[3.3] Llamasaur's Aurabot - 10 Auras 2 Curses - Budget/Beginner Friendly & League Starter

Hi and welcome to my aurabot guide! This is my first ever guide so all feedback is very welcome.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread so everyone can see.

If you want to support me, you can follow me here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLlamasaur
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Llamasaur

Path of Building link for my character: https://pastebin.com/TmC8NzSc

Build Theory and Explanation
This build is an aurabot, it is purely a support character and not designed to do damage in any way shape or form. It was created with the idea to support one person, not a large party of people. It may be able to support more than one depending on their build setup, but you might run into issues with your offensive aura setup and also elemental equilibrium.

I decided to make this character in 3.3 incursion for my first ever push to level 100 with my friend. After looking at different 3.3 guides of aurabot, there were many design choices that I personally didn't agree with, so I decided to take the information I've learned from other builds and create a version of aurabot that best suits my playstyle.

Some key differences:

- Some builds like to run every aura and use a curse on hit>ball lightning/arc setup.
1) I don't feel like every single aura is necessary.
2) I find that playstyle kind of clunky. In the current speed clearing meta, there's simply no time to stand and cast. It might be a viable option if you make a boss killing aurabot though.

Instead, I opted for a simple 2 curse blasphemy setup. Having a combination of curses with all the curse nodes on the tree can be extremely powerful.

- Some builds opt for Vicatario's Influence over Shavronne's Wrappings. I hate the idea of juggling Coruscating Elixir's to avoid chaos damage. I'd rather just be able ignore chaos damage altogether. This also free's up some flask slots at the trade off for a ring slot and pantheons. That's my personal preference though, I'm lazy.

- Some builds are life rather than energy shield. With ES, a lot of the gear is unique items, most of them fairly cheap for lower rolls, this makes it a budget friendly option and a good league starter. With life, you need a lot (10+) of 1% reduced mana reserved jewels, and lots of rare & shaper gear with specific stats such as %reduced mana reserved as well as life/resistance/other. That seems like too much work for me and not a good/cheap league starter. It also uses Victarios Influence, which I already stated, I'm not a fan of.

Having said all this, it means that we can only run 10 of the 13 auras and 2 curses.
The 3 auras I chose to leave out are:
Purity of Elements (pretty much useless)
Vitality (can subsitute for another aura if you need it)
and one offensive aura (Hatred/Anger/Wrath). More on this in the gem setup section.

Pros and Cons


+ Extremely tanky
7000+ Energy Shield. 8000+ with Ephemeral Edge.
81%+ elemental resistances. 88%+ with flasks active and level 21 purities.
High resistance against chaos damage.
Bursts of healing with guardian passive. On-demand healing with vaal discipline.
35 seconds of Fortify for everyone on a 4 second cooldown.
70%+ physical damage reduction.

+ Extremely fast
Can keep up with the fastest characters.

+ Doesn't require 5/6 link
We only use two 3 links in our body armour.

+ Can do every map mod
Even no regen!

+ Budget friendly & great league starter
You can level solo then transition into aurabot later, or level with your friend as an aurabot.
- Can get expensive if you want to min/max
As with any other build, getting perfectly rolled, double corrupted gear and 21/23 gems is the end goal, but it's not neccessary.
Some items can be expensive at the start of the league, but they're not build enabling, so you can make do without them until you can afford them.

- Can't do any content solo
Cant kill mobs if you cant do damage.
Playstyle - This build has a very unique playstyle. You need to be constantly in range of your friends, managing your flasks, using your vaal skills appropriately, keeping up fortify, and picking up loot. It's a lot to do and can either be a pro or a con for different people.


As an aurabot, your main job is to provide auras to your friend. This means you need to be as close to them as possible at all times. With 20% quality auras, you have about one screen size (1920x1080) area of effect, which isn't very much at all. Basically, if you can't see your friend on the screen, they're not getting any of your auras. Most of the time, just running is enough to stay in range of them, if they start to get out of range, shield charging is a good way to close the distance quickly, especially with vaal haste active. If they're a fast moving character, you can easily keep up with a brightbeak and shield charge.

It's important to communite with your friend if you're falling behind or need to run in another direction.

Tip: If they're a fast character, it's MUCH easier if you are leading and your friend is following you.

