[3.7] Unarmed Dominator, Max Block Facebreakers, Infinite Life Flasks, Shaper Viable

Aodui wrote:
DnLx3 wrote:
So uhm, what do you do against Burning or Poison? since i get oneshotted by those. But i love this Build. It's alot of fun.

That is interesting, so far I have not been deep enough into the mine to face such problems, and there were none of that sort in Incursion.

Four of my life flasks are burning flasks, but that would not help with a super strong fast burning damage from an ignite - I guess you could always become ignite / poison proof with ring corrupts (gonna be tricky, only so many perfect rings are found each league, 30 ish ring corrupts, and it requires item lvl 60).

For general chaos degen, the life gain on block from all the other attacks keep me topped off, and if not I just flask through the degen.

So if I had to I'd work immunity into the build with an item or corruption, but for uber elder / shaper / all the maps I haven't needed to.

Alternatively I'd have long running flasks for burning and poison and use them proactively.

oh i see yea i guess i forgot to mention i meant pvp LUL.
But this Build is fun nonetheless. Thanks for that.
I was wondering how much of a difference would it be getting The Red Nightmare
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Hi my i cant find the pob for this build. Can you give it to me plz :)
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Hi Aodui,

With the update to

Gruthkul's Pelt now grants 200-240 (up from 130-160) Life and 5% (up from 2%) Life Regenerated per second. It no longer has a range on Global Physical Damage, and instead grants 100%


Bringer of Rain now support socketed skills with level 18 Blind and Faster Attacks 200~220 life.

Will it be a duff for this build?
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Hi Aodui,

Do you have the latest POB?

NExt, why is Chaos resistance needed now?
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Hi Aodui,

I wanted to play a blocking build and I have looked around, read other post
Currently I am playing Gladiator with one hand sword plus Surrender shield.

Tried with VENGEANCE, RIPOSTE & RECKONING together would say is fun.
Shield charge in get fortify , waiting for creep to hit and counter on block

The only minus point is using Gruthkul's Pelt, no aura, no tempiest shield, punishment, determination.


Do you think is possible to add in Chaos damage in your block/counter build, since it has lots physical damage.

I saw a build using facebreaker with quiver

But with 3K+ life

Yes, I get killed by the Syndicate choas, life just roller coaster all the way

edit, HOAg is a spell :(
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