[3.11] Ice CRASH IT ALL Juggernaut * beginner & budget friendly! tank with high dps!

Polkarou wrote:
what is the purpose of having a ring with herald of ice skill. is that just cheeze added because blood and sand at 10% res, herald of purity at 25% and hatered at 50% leaves nothing for a herald of ice to exist.

It's instead of herald of purity because it was nerfed so people use herld of ice instead
[Removed by SUpport] for the first time in my poe history I can't beat the last trial with this [Removed by Support]. I barely have 10k damage without flasks. but having no damage doesn't bother me, but I only have 4.2k life and maybe around 3k armour. my res are maxxed, but everything melts me. I want a facetank, otherwise I don't see the point playing juggernaut (fucking no damage). I hate to see energy shield [Removed by Support] facetanking sirus a8 beam. Why is my character completely shit?

I got the feeling that all the mage [Removed by Support] and the zombiemancers are about 50milion percent stronger. After some time seeing the video recorded years ago I realise that perhaps I should have just gone necromancer. wtf?

"The Hate continued exactly as before, except that the target had been changed." ~ Orwell, 1984
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I honestly feel like i do nothing with this setup, i've been testing it all day and i can barely kill any boss's and im being deleted instantly im quite saddened anyone able to help.. Really don't want to change everything again invested too much.
@Proxava 10k dmg without flask? you must miss something, but don't get me wrong i feel you on this, but i just killed Sirus and did all trials, but last trial was hard its true.

I have 380k dps in hideout no flask (but power and frenzy charge max with farrul) so around 250k without. Here is my pob with current setup in Harvest (around 10 ex) 1.2 m dps without buff.

==> https://pastebin.com/YvdxqCcF

My first advise would be to remove hrimsorrow, they are useless now, just use spike glove with life , res, attack speed. Get The pandemonius, expensive but worth it, you get blind on all enemy so free 40% dodge (smth like that).

For clear speed i use soulthirst (shame!), for heavy stuff i use Stygian vise with life , res, ele dmg ( life on eye + onslaught or phasing or life regen)

Drop that hybrid flask as well to get smth else. More def or dmg.

Torso is ok but Lorewave / Brassdome / Farruls fur / Good rare with smth special could be much better.

But overall i have to agree, did that build for 4 leagues now and i feel like its never shined like the coc cyclone frostball/vortex Cospri's malice i did i while ago : ( So now i leveled a Necro X'D

GGG why you nerffed dual melee wtf.

Savior is a bit wonky, feels great on boss with icecrash but a bit stupid IA on mapping.

If you have no money try to sell seeds 76+ for 3/ 1c (try to keep the good ones)

Im trying to get this better but i need help from the pros :' )

I saw a sion build on poe.ninja tho, with staff 2h and 11m dps lvl 98 , 7k life could be nice alternative. ( https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/Jisos/Iceion?i=0&search=skill%3DIce-Crash%26sort%3Ddps )

Or this duelist Dual foil pretty good 9m dps ( crazy expensive gear )

I think i will reroll a dueliste and try this one or simply do the same setup with my jug, i would get 6m dps still >_>
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So i changed tree and both a Jewelled Foil 400 dps and im having a blast XD
Jut need to buy better gear to get more jewel and more life dps, should be 6k life at the end.


Is this viable for SSF?

Just dropped these 2 within one hour..I think the game is telling me something

How Does this build fares against uber and Sirus?

Thank you very much for trying to help, but I don't have the money to respec into your build. You have a different skill tree and are using some different expensive items like Faruul (5l = 3exalt) doesn't help.

Can you fix MY BUILD (I followed pretty much everything from the OP's post) that can beat the last labyrinth with ease (like all the other builds I have played so far)? I don't know why I have only 10k damage, that's the issue. I also don't know why I die like nothing.

I am sorry, but showing your expensive build doesn't help, because I simply have no motivation to farm the currency using this crappy character I have right now.

