Streamer Interview - RaizQT

Nice one, Bex!

Raiz is one of our better streamers I think. I find him quite entertaining. :)
The amount of Korean cooking I've learned for instance, that's priceless.
great interview - awesome guy, two thumbs up :)
Nice one, RaizQT is a legend and a great teacher for the game, good to see some love being sent his way. =)
It's always Kripparion!
Nice, Raiz is a streamer that doesn't show off/trivialize the game as far as i know, unlike some other streamers who either brag about gear or multi million shaper dps builds (while i clear endgame content with builds that have 20k tooltip dps just fine). Nice read. Can we have a Woolfio interview as well? His playstyle was/(is?) much more focussed on trying out stuff that he finds interesting even though it doesn't always work. Most fun way to play the game imo and could inspire others to keep trying new stuff instead of meta every time.

[quote]waaaay back[/quote]
I can almost hear him saying it! :)
yay RaizQT, the first build guide i ever followed was his, Righteous fire-Incinerate templar, way before ascendencies was a thing!
regarding the guy calling him names after he published him cheating, it doesn't matter if it's a polish, german, american or whatever idiot. it just seems trendy to blame russians for all the bad things nowadays, i thought this isn't reddit.

and did kripp really start in open beta already? i thought it's been much later (after release).

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
Legend. Great commentary on the community races too.

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