Flask management:
As with any other build, flask management is important, especially your soul catcher. As long as it's active, you will have 25% bonus souls on all of your vaal skills. Make sure to also have this active before you use a vaal skill, to reduce to soul prevention time by 40%, which is huge. This allows you to have permanent up time on your vaal skills. If there's any flask to have active 100% of the time, this is the one. But it's a good idea to make sure they're all active because they're all important.

Vaal skill management:
With soul catcher up 100% of the time, it doesn't take too long for your vaal skills to be ready. If your friend is clearing very fast, it's possible to have 100% up time on all vaal skills at once. But I don't recommend it. It's much more comfortable to have 2 active at a time. If your friend is clearing slowly, then I recommend having one active at a time.
Vaal discipline: This is your personal heal, your "oh shit" button, your "life flask". Whenever you take damage, use this to heal yourself. If your friend is ES based, it's worth it to have this up 100% of the time.
Vaal Grace: A great defensive skill. It allows you to survive through tough situations. Great against map bosses, opening strongboxes, when fighting beyond bosses etc. But most importantly, it's a life-saver in incursions. I try to have this ready before I enter any incursion. If you happen to spawn with loads of constructs surrounding you, you and your friend will likely instantly get sniped by them. Vaal grace has prevented this from happening to me countless times. As soon as you enter, pop it immediately.
Vaal haste: Helps with clear speed. This is one I try to have active 100% of the time.

Vigilant Strike & cursing:
Whenever you get an opportunity, use vigilant strike on any monster that you can. A good tactic is to dive into a pack of monsters with shield charge and start attacking. Don't be afraid, you're extremely tanky. This is much easier if your friend is following you. This accomplishes a couple of things. 1) you and your friend get fortify for 35 seconds. 2) you curse everything around you. 3) everything you hit with shield charge gets applied with elemental equilibrium.

Videos coming soon.



Helmet - Alpha's Howl

+2 to auras, 8% reduced reserved mana, and cannot be frozen, which leaves room for another suffix on a flask.

Weapon - Ephemeral Edge / Brightbeak

Ephemeral Edge is your go-to weapon, giving you a very large boost in energy shield.
If you're struggling to keep up with very fast characters, switch to a Brightbeak.

Shield - Prism Guardian Archon Kite Shield

Loads of resistance, +2 to auras and 25% reduced mana reservation.

Body Armour - Shavronne's Wrappings

This is what allows us to go energy shield and not die to chaos damage. Very cheap this league too!

Gloves - Rare Gloves

The main stats you're looking for are high energy shield and cold/fire/lightning damage to attacks. Make sure the damage type you choose is based on your elemental equilibrium!
Secondary stats would be high intelligence for a little bit more energy shield, then attack speed for a faster shield charge.

Boots - Sin Trek

A cheap way to get a bunch of energy shield and 30% movement speed.

Belt - Bated Breath / 60% Discpline String of Servitude

Either option is fine. Bated Breath is a good option to start with. A 60% string of servitute beats bated breath by a tiny margin, but only when you have a high level Discipline gem. It's also cheaper than a max rolled bated breath.

Rings - Lori's Lantern / The Pariah

Lori's lantern - Lots of resistance, movement speed, chaos resistance, and "enemies are unlucky when damaging you" which boosts our survivability a lot.
Pariah with blue socket - Loads of flat ES

Amulet - Presence of Chayula

All attributes, massive amount of chaos resistance, and a lot of energy shield converted from life.


Experimenters for the quality of life, or alchemists if you want to be faster with quicksilver

Flask of Staunching
Anti-bleed flask is a must have on every build. It will kill you extremely fast if you're caught off-guard without it active.

Flask of Dousing
Being ignited sucks as it stops your ES from regenerating.

Flask of Warding
Temporal chains maps feel horrible, vulnerability and elemental weakness will get you killed quickly. Use a warding flask to stop curses from applied to you.

Soul Catcher Quartz Flask
This flask is insane. Try and get a 40% reduced soul gain prevention duration one.
With proper management of this flask it let's you have 100% uptime on your vaal skills.

Alchemist's/Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
Gotta go fast. This also makes your shield charge a lot faster.

If you feel like you don't need the Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz flasks, you can swap them out for any other utility flask that you want.

