[3.7] Unarmed Dominator, Max Block Facebreakers, Infinite Life Flasks, Shaper Viable

This is what you wanted, pure melee physical damage, pure visual and visceral joy, punching people to death.

Unarmed Dominator
Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/bxfQbbGx
Skill Tree:

104k + Melee Physical DPS Dominating Blow
25-60k Riposte
24-55k Reckoning
16-37k Commandment of Force

Not included in numbers, 3 frenzy charges, maim effect

6-6.4k Health
~10k Armour due to The Surrender / ~40% physical damage reduction
79/79 Block/Spell Block
Life Gained on Block

Not included in numbers, 3 endurance charges

This build works because you kill packs super quickly but move slowly, so you do not feel the downside of wearing The Warden's Band -> you hit hard enough that the mobs fall down and sentinels come to join your crusade.

Life flasks and life gain on block are OP, and this build exploits them.

I first made this build to join ProjectPT's short lived ethical PVP tournament, this is the unethical version that I use to traumatize players in Sarn Arena, I specifically like killing Zerphi's Last Breath Poet's Pen Volatile Dead players with it. The link to my PVP build guide is here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2145985




Notes on Gear
The Red Nightmare is the most expensive thing listed and you can survive without it, some maps or bosses may force you to use Deidbellow instead of Abyssus though. Deidbellow has its own charm as you can warcry for more movespeed.

If you want to use a herald or aura, you can use Loreweave at the cost of no longer being big. The herald you want is Herald of Purity.


Dominating Blow:

For easy maps swap Maim for:

For even faster boss kills swap melee splash for:

Against block tanks in PVP swap faster attacks for:


(Level 30 from Shield)

Shield Charge & Vaal Cyclone:

Notes on Skills
The all say Mum, which is nice, reminds you of your mother.

Bandits and Pantheon
Take the skill points or Oak, doesn't make a huge difference either way
For Pantheon you really want Soul of Ryslatha and I find Soul of Solaris to be the best defensively in PVP and against bosses.

How it Works and How to Use it

This build takes off at level 30 when you equip the two rings and facebreakers, as soon as you do that you can level with infernal blow with massive amounts of damage up until you can get more of the flat physical damage gear.

Herald of Purity is a must while leveling because it is amazing - with it you will do enough damage to breeze through the game to maps quickly. I enjoyed using Herald of Agony with Herald of Purity (supported with poison to help get virulence stacks).

If you feel squishy wait and use Deidbellow before Abyssus, I felt squishy before equipping The Surrender and the Red Nightmare.

Another option is to go higher armor with the Wall of Brambles reflect body armour, which can be combined with The Pale King Helm, Thousand Teeth Temu, and The Anvil for Elder immunity - seriously, the Elder will kill himself against you (at the cost of so much less direct damage that the time getting to him in the map will feel like forever).

I feel like chill and freeze immunity is not really needed, but when I do not want to bother with it Koam's Roots is really nice to prevent it and Temporal Chains (in PVP it is also good for the knockback protection).

Once you get to maps I find Dominating Blow far superior, it definitely is in PVP because of how defenses work (a bigger physical hit is mitigated less than a half physical half fire hit), and for some probably clear reason it scales better from all the modifiers and gear.

The offense works because of pure physical damage scaling (huge flat damage x huge modifier), the counter attacks are boosted by the Gladiator node Painforged (2x damage), and all damage ramps up quickly based on having max block and Violent Retaliation (more inc damage per block in last four seconds, I've gotten it up to the 200s before and it is how I kill unkillable players).

The 104k dps listed is first hit of first mob damage, it gets a lot higher.

Play-style-wise you shield charge into a pack of mobs (or a player) and most of them die, if they did not die you dominating blow them and it appears to be a one shot, but in reality you are doing Dominating Blow + probably Reckoning at about the exact same time.

After the first pack you now have frenzy charges because the rings give you a 60% chance to get one on stun, and you do a lot of damage in a single hit, enough to stun.

If you are doing enough damage to one shot the packs, swap out Maim for Ancestral Call -> this gives you a huge area of effect and allows you to shift attack in place and hit mobs that are normally outside of your reach, like up some stairs.

If I want, say the Temple of Atzoatl boss, to die super fast I swap out Melee Splash for Ruthlessness.

The defense is a synergy between The Surrender giving you life gained on block, three endurance charges from The Red Nightmare, and then the infinite life flask pool that you can smash just about any one of them, or hit three at a time, that really requires no thinking at all.

The life flasks are boosted by the Soul of Ryslatha Pantheon having them refill fairly often, as you are blocking most big hits, and all small hits heal you anyway through life gained on block.

The Nomad Belt gives you more flask charges as they generate and The Blood Grip Amulet has them heal for more. It has recently been posted and shared on reddit that Bubbling Flasks may heal more than Seething Flasks due to how modifiers are multiplying instead of adding, I have not tested this yet as I fear that is probably something they might fix in 3.4 anyway.

Why four burning flasks? Because scorching ray in PVP is fairly nasty and it removes the debuff. The bleed flask is the only situational flask you need to worry about really, if you get a lot of corrupting blood charges.

