[3.7] Llamasaur's Aurabot - 10 Auras 2 Curses 1 Aspect - BROKEN IN 3.7 LEGION

Hello! This is my first ever guide so your feedback is appreciated.
If you have any questions, please post them in this thread so everyone can see.

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With the change to the Mortal Conviction keystone, this build no longer works. GGG has stated they will bring back a similar effect in the future, but until then, this build has been shelved and will no longer be updated.

There are plenty of life-based aurabots out there that still work.

Build Explanation


This build is NOT designed to support a large group of people with varying build types, it is designed to support a group of 1-2 people.

When I set out to create this build, I had one major goal in mind. It had to be as budget/beginner friendly as possible while still being as effective as possible. Therefore, it can be played from day 1 of league start, and be fully functional with very little currency investment right into end game maps. The trade off of course, is not being able to use every single aura available, only the auras that matter.

There are lots of different variations and ways to build a support character out there, and I encourage you to experiment with your character and change things to suit your own groups needs.

Pros & Cons

+ Extremely tanky

+ Very fast movement speed

+ Doesn't require any 5 or 6 links

+ Can do every map mod
Be mindful of Hexproof though

+ Budget/beginner friendly & great league starter


- Can get expensive if you want to min/max
There are no expensive items that are 'build enabling', but as with every build, the more currency you invest, the more effective you'll be.

- Can't do any content solo

- Doesn't utilize ALL auras like other supports can


/ Playstyle - This build has a very unique play style. You need to be keeping up with your group, managing your flasks, using your vaal skills appropriately, keeping up fortify, and picking up loot. It's a lot to do and can either be a pro or a con for different people.


You must do your best to provide support to your group at all times. This means you need to be as close to them as possible. Your auras have about one screen size (1920x1080) area of effect, which isn't very much at all. Basically, if you can't see your friend on the screen, they're not getting any of your auras.

Flask management:
Managing your flasks is important, especially your soul catcher. This flask basically means you only need to to fill up 75% of your souls to use a Vaal skill, and it will come off cooldown 40% faster. This allows you to have very high up-time on your Vaal skills.

Vaal skill management:
Initially it will take time for you to build up souls on your Vaal skills. I recommend not using any until they're all ready, just in-case you need one of them.
Vaal Discipline: This is your heal, your "oh shit" button, your "life flask". You can also preemptively use this when you think you're about to take a lot of damage.
Vaal Grace: A great defensive skill. It allows you to survive through tough situations. Great against map bosses, syndicate encounters, opening strongboxes, beyond bosses etc.
Vaal Haste: Helps with clear speed. This is one I try to have active 100% of the time.

Vigilant Strike:
Whenever you get an opportunity, use Vigilant Strike on any monster so that you can to apply fortify to your group.

Gear & Gem Setup


Empower(4) - Generosity - Hatred/Anger/Wrath/Zealotry/Malevolence
Pick 2 auras that offer your group the most damage.

If you want to use a 3rd aura, Aul's Uprising is a good alternative amulet, keep in mind that it won't benefit from Generosity & Empower.

If you're using United in Dream, I suggest running Envy & Malevolence as your 2 auras.


Phase Run (1) - Increased Duration - Reduced Mana


Use United in Dream if supporting chaos builds. Try and find a way to get Generosity onto the sword by either:
1. adding one in place of Increased Duration
2. swap gems with your helmet.


Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace - Vaal Discipline


Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning - Purity of Ice - Enlighten(4)

Dread Banner or War Banner


Solaris Lorica - A very cheap and good league starter option before you get a Shavronne's Wrappings. Mandatory for the "chaos damage does not bypass energy shield"

Make sure your Clarity is always level 1


Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Chaos Golem

Flame Dash (1)

There are many alternative gem setups you can put in here instead of Chaos Golem, use whatever you like. A good option is Bone/Spirit/Flesh Offering. Keep in mind that this won't work on monsters that are shattered.


Vigilant Strike

Blasphemy - Curse - Curse
Use any 2 curses that you like. I recommend a balance of 1 offensive and 1 defensive curse.



Before you get an Aspect ring, you can use a regular moonstone ring with +energy shield and any generic stats.

I suggest buying an Aspect of the Spider ring with any sort of stats before you attempt to craft an expensive one.