If you feel like you're taking too much chaos damage for some reason, pick up an Amethyst Flask.
Silver Flask is good at helping you move around faster.
Jade/Granite Flasks if you feel like you're taking too much physical damage.
Stibnite/Sulpur Flasks are good for bosses but I wouldn't use them while mapping.


Note: you need at least 2 jewels with 1% reduced mana reserved to use all 10 auras.

The Vigil - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption
Mandatory for fortifying your friends. If they already use fortify, you can spend these 2 skill points somewhere else, or use any rare jewel with the 1% reduced mana reserved corruption if you still need it.

Energy From Within - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption - *expensive*
Converts the hybrid life wheel into pure energy shield.

Wachers Eye
-9 is the minimum we need. This is what lets us shield charge for free, even in no-regen maps.
If you can afford a jewel with a second stat, I'd recommend going for % maximum ES regeneration while affected by discipline.
Their are a lots of other good ones if you can't afford a jewel with those 2 specific stats.

Conqueror's Potency - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption
4% effect our curses, 8% increased flask effictiveness, 3% effect on non-curse auras.

Conqueror's Efficiency - 1% reduced mana reserved corruption
2% reduced mana reserved, 4% increased skill effect duration.

Where to put the jewels


Other gear choices
Here's a list of items that you can use if you want to.

Weapon - United in Dream
Good for builds who focus on dealing chaos damage. Doesn't really add anything except a level 15 Envy aura, which gives chaos damage to spell and attacks.

Rare crystal belt with T1 energy shield and T1 life as primary stats, as secondary stats look for reduced flask charges used, increased flask charges gained or increased flask effect duration, thirdly look for or craft movement speed 5%
If you're rich, look for a shaper crystal belt with %Increased maximum energy shield, energy shield recovery rate, movement speed during flask effect.
If you feel like you dont need the ES from the belt slot, use a wrath/hatred/anger string of servitude 60%.

Gloves AND belt
Another choice you can do is use Shaper's Touch for your gloves, this means if you're using elemental equilibrium, you need to find damage to attacks somewhere else. A good options is an abyss jewel in your belt. For this we use Darkness Enthroned. Look for a jewel with T1 ES, T1 life, and the damage to attacks that you need. For the other jewel, look for T1 ES, T1 life and int for a little bit of extra ES.

Voidbringer - I don't recommend these gloves as our shield charge won't be free any more. If you do decide to use these in your setup, you will need to replace lori's lantern with a -mana cost elreon ring (preferrably moonstone with high ES and damage to attacks to proc your EE, and chaos resistance if you can get it). It also requires a big gemswap to get the most out of them. More on this in the gem setup section.

Corruptions and enchants
These are some of the most desired corruptions you'd want on your items. There are some other good ones but these are probably the best one.

Weapon - Increased Attack Speed

Shield - +1 to level of socketed gems, +2 to level of socketed aura gems, +2 to level of socketed AoE gems

Helmet - Look for the 15% reduced mana reservation enchant for any of your auras. The best ones are anger/hatred/wrath but are the most expensive.

Body Armour - +1 to level of socketed gems, +2 to level of socketed AoE gems, +2 to level of socketed curse gems, +2 to level of socketed aura gems

Gloves - +1 to level of socketed gems, +2 to level of socketed Aoe Gems, +2 to level of socketed aura gems
These corruptions are good if you're running auras in your gloves. They're also really easy to get on shaper's touch because they're cheap.

Boots - +1 to gems, +2 to duration, +2 to AoE, +2 to Aura

Belt - I don't recommend corrupting your belt

Rings - Increased effect of hatred/wrath/anger

Amulet - Increased effect of hatred/wrath/anger
+1 additional curse. If you get this, you can drop whispers of doom and put that point elsewhere.

Budget Options

Ring - If you can't afford a Pariah, you can either use a moonstone ring with lots of ES and use discipline in your gloves, or use a rare unset ring with high ES. Try look for high Int as well for a little extra ES.

Body Armour - Solaris Lorica - A very cheap and good league starter option before you get a Shavronne's Wrappings. Mandatory for the "chaos damage does not bypass energy shield"

Amulet - Use an Eye of Chayula until you can upgrade to Presence of Chayula. If you feel like you don't need the stun immunity, use a rare lapis amulet with flat ES and high int.

