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Occult ArcPoet in a nutshell:

As of 3.6 Synthesis Poet's Pen got nerfed (again) - this time to the point where the warp+arc combo feels clunky to play. This build still works somewhat if you run with arc + ball lightning in your pens. The build though lost quite a bit of speed and what made poets pens unique and fun - Overall I need to say this build got 'bricked' since the most fun part of the build doesn't really work anymore.

As of 3.5 Betrayal I will not be overly active anymore in this thread. I maintained this build long enough and am confident I answered all the regular question multiple times. People don't read anyhow and just ask the same crap again and again. (even though they got answers which got written in here - some people just need to be spoonfed. *GrumblGrumbl*)

I will limit myself to just make quick updates on the OP wether the build is still viable or not - I will not minmax its gear/stats items further with the upcoming leagues. People can do that themself. If someone wants to write that stuff up in a readable way and integrate/rewrite this guide, they can pm me and I will update this post.

Cheers, Exiles!

If you absolutly feel like you have to contact me you can do so ingame @Zirinae

I made a new Buildsand would enjoy if anyone will check them out:





Tier 17++ Über-Elder:

Finally got around to record one by myself - I do lag quite a bit when recording videos - I died once.


UberElder by other Users from this thread (I forgot to add some I am sure >.<):


By YT_HB: He doesn't have the SpiderGear - Way cool!


By User Knaked_Knight - Without a Presence of Chayula, SpiderGear or the Indigon:


Jack2789 wrote:
1st try Uber Elder down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11i99phUIBA&feature=youtu.be

Really sloppy, but not bad for a first try. The build is a lot more powerful for this fight than I thought. I was surprised at how well I could actually take a hit. Lightning warp makes it really easy once you get the switching down.

Using Indigon, no spider gear.

Tier 17 Shaper:
Includes some funny bits like facetanking his Beam. ^^' @1:20


With MF Gear - without the SpiderBoots(!), deathless:


Tier 16ish(?) RedElder:


With MF Gear - without the SpiderBoots(!), deathless: (Boss @5:30)


Tier 16 Minotaur (with some gnarly Damage Mods):


Tier 15 Basilica: (Boss @2:03)


Tier 14 Dark Forest:

With MF Gear - I show the MF gear InGame shortly after the boss. Temporal Chains Map - Boss @3:52:


Hall of the Grandmasters: full clear, deathless


Tell me please if you want to see more Videos and what content. You can contact me here in the thread.

On Page 3 of this Thread User Fluman has also recorded some videos of his 'gearing in progress' character. Check it out!

On page 6 and 7 of the guide User YT_HB put a couple of good videos of a character whos gear is unfinished too.

3.5 Changes: Small Nerf. Indigon gives roughly half as much Damage as before - since we didnt rely on the item anyhow this is not such a big deal for us. It is still the BiS Item for us in terms of damage. Other options such as 'The Brine Crown' and 'The Vertex' became comperativly more attractive though as defensive options.

>>> Click for 3.5: https://pastebin.com/hQqupFTu - Indigon Endgame (lv95+) League-PoB can be found at the bottom of the Guide <<<

Delve Update: A User of this Thread/Build reached Delve Depth 1000+ with this Build. Obviously he did some adjustments (most noteabley he switched Mark of the Shaper to Call of the Brotherhood for freeze) to make the build fit his exact requirements. You can see his post on Page 99 of the Build. If we are lucky he might even make a Video later. I will link it here if he does so. :)

€dit has good news! Some videos were made 'bout deep delves:

As you requested Cyrix, here is some gameplay (with call of brotherhood) of delve :

https://youtu.be/q4UZV4sioO8 Primeval Chamber depth 411
https://youtu.be/s_hoD_9Ngq4 Ruined Chamber depth 426
https://youtu.be/fi5sBTELM3w Abyss Chamber depth 491
https://youtu.be/44is-4CbVYY Crystal T3 depth700
https://youtu.be/dMsv6OSQL0U map depth 940

Those are none edited video.

Abyssal Chamber : this zone does so much physical damage that i switch my pantheon and i add 2 armor flask, you will see on the video that my ES goes low quite some time. After delve 700, even with 70% reduc armor i'm getting OS, so this type of zone is just totaly insane.