If you have lots of exalts to spare you can craft your own aspect ring. Start with a high ilvl moonstone ring, alt/regal until you hit t1 flat ES, annul off the other stats, use the beast crafting recipe to put aspect of the spider on, multi mod, then craft anything you like. If you're playing with Elemental Equilibrium, you can craft flat elemental damage here.


Use an Eye of Chayula until you can upgrade to Presence of Chayula.

An Aul's Uprising is a good, but very expensive alternative. It can have multiple aura types on it if you're looking for an extra aura to use for free.


Use Experimenter's flasks. Use Alchemist's flask for Quicksilver.

Flask of Staunching
Anti-bleed is a must have. It will kill you extremely fast if you're caught off-guard without it active.

Flask of Dousing
Being ignited stops your energy shield from regenerating.

Flask of Warding
Temporal chains maps feel horrible, vulnerability and elemental weakness will get you killed quickly. Use a warding flask to stop curses from applied to you.

Soul Catcher Quartz Flask
This flask is insane. Try and get a 40% reduced soul gain prevention duration one.


You need at least 3 jewels with 1% reduced mana reserved to use all auras and curses.

The Vigil
If your group already uses fortify, you can spend these 2 skill points somewhere else.

Watcher's Eye
-X mana cost while affect by Clarity is a MUST if you want to cast for free. Get as high as you can, preferably 9+.

Levelling & Gear Progression, Bandits, Pantheons


Path of Building Guide

Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/Fxu3fsYv


Written Guide
There are many different ways to level. This is how I prefer to level my character. You do not have to strictly follow this guide. You can make your own adjustments.
All gems are quest rewards unless it says "Buy"
Skill trees are only a rough estimate.

ACT 1 - www.poeurl.com/chyc
Use Frost Bomb to clear packs and Explosive Trap/Decoy Totem for bosses.
Keep an eye out for 3 socket items to put in your weapon-swap to level up gems

Level 2:
Buy Explosive Trap

Level 4:
Frost Bomb - Arcane Surge - Onslaught (Never level Arcane Surge past level 2)
Buy Decoy Totem
Buy Smite for later (Don't buy Smite if supporting a chaos build)

Level 10:
Frost Bomb - Added Lightning Damage - Onslaught
Explosive Trap - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (Keep Flame Dash at level 1)

Level 12:
Swap Explosive Trap for Blade Vortex
Buy Storm Brand and swap it with Frost Bomb

ACT 2 - www.poeurl.com/chyf
Use Storm Brand to clear packs and Blade Vortex/Decoy Totem to kill bosses.

Level 16:
Herald of Ice
Buy Herald of Thunder

Kill all bandits

ACT 3 - www.poeurl.com/chyg
At level 24 you can drop your DPS setup and switch to full support. Use your best judgement and pick some damage auras that best compliment your group.
I recommend Anger/Wrath for most builds. Only use Hatred if their primary damage is cold. Also, start using Smite now for its aura effect.

If supporting a chaos build, use Malevolence/X . X can be anything you want. You also might want to try "hand-casting" Despair or run it on Blasphemy.

If you have enough Strength or Dexterity from gear, you can drop the +30 nodes on the tree. A good way to get Str/Dex this early is to use a Jade Amulet and Heavy Belt.

If you haven't already gotten some weapon-swap items, now's the time.

Level 24:
Pick an aura
Buy another aura
Buy Purity of Elements for later
Buy Discipline, Purity of Fire, Ice & Lightning and level them all in your weapon-swap, and anything else you want to add.

Level 31:
Complete A Fixture of Fate quest:
Buy Generosity
Buy Increased Duration for later

Your aura setup should now be:
Generosity - Smite - Aura - Aura

ACT 4 - www.poeurl.com/chyT
It's pretty straight forward from here on out, not a whole lot changes.
Keep an eye out for gear upgrades, try to get as much health as possible and keep your resistances maxed.
If you feel like you need it, you can take Elemental Equilibrium.
I recommend completing Normal Lab after Act 4. Take the +40 Intelligence and Skill Point nodes leading up to Witch.

Level 34:
Buy Phase Run - Increased Duration (This becomes your main movement ability, keep Flame Dash for leaping over edges. Keep Phase Run at level 1 for now.)
Buy Immortal Call for later

Level 38:
Buy Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call

ACT 5 - www.poeurl.com/chyV
Nothing new in Act 5.

ACT 6 - www.poeurl.com/chyW
After you take the Sovereingty aura cluster, you can now activate Purity of Elements.
Take the Soul of Ryslatha minor pantheon after completing the Puppet Mistress quest.
Take the Soul of the Brine King major pantheon after completing Act 6.