Watchers Eye - Before you can get a watchers eye with the -9/10 clarity property, you can do 2 things:
1) Ignore this jewel spot and put the points elsewhere for now.
2) Find a cheap rare jewel with 1% reduced mana reserved if you still need it.

Order of importance:

If incursion league is anything to go by, Shavronne's Wrappings will become fairly cheap a few weeks after league start, as low life builds don't seem to be popular right now. so I would pick this up first.

After that, pariah ring will be the next cheapest thing, then Presence of Chayula will be your most expensive item.

Lastly, I would buy enlighten (3) and then (4)

Watchers Eye isn't necessary until no-regen maps start becoming a problem.

Gem Setup

Purity of Ice - Purity of Fire - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten (4)
Purities in the helmet for the +2 to socketed gems. This will give you an extra +1% to maximum elemental resistances if the gems are level 21.

Vigilant Strike - Faster Attacks - Shield Charge
If your friend is already using fortify, you can socket the Fortify Support gem in here instead of Vigilant Srike to give yourself fortify when you Shield Charge. If you do this, you NEED a -10 watchers eye.
*Make sure you activate 'attack without moving' for shield charge.

Clarity Level 1. This is to make use of our Watcher's Eye jewel and makes Shield Charge free.

*The setup below helps you to tank a barrage of physical damage such as porcupines or constructs in the incursions.
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call then either from here you have a few options depending on what you want to do:
-Bone Offering for survibility.
-Flesh Offering for movement speed.
Note: if your friend is shattering monsters with cold damage, offering's WON'T work.
-Increased Duration. A little bit of extra duration on Immortal Call.
-Rejuvination Totem. Another option, it adds a bit of regeneration and counts as an aura.

Note: I don't recommend using a golem due to the deadly nature of constructs in incursions. If you enter an incursion and all the constructs pre-fire your golem, and then you move, you will likely die or get your friend killed.

**Special mention**
Flame Dash Level 1. Put it in here if you're doing maps that require you jump over many obstacles. If you're using Flame Dash with Cast When Damage Taken, your Flame Dash needs to be high level, this means you can't use it for free, so you will struggle in no-regen maps. This is a decision that you need to make. You could also choose to remove the Cast When Damage Taken setup out of your setup entirely.
*Make sure to activate 'attack without moving' for Flame Dash.

Vaal Haste - Vaal Discpline - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration
Note: Make sure you don't activate the base auras that these Vaal skills give. Instead, active the auras that are in your shield and ring.

Body Armour
Hated/Wrath/Anger - Generosity
This will give a massive damage boost to your friend. Pick the two best auras that fit their build and give them the most damage. You can then use elemental equilibrium with the 3rd element as flat damage on your gloves.
Sometimes they'll run an aura of their own and you can slot in the other two. One thing to be mindful of is if you or they are running elemental equilibrium, it can mess up their damage. Make sure you check which element they're doing the least amount of damage with to proc Elemental Equilibrium with.

Blasphemy - any 2 curses.
Use any curses you want. Two offensive if you need damage, two defensive if you need the survivability, or one if each for the perfect balance.
I recommened using 1 of each. For defensive I recommend Enfeeble, but Temporal Chains will also work. It's personal preference.
For the offensive curse, use one that caters to your friends build. If they're running a curse setup, don't pick the same curse.

Discipline - Discipline is a must. It gives you a LOT of energy shield.
Note: Make sure you activate this aura and not the Vaal one in your boots. A good way to tell is this aura will give slighty more energy shield.

Grace, Haste, Determination
Note: Make sure you active this Grace and Haste instead of the Vaal ones in your boots. A good way to tell is this will have a 'B' denoted on the aura icon.

Voidbringer Gloves and Gem Swaps

If you decide to use Voidbringers, the best gem setup would be Wrath/Anger/Hatred - Generosity - Empower. This means you'll have to use 3 gems from your gloves in your body armour.
Note: Because you're using empower, you might not have enough mana reservation space. You may need to have % reduced mana reserved on all of your jewels, and you may need to pick up extra jewel sockets.
*Disclaimer: I have not tested this. Do this at your own risk.
If you can afford it, buy a rare jewel that has high flat ES and life


Coming soon.

Skill Tree
Scion vs Guardian?

