[3.5] Blade Flurry Elementalist. One tap the entire screen [Inpulsa+3Dragons] + Full video guide

At least the Blood of Karui is something I will keep. I use a jewel with "corrupted blood can't affect you" corruption, so I don't need the "of staunching" on the life flask any longer. Karui gives 3500 life in 2.5 secs (plus a fill up to full hp after 2.5 secs), while my life flask only gave 2.5k hp in 2.7 secs. I don't use flask with instant recovery because either I am a one hit wonder (instant kill) or I get a decent hit and need more than 2.5k to recover.

A corrupted "anatomical knowledge" jewel can be either bought for some c or if the market is empty: buy up uncorrupted ones and corrupt them on your own. Took me around 20 jewels in total, gives a nice buff for hp and results in less "sudden deaths" because you didn't keep an eye on the health pool for a second.
what is the easiest way to make nice jewels?
Snailzzz wrote:
what is the easiest way to make nice jewels?

What you need are jewels with the following three stats, all as high as possible

+# to maximum life
adds # to # to lightning damage
adds # to # to lightning damage to claw attacks

If you can't find them on the market, you need to craft them.

1) Buy fractured Murderous eye jewels with ilvl82 or higher with one of the stats mentioned above (T1, as high as possible).

here is one

2) use alt orbs until the added new stats matches one of the req1uired ones from the list above.

3) Regal orb to generate a rare one and hope you get the third status. If it's not the case, use a scouring orb to remove the mods, restart at 2) until you get the jewel or run out of alts

Here is a result I got after around 100 alts:

But then I used 1000 more on the one shown in the first image and still don't have the one I want.

And if you are really lucky:

This one has 3 fract mods, so no matter what you do, it will stay a rare item and the one way to modify the existing stat is to throw chaos orbs on it. Took me 40c to replace the original T3 mod with the one in the picture

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Hi, may I know how much I should get the total effect of shock?

so far im lucky as heck, thanks for the tips !
the claw was 2nd annul and 90ish alt
the jewel was like 7 alt and 1 regal

still missing a lot of stuff but build is amazing
ssspring wrote:
Hi, may I know how much I should get the total effect of shock?

I don't use any jewel/mod to add additional shock effect, and it works. If I am correct (have seen that during last run) at least Shaper can't be shocked, so it would be wasted.

It still works. I have killed several red elder and a Shaper now, kicked Cathrina twice and now try to pull Elder into the middle of the map (but I am dumb...)
League end gimmicks...

Got that one in trade chat for 6ex

Some more ex later:

Doesn't trigger often enough but was worth the try :)
Well guys,

3.7 might be the end of this build. Abyss jewels (flat ele dmg boost) will be nerfed according the tha latest "hat's new in 3.7" thread on reddit, and this build heavily relies on flat ele.

It has been fun to run this build in 3.5, more or less take over the Q&A here in 3.6 and run it again. I hope I can find one which is as funny as this build was (and still is).
Noooo! I would like to play that build on 3.7 :(
Someone have to do updated guide with that build for Legion.
I will probably try this as leaguestarter in legion.

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