[3.5] FACETANK THE WORLD | Instant Leech! 8k+ life, 2.5m+ Shaper DPS Double Strike

The build is pretty viable.

Red elder was easier and faster than ever before.


At the beginning of the fight there were some weird problems with double strike not targeting elder.
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Hey PsychicMuffin, please update your guide.
Hey Guys.
I still use the 3.9 viable Impale Double Strike Duellist Champion from Path of Exile Buildings.
Link here: https://www.poebuilds.net/dueds

Lvl95 now. Gems nearly completly leveled.

I used to use 1 Bloodseeker and 1 very good rare Claw.
Haemophilia Gloves, all other Stuff is crafted.

The Skilltree is like the one from that original Guide.

I know this all is perhaps a bit outdated? donno.
Sometimes i feel a bit week, depending wich Map Mod is working.

Are there some real good Improvements i can do in Gear or Tree?

Would be happy if there are some comments.
Thank you

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