Scion: Guardian/Necro subclasses. It is a great mixture between defence and offense.
Guardian: Is purely for defence and survivability, and great as a hardcore option.

Between the Necro and Guardian subclasses, this is the best option for offense and defence.

Necro offering 20% skill effect duration which is great for vaal skills.
Offerings affect you if you decide to use one.
3% increased cast/attack speed per aura effecting you which is a great offensive buff.

Guardian gives us 25% reduced effect of curses on us. Not too important as we use anti-curse flask.
+1% phys damage reduction per aura affecting us which is 10%+
10% increase effect of our auras
20% ES regen'd over 1 second every 5 second. A great burst of healing that has saved me many times.
Harmony of Purpose - This counts as an extra aura, giving us an extra 3% attack/cast speed from Necro's subclass.
Share power/frenzy/endurance charges with allies. If your friend generates endurances charges this is good for our survivability, and if they generate frenzy charges, it's good for our shield charge.

POB Links:
Level 90 skill tree

Level 100 skill tree

Ascendancy Priority:
1st - Normal Lab: 2x stat nodes
2nd - Cruel Lab: Passive Point + Necromancer
3rd - Merc Lab: Passive Point + Guardian
4th - Uber Lab: Passive Point + Path of the Witch

If you feel like you need the defence before the offence, you can switch the 2nd and 3rd ascendancies.


The best choice for hardcore players. It adds a tonne of survivability. I'd recommend a tree that looks something like this:
Lvl 100: https://pastebin.com/vb9bGYXk
Lvl 90: https://pastebin.com/mFUwKhw1

Disclaimer: As I don't play hardcore, I haven't tested it. Feel free to change this however you like, or let me know if something could be done better.


*Some notes about why we take certain things on the skill tree.

Starting out of Witch gives a lot of good ES nodes. Even if you started out of Scion, you'd take all these nodes anyway. There's nothing really overly important that starting out of Scion would give us.

We take every mana reservation/aura cluster on the tree, because that's what our build is based on - using as many auras as possible.

We take Whispers of Doom for the extra curse, and then Skittering Runes and Hexmaster for the extra curse effectiveness.

We take Potency to help out with vaal skill duration.

Arcane Vision so we can actually see, especially in dark places. If you're running a lot of well lit outdoor maps, you can opt to not take this.

Zealots Oath to convert health regeneration into ES regeneration. Mandatory for the guardian passive.

Blood Magic. Removes all mana, reserves life instead. We take this and then Mortal Conviction behind it for the 50% less mana reserved, which is massive.
*A thing to note is that hp% nodes aren't totally wasted thanks to the Presence of Chayula amulet.

Elemental Equilibrium - We take this to provide a massive damage boost to our friend. Mainly used to take down single targets or bosses. Use Shield Charge or Vigilant Strike to proc it. Note: if your friend is procc'ing their own EE, you won't need to take this. Also, double check the element your buffing isn't their main element. If they're using all 3 elements, I recommend using the element they deal the least damage with to proc EE, to buff their other 2 elements. Or you could simply not take EE, but that's up to you.

Iron reflexes, converts all evasion into armour. Armour is a much more reliabe way to mitigate incoming physical damage, due the wonky way evasion works in PoE. With the Grace and Determination auras and a few evasion% nodes on the tree, these alone gives us 70%+ physical damage reduction.

4 jewel nodes for our 4 jewels.

Fill out with rest of the tree with ES nodes.

Bandits and Pantheons

Kill all bandits for 2 points.

Major Pantheon
Soul of Arakaali - Upgrade all the way.

5% reduced damage over time helps with degens.
+25% chaos resistance against damage over time is huge.
30% reduced shock effect is a nice bonus.
50% increased recovery of ES if you've stopped taking damage recently is a huge bonus, and instantly recovers 20% of your hp with the guardian passive.

Minor Pantheon
Soul of Shakari

5% reduced chaos damage taken.
25% reduced chaos damage taken over time taken while in a caustic cloud.
Immunity to poison. One less thing to worry about.
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An incredibly well written and in depth guide on aura botting. Can't wait to try this out, thanks!
Nice build Lama :)
Looks very solid. Could, you, please, give a link to the skill tree (not the PoB version)
Thanks for awesome guide! Planning to play with my wander friend this league, could you please advise how to "start" league, leveling aspects in party etc.
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