Chambers :
I was lucky on map drop during the recording, not all chamber drop that well

Delve 940 :
This zone was realy realy easy because it had no affix. Still you will see that it take 2/3s to kill the elits. If you translate to a zone with 50% monster life + elemental resistance and nemesis (and it's the norm at delve900), you just triple the monster life, so a 2/3s kill w/o affix become a 10s kill and it's realy problematic. So i switch to Slower Proj on ball light and it only take 5/6s to kill them, as a measure it is the approx time it take for me to kill a guardian...

Depth 900+
I will do some realy hard zone at delve 900+ if i loose all my XP, overall i'm farming easly until delve 700 with this build for those who are interested :)


>>> This build is fairly cheap to make/start out with - however this is not a NoobFriendly guide/build. The gear shown in the guide is optimized and very much EndGame. I do not see the point of posting a build that is not maxed-out. This guide expects the reader to know/use PoB which upgrades/itemrolls are expensive/needed and upgrade their gear accordingly to their own budget constraints. <<<

Hi all, this is a LowLife Poet's Pen build with Energy Shield as it defensive stat.

It uses Arc to deal damage and Lightning Warp to move rapidly through maps. For single target DPS we switch over to an Arc plus Ball Lightning Setup.

Defensivly we Leech via an Warlord's Mark on Hit Elder Ring. On top of that we also make use of ES on Hit modifiers found on a Watcher's Eye and -depending on wether we have access to it- Fenumus Spinnerets. While mapping our Warlords Mark Curse also supplies us with 3 Endurance Charges.

Our ClearSpeed is assisted by the Occultist Ascendancy Profane Bloom to get rid of big packs of monsters rapidly.

Our overall DPS is assisted by 7 PowerCharges and 3 FrenzyCharges. We further augment this by a second Curse thanks to our Ascendency - we use Elemental Weakness on Hit, though it is possible to change that for a more defensive option like enfeeble depending on playstyle. This means we are a rapidly attacking Crit-Based High-DPS Build on top of having substantial defensive capabilities.

In the very EndGame we boost our DPS with an Indigon which has inherent synergies with Poet's Pens which are able to keep triggering Spells even if Indigon scaled out of bounds.

This Build is able to FaceTank Shaper's Beam attack (Check Video linked above), clear almost as fast as a Flicker Strike Build while having full control of your charcater and is superb at dealing with Bosses. It is also possible to switch in heavy MF gear if one chooses to do so.

Overall this is a very well rounded Build suited for and able to excel at all content/playstyles.

Gear alternatives are listed further below.

Talent Tree:

On Leveling:
sYnceD wrote:
Can you write up a little section on your talent tree pathing etc? Looks fun but I feel like I might mess up prioritization of what nodes to take etc. Even
a TLDR for me would be sick <3

TL;DR: Jewels last (if possible), Lightning Specific Nodes (increase to lightning Damage etc) when you actually start to use lightning skills. ES increase can wait (Beside those 5 points in the witch start, you need those for pathing on your tree) - while leveling you have the most hogpot gear anyhow. Auranodes like in the Sovereignity/Influence cluster can wait till you get a shavs.

Pick crit/powercharges up as you go - they help, but are not required. Get Ghost Reaver as soon as you can leech lightning spell damage.

Fill the rest of the tree in as you need it. ES when you feel squishy, Lightning/Elemental Damage when you want more damage.

Ascendencies: Go for Vile Bastion first. (till you are able to get a presence of chayula which might take a while) Profane BLoom afterwards.
Finish out with Malediction.

Depending on weather you have have a Presence of Chayula and prefer more ES or more Damage you can then respecc out of Vile Bastion and into Forbidden Power. I like Forbidden Power - but that ones up to you.

YT_HB wrote:
lestersiew wrote:
Any chance you could help a brother out with a leveling guide/what to use/look out for during leveling? Your guide is making me want to try a witch build for the first time :)

The easiest thing to do it to follow Enki's Arc Witch guide. Be sure to follow the tree of this guide though. Also, use Arc when you're able to and start using the Pens as soon as you're able to afford them. Start getting all the skill/support gems in this guide and level them up in your alternate weapon slots - especially LW and it's support gems.

Bandit, Pantheon and LabEnchants:


2 Passives or Alira. If you need to fill resists up while leveling Alira is a good choice. Otherwise 2 Passive Points will do more for us in most cases.


Doesn't matter. I choose Solaris for help with bosses and went for poison immunity to save a flask slot.


Gloves: They are corrupted. None.

