[3.5] Ele Thickk - Super Tanky Ele Hit - Uber Elder Deathless -No Xoph's -No Frostferno - Videos Up

Yeah same question

What is better nowadays for Single Target? Chin Sol or +3 bow?
PetuSchokk wrote:
Yeah same question

What is better nowadays for Single Target? Chin Sol or +3 bow?
I ran some numbers on my character and a Chin Sol is about 11% more dps than a plain +3 thicket bow with 13% attack speed. However my bow is 18% more dps than chin sol without including the attack speed bonus while near unique and rare enemies.

This build feels weak for the currency investment needed. It feels like it took a really rough hit from the nerfs. To get really nice dps it feels like you need to min max super hard.
hey everyone, just wondering what kind of enchantments you'd want for this build?

Hey guys, I've had my eyes on this build for some time and finally got around to try it myself. I recommended the build to a friend pre chin sol and ele hit jewel nerfs and it worked out amazing back then. The reason for this post it to shed some light on what the nerfs to ele hit jewels and chin sol has meant for this particular build.

My items are linked above. Crafted helm, rare weap and belt myself. Sitting on 7.9k hp. My damage with configurations ticked WITHOUT shocked (even though we shock with yoke)is around 684k shaper dps. Now I'll compare my current dps to pre-nerf chin sol and elmental hit jewels, which is done by making a 100% more dmg chin sol and remove the 50% less modifiers on the ele hit jewels. I would do 1.2m shaper dps. You can replicate the calculations with my PoB: https://pastebin.com/EQNzFVE8 . (Remember mirage archer is around shaper dps multiplied by 1.4)

The intent of this post is to inform people of the nerfs that Chin Sol and Elemental Hit received and what it means in numbers. From what I can tell, OP hasn't been able to cover these nerfs. The PoB links still use legacy chin sol and ele hit jewels, so new people who want to try this out would be mislead if they wanted same damage. The nerfs are pretty legit when it comes to endgame bossing. Mapping is pretty much unaffected because we still oneshot everything.
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Is Point Blank drill neck still a good quiver for bossing? Thanks
Yoke of suffering is 3.4 ex, might as well use xophs blood. what are people using before they get that?
Will my old Molten Strike belt still work for this build?

IGN: Dundada
Thats an awesome belt for ele hit! Have fun using it
I'd like to thank for this build guide, done 3 deathless uber elders in a row now (6 kills total). First league ever I try bossing after playing aurabot mostly.

My gear isn't that great but all content is a breeze. Can facetank guardians and elder guardians even with some damage mods.
Most fun bow build I have ever played.


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