This build has no chaos resistance, and in high level maps when killing mobs that leave behind a chaos degeneration cloud you just pot through the cloud.

Dominating Blow Special Notes
The new Dominating blow requires a corpse to summon a sentinel, not everything has corpses, but who cares we are using the skill just for the awesome melee physical damage scaling for unarmed. The new minions now always get all the benefits of our Dominating Blow support gems, so they are actually strong enough to clean up those missed by the shield charge, including blue packs and rares, they are pretty quick and efficient.

Screenshots of Stats

My Progress in Delve & Incursion

Shaper and guardians are easy, yellow Elder was easy (only got him once), normal Atziri was easy, running Uber lab is easy, and lvl 83 Temple of Atzoatl is easy. Easy as in except for Chimera, Shaper, and Atziri I just stand there and punch them to death.

I normally run lvl 15/14 maps as alch and go, usually around 24% pack size, until I run out and then farm what maps I do have hoping to get some sick double corruptions (say attack speed and resists on The Warden's Band, then I can swap to pure DPS jewels).

The only map mods I avoid are physical reflect, and if there are a lot of damage mods I avoid block reduction. Infinite Life Flasks is fairly nice with max block and The Surrender, but it does require spamming them sometimes proactively anticipating you may have just taken a big hit even if it did not happen. You really don't feel temp chains as you move so slow normally it is not that big of a difference, sometimes I just put on the Koam's Roots and take it easy.

For Delve, I'm only at Depth 150ish because I rerolled to make my guy in league just recently, but the width of the tunnels is perfect for this build using just shield charge and melee splash, and so far the bosses have been easy, but again, I just started delving.


1: PVP, to show off flask regen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1jWgDdgO14

2: T15 alched Sunken Temple demonstration, to show off what the counter attacks alone look like, what melee splash looks like, and finally what melee splash + ancestral call looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-kVMfkvaS0

3: Fighting the Sunken Temple boss to show dps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vakJsefV1PM

4: Fighting The Defiled Cathedral Boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjsVW70jyGQ

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Cool build! I was hanging around in sarn eating fries and nachos when some gang members started harassing me. It did not take me a minutes to put my cosplay of one punch man and starting trading punches with the bad guys.

With the power of looking awesome while trading punches like Chuck Liddle in his prime I started put them down one by one.

It is then that things got interesting: Some fools with VD came to disturbs the fight. Member of crips probably he started to unload his balls of shame all over the place like a mad man. Few people around who looked the fight went down, erased by the VD... Poor bystander beta males.

But not me, Me looking like a fucking giant brawler I blocked and dodged the balls and 1 shooted the thug with my one punch attack.

What a day!

Thanks for the awesome build, I really look badass in sarn and can kick some asses.

My rating:

Looking baddass: 10/10
Non meta skill awesomeness:10/10
Playing aplha male build that can kick some asses in pvp: 10/10


Chuck Norris/10 build!

Poe Pvp experience
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Can confirm!

I was trading a stack of rain of chaos cards when the scammer tried to pvp me in order to snatch his 1 chaos deal without paying.

Little did he know I was pvp ready even if I looked like a cheap version of 1990 ghost rider.

The scammer tried to cyclone me but it did 0 damage lol and then I 1 punched him and he died right away.

That is when he just logged off but not before insulting me, saying I was a russian hacker and he will denounce me to the fbi. I laughed my ass off, the fool try to steal my 1 chaos from rain of chaos and then pvp me and then fail.

Great build, with it I am always ready to bang!

I also killed T10-13 bosses with it and when dominating blow give you all those minions it feel like I am a leader of some apocalypse army.

Thank for the great build!

Forum pvp
Best Build :D
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🎆🎆 #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet + #1 Phys Rings!
🎆🎆 ^^Free 7L Fortify Cyclone!
🎆🎆 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/534134
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Addendum on MTX:

The Vanishing Dye MTX allows you to hide your shield, you do not have to look like Captain America, that is why my picture for the build appears not to have a shield.

Here is a picture of a marauder with a hidden shield:

Also the Thrasher Gloves glove MTX can make it look like you are using fist weapons:

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Any specific order for the ascendancies?
soladox wrote:
Any specific order for the ascendancies?

The order I like is:

Painforged (double counter attack damage)
Versatile Combatant (spell block)
Violent Retaliation (more damage on block)

Because you get more overall block sooner, which makes sure your counter attacks trigger as often as possible based on the skill attack speed and not also waiting for you to block something again.

For the last two points either remainder works, the build does almost no bleed damage because the bleed is based on your flat attack damage (or something to that effect), so the trade offs are:

20% increased physical damage & maim (30% slow)

(10% increased physical damage + 25% chance to inflict bleeding / maim if bleeding for + 10% increased physical damage)


10% more damage at full frenzy / 10% more physical damage reduction at full endurance

For me I went with what would do the most damage the first time I hit someone out of the blue before getting charges, which is really just the 10% increased physical damage from heading towards Blood in the Eyes; once you have The Red Nightmare and both The Warden's Bands you generally have max frenzy and endurance charges, so Outmatch and Outlast is likely the smarter choice.
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