Head: If useing the SpiderAura or the Indigon get an manasaving enchant:

> Arctic Armor
> Wrath
> Herald of Thunder

If you dont use the SpiderAura or the Indigon you can also corrupt your head for + 1 PowerCharge or try to get an enchant for Arc (+1 Chain or + Arc Damage) or Ball Lightning (+ % Damage or + % Area).

Boots: Lightning Damage or Elemental Penetration.

Warning: Do run a Vertex instead of an Indigon if you don't exactly know what you are doing. The talent tree linked above works perfectly fine with a Vertex.
Here is a link to optimize your own Indigon: https://alt0172.github.io/poe-indigon-calc/
If you do not want to go that heavy into Path Of Math's equip a Vertex and call it a day. I did my first couple ÜberElders with a Vertex too. In Patch 3.5 Indigon got nerfed a bit - It is still offensivly the best option for us in most situations.

Gear and Links:

Please note that this is my Gear and Links from my live character who by now is in the Standard League. Please consult the PoBs at the end of the thread for the league-specific setups. Of course you can also always ask questions in the Thread.


Doesn't really matter. Use what you want. Those are the ones I use:

Key Items/Priorty are: With this setup alone you are Shaper-Viable!:

1. Poet's Pens.
2. Any Elder-Baseed Ring with Warlord's Mark on Hit. (alt-spamming one is fairly cheap if they are too expensive); You can alternativly also use a Mark of Submission to get access to the Curse for a very low cost. Ultimatly you want to change to a crafted Elder Ring though.
3. Shavronne's Wrapping (Initially doesn't even need one socket. We put our quality of life stuff in there till/if we switch to Indigon)
4. Fenumus Spinnerets + Spider Aura Item OR Watcher's Eye with ES on Hit mod while affected by Discipline. Having both would be best.

If any of those Items are missing the Build won't work or work significantly worse then in the Videos.

For Jewels:

1st Priority: Fill up your resists/stats to use your gems
2nd Priority: Crit Multiplier with Lightning/Elemental/Spells
3ed Priority: Lightning and Spelldamage


For the AbyssJewel Slot in the Belt:

Watcher's Eye: Priority


Get the *ES gain on hit while affected by Discipline* modifier. That's the most important roll!

The second roll is less important. It is nice if you can get something that boosts your damage though via a 'Wrath' mod:

1st Priority for Wrathmod: Penetration
2nd Priority for Wrathmod: Crit Chance
3ed Priority for Wrathmod: Increased Damage


Alternative (cheaper) Gear:

Note: Some of the gear I listed isnt 'cheap' per se - but I use it exemplarily for the stats you could go for when trying to get rares.


You can utilize a Mark of Submission if you can't get your Hands on a good ring with Warlords Mark on Hit.

Instead of the Mark of the Shaper if resist are lacking.

You can also have the SpiderAura (if you want to go for it) on one Ring and the Warlords Mark on Hit on the other. You miss out a bit of damage from Mark of the Shaper - but it might be a lot cheaper to get a Spiderauraring without Warlords Mark on Hit.

This is a good alternative to the Indigon (obviously would need to recolour the sockets) - It gives more ES and some Dodge as well as more leeway when you don't have the money for an lv4 enlighten - since it bumps a lv3 one up to lv4 due to its inherent modifier. 's pretty cheap too. Hand full of Chaos at most. Try to get one with a high ES roll. Other stats dont really matter. In fact I did my first couple ÜberElder's with one of those and without the Indigon.

You can also run a rare helmet instead of the Vertex - I found though that it is hard for rare helmets to compete with the Vertex for the same price.

Another good option is the in 3.5 buffed The Brine Crown helmet. It gives Freeze immunity which is really solid and a crapton of armor which is also very strong for us.

Doedres Helmet is the best option for those of you who want to experiment more with Curses/want to do the content curses help a lot with such as deep delves. Check the posts/videos on the relevant Pages in the Guide. (99 and 124 iirc)

Those are really good and also very cheap (again only a few Chaos) as an alternative for the SpiderBoots if you dont go for the SpiderAura. Try to get some with an high ES roll. Other stats on them don't really matter. The DEX on them is also nice since this build struggels a bit to get it.

If you lack resists left and right you might also consider to invest into rare boots like those. Try to get some with ES on them though.

If a Presence of Chayula is out of your budget you can go with a Choir of the Storm! If you do that you ought to specc into Vile Bastion Node though in your Occultist Asendency - instead of the PowerCharge one to make up for the Stun immunity of the Presence and get some much needed ES going.