ACT 7 - www.poeurl.com/chyX
I recommend completing Cruel Lab after Act 7. Take the Necromancer ascendancy and the +20 Str/Int node leading up to Templar.

ACT 8 - www.poeurl.com/chyY
Wings of Vastiri quest:
Take the Conqueror's Efficiency jewel and put it between the Templar and Witch area.
If your group can get you Conqueror's Potency, put it near the Charisma aura cluster.
Switch to Soul of Lunaris major pantheon after completing Act 8.

ACT 9 - www.poeurl.com/chyZ
Switch to Soul of Shakari minor pantheon after completing Queen of the Sand quest.

ACT 10 - Lv.68 Before Respec www.poeurl.com/chy0
I recommend completing Merciless Lab after Act 10. Take the skill point and the Guardian ascendancy.
After reaching level 68, go back and complete as many Passive Respec Book quests as you need to, then start your transition into Blood Magic.
Go back and buy all the skill gems required for the build that you missed. Also buy Vaal Haste/Grace/Discipline from poe.trade.


Early Mapping Gear - Lv.68 After Respec www.poeurl.com/ckpt
Solaris Lorica
Alpha's Howl
Eye of Chayula
Lori's Lantern
Prism Guardian
Bated Breath
Ephemeral Edge
Sin Trek Boots
The Vigil
Conqueror's Potency (if you didn't get one while questing)
ALL of the flasks.
Shaper's Touch (if cheap enough)

I recommend having most, if not all of this gear ready before you respec into Blood Magic. If you need currency, farm Act 9 Blood Aquaducts for Humility div cards and do the unID chaos recipe.
These items should well and truly carry you into high tier yellow maps.
You should be able to use all curses/auras except Aspect of the Spider & Banner.
While mapping, look for opportunities to upgrade your pantheons and start working on your Uber Lab trials.
Keep an eye out for maps with "players cannot regenerate life or mana". You can still do them, but you won't be able to cast any movement skills which can sometimes be annoying.

Red Maps / Level 90+ - www.poeurl.com/ckpv
Shavronne's Wrappings
Watcher's Eye
Enlighten (3)
Aspect of the Spider ring

You should have completed Uber Lab and picked up the Path of the Witch ascendancy node by now.
These items will be your first big purchases and will make running red maps a lot safer. If you didn't get Shaper's Touch before, then now is a good time.
Having a Watcher's Eye is a must, to allow you to use skills for free in maps with "players cannot regenerate life or mana". After your Watcher's Eye, you can take Zealot's Oath on the passive tree and start levelling up your Phase Run (it will start costing mana again at around lvl 10-15, so make sure not to over level it)
After picking up Enlighten, you can now activate your Aspect of the Spider.

Shaped / Elder Maps / Pushing to 100 - www.poeurl.com/chyR
Energy From Within
Presence of Chayula
Empower (4)
Enlighten (4)
3x 1% Reduced Mana Reservation jewel

You should have completed Uber Lab and picked up the Path of the Witch ascendancy node by now.
These items will be your first big purchases and will make running red maps a lot safer. If you didn't get Shaper's Touch before, then now is a good time.
Having a Watcher's Eye is a must, to allow you to use skills for free in maps with "players cannot regenerate life or mana". After your Watcher's Eye, you can take Zealot's Oath on the passive tree.
After picking up Enlighten, you can now activate your Aspect of the Spider.


Kill all bandits for 2 points.

Major Pantheon
Soul of Lunaris - Use this for general mapping - Upgrade all the way.
Soul of Solaris - Use this for boss killing - Upgrade all the way.

Minor Pantheon
Soul of Shakari - Upgrade all the way.

Normal - +40 Int & Skill Point
Cruel - Necromancer & +20 Str/Int
Merciless - Skill Point & Guardian
Uber - Skill Point & Path of the Witch


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Nice! Now I just need to find a friend.
An incredibly well written and in depth guide on aura botting. Can't wait to try this out, thanks!
Nice build Lama :)
Looks very solid. Could, you, please, give a link to the skill tree (not the PoB version)
Thanks for awesome guide! Planning to play with my wander friend this league, could you please advise how to "start" league, leveling aspects in party etc.
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nice bild how play ples
Updated for 3.5
Great guide, do recommend.
Any tips for leveling? I'd like to do an aurabot for the league start but don't know how to go about it.

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