[3.7] Unarmed Dominator, Max Block Facebreakers, Infinite Life Flasks, Shaper Viable

I played this build until level 70, but it isn't a very fast mapper. It damages bosses and can even stun them which is funny. Still, cost way to much for the amount of DPS it gives compared to other builds. Was a fun niche build though.
I plan on running something nearly identical to this, but I want to try it out with Consecrated Path and Herald of Purity.

Not sure if you saw the stats for HoP yet, Aodui, but it's confirmed to be phys added to generic attack so it will work with unarmed. Makes sense considering they're adding 2 new unarmed-usable skills.

I'm hoping Consecrated Path has a pretty decent damage modifier to it, though I doubt it will be quite as strong as Dominating Blow.

Any thoughts Aodui?

e: ok well Consecrated Path has 50% conversion to fire so can't go pure phys with it
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Yeah the utility and innate aoe of Consecrated Path is certainly going to make it one of the better unarmed skills to play with. Not to mention with that 20% more on it, it's technically stronger per hit for bosses, though you have to deal with the fire conversion.

And you're right, the big bonus from HoP for facebreakers makes dropping Abyssus for Deidbellow a much more palatable swap. Of course you could always run HoP and Abyssus anyways for even more meme levels of punch damage.
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If we want to keep Herald of Purity, would it be better to drop Blood Magic and gain some mana leech on a jewel or just to keep BM?
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nice build, wanted to do max block at the end of a league, altho I dont have time or mood to play poe anymore :D anyway got pvp request at lvl 41 and dude was over lvl 60, some glad with blade flurry. thus i accepted. he was confident enough to go at me without items so got one-punched, second round he got his things on, 2 punches. 3rd round he even used flask, 3 hits. 4th he tried to do some kiting and used insta heal potions -> 6 hits. 4:0, ez and felt like a champ.

52 lvl and already got over 78% block, practically cant die now. dont think i will manage to lvl up to maps before league ends tho :(

ty for the build
So uhm, what do you do against Burning or Poison? since i get oneshotted by those. But i love this Build. It's alot of fun.
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