Do you believe it? I had a two-handed version before I respec and inversted into the OP's build that dealt about 30k damage and had more toughness overall believing the description of the OP. Can anybody FIX FIX FIX FIX this for me? I have absolutely no clue what to do. (I have 0 chaos, 0 exalt, and I can't farm anything and I will not invest more time doing so with this). Ideally you tell me: Buy this item for 2c and you have 270k damage.

Citing the OP:

Pro's and Con's
+ Tanky (resistance cap 78%, 6K life, freeze&stun nearly everything, high phy. damage reduction)
+ High dps (about 1,5 - 2,5m shaper dps are possible)
+ Melts bosses
+ Fast movement speed
+ budget & beginner friendly
+ easy and fun playstyle
+ Immune to stun, freeze, chill, temporal chains,...

- elemental reflection map mode can't be done
- clear speed is fast but could be faster

I am not tanky and I am not dealing anywhere to 1m dps.

EDIT: Actually I have 60k dps (without flasks) with my build, but as it is dual-wield, it feels more like 10k dps. Still this is much less than 1m.

Update: I was missing the Pain Forger node, which generates the power charges. Feels a lot smoother now. Having 75k damage now and also feels like about this amount of damage (due to the power charges). I managed to do the last trial (facetanking and flask spamming worked out, but only barely). Any further advice to improve the damage? Surviability? (Yes I threw the gloves for my old ones which give health, yes.)
"The Hate continued exactly as before, except that the target had been changed." ~ Orwell, 1984
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@Proxava well i can do that but what would help is a POB link from you ^^ are you using it? ( the community one preferably )

Why do you say 10k if you have 60k? What is the in game tooltip dps without blood rage/totem/vaal/charges?

Before i respect in the dex sword version (looks expensive but you could make a cheep one, duelist would offer more damage or berserk if you don't want to lvl up again) with doriany's i had a tooltip dps of 100k+ can reach 200k still with rare gear i crafted or both for cheap (starting mapping i spend 1-2ex max)

Its important to get 14-15% attack speed and high ele dmg version like these bellow (selling them in game for 12c each) the rest as well for different prices.

Fixing your build without currency won't be possible as any build. But with the right small investment in the right spot you could start mapping again.

+ High dps (about 1,5 - 2,5m shaper dps are possible) Like the OP post say it POSSIBLE but you need to work for it.

I think it might help you to do some chaos recipe as well if your rly short in money.

These where my stuff before i upgrade with crazy gears (more or less, but nothing crazy as you can see, the soulthirst with life was a normal one ignor that) Cold conduction is free shock, can help for good dmg. Enfeeble ctd can help for mitigation same for vaal molten shell and enduring cry (free potion and phys reduc, they will nerf this pretty sure :'D)

For the rest it important that you understand the build properly. But if it simply don't work out just start over a necro or smth easier , but don't get me wrong min max those build to do Sirus and such will still require some investment as well and there is also room for mistakes.

EDIT Im happy you made it trough! :DD tbh the last trial was hard as well even with ok gears. Feel like a new version with sword and dex would give same tankiness but more dmg early one, but i need to make test for next league.
EDIT2 Unless you go with an other build/weapons/setup you won't get 1m dps tooltip in game (but i do have 2M + savior so -+ time two so 4M in POB), with my current build it shows 340k i coulds get 400k with some changes but not much more unless i change class/weapons class.
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Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it. I still feel betrayed by the OP because compared to other builds, it sucks. I thought Juggernaut is facetanking everything, but nope.

Here is my POB: https://pastebin.com/Zf0wLvd6

I will try to make this build to farm enough currency to build something strong like a necro.

Yes, my tooltip is about 75k rightnow, without buffs like bloodrage or flasks, but with aura and blood stance. I also think an abyss belt is far to expensive. But what kind of abyss jewel you sock in?

The Cold conduction sounds interesting, will try that out, but costs 20c at least.

Devoto's looks great, trying to figure out a way to fix my rezz, jewels are possible, sure, but need passive points.

"For the rest it important that you understand the build properly." Would really like to do this, but I read all the thread and pob, but didn't help.

edit: still working through your tips, thank you, will tell you later what I think and how I improved
"The Hate continued exactly as before, except that the target had been changed." ~ Orwell, 1984
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