[3.5] Ele Thickk - Super Tanky Ele Hit - Uber Elder Deathless -No Xoph's -No Frostferno - Videos Up

do mights of the meek and unnatural instinct not work well with this build?
Hi guys,

first of all sry for my bad english, its not my mother tongue.

After reading a lot here from people telling that the nerfs to the jewels and chin sol made this build weak, I had to write something becasue I think thats completly wrong. I played that build my third league in a row, and to tell you the truth, its still nearly as strong as it was like 8 months ago.

All T16 maps, guardians, uberelder, uberatziri, darkdelving at arround 400-500. Its all easy for this build. Do you have to min-max a little bit, off course, but even if you only have a one socket tombfist and play with a unique helmet and two unique rings instead of hyper expensive rares, its still like it was - look at my char or pastepin.

Why ? Because you dont use Chin Sol anymore !

Since DELVE crafting came into the game, its rly easy to craft a bow that performs like chin sol, but you dont have to weapon swap for single target. Only if you want an +2 support gem bow and playing with empower 4 to get like 5-10% more single target damage, a swap would be neccesary. But if you dont want to do that, like me, dont do it. Make 1 good bow to rule them all, and only swap in empower 4 or even fire penetration in one of your white sockets instead of GMP or LMP.

I will post a pastepin for you guys from my last leagues (betrayal) char.


I played with devotos and taming, nothing special there. No problem to get 8k+ life at arround lvl 90 to 92. No unnatural instinct or might of the meek shenanigans, only the OP.s tree, nothing else.

I dont have checked the shock in my pastepin, and I dont calculate the mirror archer, and still am able to achive arround 1.2 million Shaper DPS. So where is this weak compared to 8 months ago ? Calculate the mirror archer with like 1.4 mulitplier and maybe 20% more for the shock and we are talking at arround 1.9 million dps.

The nerfs to "overleech" will hurt the survivabilty of this build for sure, deep dark delves will get harder, and if you dont kill things for more then 3 seconds your leech will be gone and blood rage will take its toll, but lets be truth, it was way to easy like it was, and the slayer asscendent needed a nerf.

Wish you all the best for next league, and yes this build is still more then viable for doing all content with like never loosing xp because of deaths.


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