Overall Presence is a fairly moderate upgrade over this to be quite honest. Presence makes the build just much more tanky and also gives us more DPS against Bosses/Improves our BallLightning. We dont really struggel with mapping. If you want this build purely for mapping though Vile Bastion + Choir of the Storm is good enough.

If a Choir is to expensive you can just go with a rare amulet like this. Also specc into Vile Bastion since we don't get Stun Immunity from this amulet either.

This Item here is cheap as dirt (1c or so) and is *great* if you cant afford a good Stygian Vise yet. It gives us much needed resists and otherwise all the stats we could want.

Let's nerd out and go into the Build-Mechanics!:

Poet's Pens:

The Poet's Pen wand triggers a socketed spell when using an attack (Default attack, Frenzy). If holding two Poet's Pens, one spell from each wand is triggered simultaneously when an attack is used. Each Poet's Pen spell has a cooldown of 0.25ms. This means that you cannot simultaneously trigger the same spell socketed in two Poet's Pens (i.e. if I have ball lightning in Pen#1 and ball lightning in Pen#2, only one will be casted per attack).

In order to trigger spells every time they're off cooldown, it is ideal to have <4.00 attacks per second. In fact, it seems more ideal to have an attack rate of 3.75 attacks per second, possibly due to server tickrate.

We are able to achive the needed Attackrate with no other investment then Frenzy and its support gems due to Gem-Quality and Frenzy-Charges.


We ideally utilize two Curse on Hit Items - one is enough though for this mechanic to work:

1. An Elder Ring with 'Warlords Mark on Hit'.
2. Corrupted gloves with 'Elemental Weakness on Hit'.

Since we are an Occultist talenting into Profane Bloom cursed enemies we kill have a chance to explode for *25%* of their life as Chaos Damage. This will explode entire groups of enemies right away.



1. Warlord's Mark on Hit:

This provides us with ES Leech via GhostReaver as well as Mana Leech.

2. ES on Hit:

A Watcher's Eye provides us with 30 ES on Hit - it works for all of our attacks as well as spellhits. This is very strong.

If you can aquire the SpiderAura Gear you can aquire an addtional 20 ES on Hit.

MF Gear:

150|150 Quality and Quantity increase.


1. Q: Can we do Elemental Reflect?

A: Yes! But it needs gear. Since we do run a purity of Elements we can get a Watcher's Eye with the 50% (? I think? How far does the roll go up?) reduced reflected Elemental Damage taken Mod. Combine that with Yuugols Pantheon thing and Sybills Rings in the left Ringslot and you are good to go. I personally don't mind rerolling a map with it - but hey. If you want to invest in that - the option is there.

2. Q: Does that mean we can do all content/all Bosses?

A: Yup. Read the Question above though.

3. Q: Watcher's Eye got expensive since this build came out? Help please.

A: You can play up to Shaper/ShaperGuardians with just the Warlords Mark on Hit Ring and the Vile Bastion Ascendency. User YT_HB did exactly that and made a video of it on page 7. That should enable you to farm Currency to afford whatever you want, really.

4. Q: WTF?! Your Shav is 6-linked? It says in the header this only needs a 3-link?

A: 6-Link isn't needed to play this Build. Only if you want to invest a lot and want to get the absolute most out of Indigon you need it 6-Linked. Our main skills are not reliant on the Chestpiece.

Cyrix1337 wrote:
breadbucket wrote:
Why are we using power charge on critical in the wand when we take Forbidden Power as an ascendancy?

Because it gives the most damage from all the support gems. :P

Elemental Focus would provide more Raw Damage but prevents us from applying Shock - and since we hit like a truck and are a crit specc (crits apply shocks) Elemental Focus is a net-loss in dps for us.

Its about the same reasoning with Controlled Destruction - which would give a tiny bit more DPS but tanks our critchance - and thus our amount of shocks which also lowers our damage.

PowerCharge on Crit also gives us powercharges quicker then the ascendancy - it also allows us to switch between VileWard and Forbidden Power on the Ascendancies -easing gearing and gives a more defensive choice depending on playstyle.

And last but not least having both PCoC and Forbidden Power makes it easy to get powercharges going quickly (important for bosses) and keep them up (!) even when you can't hit anything (important for when you dodge around or just zip through the map and stop to collect some good loot).

