :D
tencent poe! ggg poe i will keep loving POE <3
Max blocks Tanky dualist 34-40k dps thread/1028992
Almost max blocks Tanky witch 40k dps physic or element build thread/1071884
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The End is near guys.
In memory of my best friend [*] 1995-2018.
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monkaHYPE! Thanks to all GGG and especially Kieran. :-)
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