We're a week away from the announcement of our next expansion and challenge league. If you're as excited as we are and already counting down the days until next Friday, the upcoming Incursion Flashback Events will help you to pass the remaining days until the announcement!

The Incursion Flashback Events will run from Aug 03, 2018 5:00 PM (EDT) until Aug 27, 2018 6:00 PM (EDT), or 9am Saturday August 4th (NZT) until 10am Tuesday August 28th (NZT). The prize pool includes microtransactions, Mystery Boxes and Demigod's Dominances. Click here to read the full announcement.

If you're new to Path of Exile and don't know how to join the event, all you need to do is to wait until the registration is open (30 minutes before the start of the event), choose the event at the bottom of the character selection screen and then click the "Join" button! If you're an Xbox One player, the process is similar for you: just pick the event you'd like to join on your character selection screen.

Best of luck everyone! Don't forget to check out the action live on Twitch!

Additionally, this weekend we're discounting a huge assortment of microtransactions by holding the 50 Point Sale! There are almost 200 microtransactions available for only 50 points or less, including Skill Effects, Helmets, Pets, Weapon Effects, Hideout Decorations and much more! Check out the full list of specials here.

The 50 Point Sale will run from the time of this post until Aug 07, 2018 12:00 AM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time).

By the way, our customer support department is looking for a new Manager! If you live in Auckland (New Zealand), are very familiar with Path of Exile, and have previously managed a customer support team, please email samantha@grindinggear.com for more information.
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Nice, i'm excited about the new expansion!
Hey now
Wait...weren't we told that we would here information about the next league this week?
hayze420 wrote:
Wait...weren't we told that we would here information about the next league this week?

The way they worded the post that said tell YOU next week.
Can we have a "try on" option added?
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Meh, not any herald skin, neither a chest, not spending money this weekend :P
that's a really nice shit mtx sale right there
My wallet is ready for this new expansion. Well, not really... but YOLO
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