YT_HB wrote:
icel3oi wrote:

On your video i see you use Barrage for bossing, the PoB for this guide is using Frenzy, do i use barrage or Frenzy?

Follow the guide and use Frenzy. It's more damage.

7. Q: Mimimi this looks expensive?!

Cyrix1337 wrote:
Red Elder with MF-Gear. No SpiderBoots. No Presence of Chayula. Full MapRun. No Frenzy in a 6-link. No Mark of the Shaper. No Voidbringers. No Second Curse. No expensive Stygian Vise. Deathless.

https://youtu.be/09CuMW_fa9E Boss @5:30

I hope that shuts up all the people who are super concerned about the cost of some of the items. This build works well enough without. :P

And while I am at it here is Shaper as well with the same setup; also Deathless


8. Q: Can you explain what the Indigon calculator is there for and how Indigon works in this build with just Frenzy which isn't terribly ManaExpensive?

A: Essentially thats were the two - fairly useless - red (I with my gear can get away with two blue sockets - you might need two red ones or a mixture of it; thats what the calculator is for!) support gems/sockets in the 6-link frenzy come into play. The two most expensive (in terms of mana!) support gems in the game are red gems.

Its melee splash and multistrike.

They do *NOTHING* for frenzy (fired from a wand) itself. They can stay at lv1 and have no quality. They are *ONLY* there to make the Frenzy more expensive.

We can afford to do something like that - useing support gems soley because they increase manacost - since our frenzy is just there to trigger the Poet's Pens. Frenzy doesn't deal any significant amount of damage in this build.

Thats why we can get away with a lot less mana-increase investment then other builds who need to put supports into their skill that actually make sense - but do not increase the manacost as much.

The other point is that we use Voidbringers - which can roll with up to 80% increased ManaCost. That means they are almost worth as much as a Fevered Mind Jewel - which is propably one jewel you see other builds use as well.

Last but not least: We do not build 'around' Indigon. A lot of people/buildguides *focus* on this item - they play a Hierophant, with lots of mana increases - 3 Grand Spectrums, Fevered Minds etc etc.
But they tend to forget that this investment has diminishing returns - meaning: Its easy to go from 1k Mana to 2.5k Mana. (For us thats basically just the Healthy Mind) But it is really costly to go from 3k Mana to 5k Mana comperativly.

So I simple did not do that with this build. I instead snatched up other multipliers - like FrenzyCharges, CritMultis, Crit, LightningPenetration, Curses, Pain Attunment, Shock and PowerCharges... - it was always on the back of my mind to make 'efficient' choices - not to overcommit to one mechanic or another. Thats why this build works without an Indigon and just with a Vertex for example.

That's also why it works with an Indigon without crazy commitment to it - even though we do not get that much out of an Indigon as other builds - we still get enough out of it to be efficient with our nodes and other mechanics to outperform other builds overall. Even if we only get 700% increased SpellDamage out of Indigon - we have like a *10 overall multiplier due to other stuff. Meaning we effectivly get 7000% increased SpellDamage out of our Indigon. Even though on paper we 'waste' Indigon compared to other builds who get 5000% increased SpellDamage out of Indigon but have no other multiplier going.

Last but not least: It makes us fairly nerf-proof. Though we obviously never know on that front. :P

So thats my basic idea behind this build and its relationship with Indigon.

9. Q: Halp I am gearing up and feel squishy right now! What to do/upgrade?

A: Go for Vile Bastion till you have around 7kES without it. Only then - and having a Presence of Chayula - switch over to Forbidden Power.

PoB Links:


Note: I included the CastSpeed/Spell Damage modifier in those builds on the helmets to represent the Attack/Cast Speed via Poet's Pen as well as the average %spelldamage gain from Indigon if applicable. The Indigon values should be roughly halfed in 3.5.

League Gear: without an Indigon and Uber-Elder viable:


Indigon League Gear/Setup (for the endgame, when you have a lot of currency) - start out with the League Gear PoB above and - if you like the build - transition to this once you are rich:



Follow this if you have BOTH the SpiderAura *AND* want to use the Indigon:


My live character PoB (updated to lv 100 so you can see where to spend the last few points) for those of you who have literally hundreds of exalts/want to take this build as far as it can go:


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01. August 2018: Update on my Live Character PoB: Got another Level and took Deep Thoughts for some Indigon shenanigans. (also finally was able to devine my belt so two of my resists match up for Bismuth)

03. August 2018: Update on the Indigon situation:

I tried multiple setups with Indigon - Healthy Mind in the Northern JewelSlot and corresponding Life/ManaNodes taken etc etc. (Spent a couple Exalted on Regrets and Vaals and stuff like that ^^')

And while it is possible to stack Indigon quite high (2000% and more increased SpellDamage are possible) it also requires a long 6-Link Frenzy to spend the Mana fast. Also quite a lot of the changes hurt our ES-Pool/resistances quite a bit.
Despite all investment the issue I did run into was that the ramping just takes time. With some setups more then 10 seconds to get Indigon going past the point were the Damage was without all the Investment.
The problem though is that - if one takes a look at my shaper kill - that each phase were one fights shaper directly and can damage him take less then a couple seconds. In none of those phases a long stacking indigon would be really worth it.

I can give more in depth answeres if anyone wants to Path of Math with me. :P

All the testing wasn't for naught though. I was lucky and able to slam myself a 100EX (or so) jewel. That in turn allowed me to update my Talentree quite a bit. I updated the Main post.
We run now also both Celestial nodes. Which is supercool. :P Its also beneficial for our Indigon to run a GMP. So we turn our 3-link to a 4-link. Be careful though with the Quality on the GMP. Its gives attackspeed and we dont want to go to fast for our Poet's Pens to start messing up. (Attackspeednumber > 0.25+Latency/4)
This way we get more inital damage and also an average of 360% increased SpellPower from Indigon. And that after only a couple of seconds. IMO the optimum and best of all worlds.

For Detailed Calculation check here:

Updated the 'my live character' PoB on the frontpage.

29. August 2018:

3.4 -> Updated Build - only small changes.
Quicker Indigon Ramp, bit more efficient Talent Tree, changed some Skillgems.
4 Link Frenzy now - though 3 Link still works perfectly fine and is all you need without an Indigon. Put the QoL Skills like CwdT Immortal Call in the chest - they all can be exchanged to whatever your prefernce is. 6 linked slots to play around with for QoL is quite nice. :)

05. September 2018:
Fairly Minor Update in the ChestSlot: Changed some of the Quality of Life Gems - Phase Run has a borderline stupid interaction with Arcane Surge. If you spend Frenzy Charges with Phase Run the resulting Arcane Surge will also have an incredibly long duration: For me it is about 20 seconds.
Also Phase Run is instant cast - making it extremly good for this build.

09. September 2018:
Condensed some of the Information and made it clearer that the LeaguePoB should be followed when playing League.

05. Dezember 2018 3.5 Update Part 1:
Small Nerf. Indigon gives roughly half as much Damage as before - since we didnt rely on the item anyhow this is not such a big deal for us. It is still the BiS Item for us in terms of damage. Other options such as the newly buffed 'Crown of the Brine King' and the good ol' 'The Vertex' became comperativly more attractive though as defensive alternatives.

The changes to the passive tree regarding the ascendency are still up in the air - If I would have to guess though I would think that Forbidden Power and Void Beacon are gonna be replaced with the new skills.

As such... nothing much changes for us. We loose the option to go for Forbidden Power instead of Vile Bastion - but since Vile Bastion was the preferred Ascendency by most players anyhow this doesn't change anything. I'll update the OP when we know for sure. €dit: Nothing changed at all. Occultist just got additional nodes, nothing got replaced. Guide is still good to go as is.
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I have seen this work. Its super duper fast.
Added a Video to the Guide! Let me know if you want to see more stuff. Making recordings does lag me a bit in Game - so not to sure if I could record a Deathless UberElder - but everything should be fine! :)

thegagis wrote:
I have seen this work. Its super duper fast.

Thanks for the bump! :)

Sweet as! ('cause NZ idioms for a NZ game ;) )

Keep on warping... I'll stick to the running - We meet us at the portal again.

How did I not made it into the vid XD
Sweet as! ('cause NZ idioms for a NZ game ;) )

Keep on warping... I'll stick to the running - We meet us at the portal again.

How did I not made it into the vid XD

Uploading a Shaper Kill. :P I think you show up in the chat for a very short moment.
Shaper Kill Video added! :)
Looks neat! For some reason unable to open your passive tree :(
Sandwitched wrote:
Looks neat! For some reason unable to open your passive tree :(

whaaaat? :( I gonna fix that asap.

€dit claims it is fixed now! :) Let me know if it still doesn't work for some reason.
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But why Indigon with low mana?

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