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Hello fellow exiles!

So, though my account is quite old, I started playing PoE regularly just a few days ago. As soon as I was getting familiarized with the game, I've noticed something that really upseted me: the stash tabs. There are only 4 of them, and I'm pretty sure that latter in the game there will be need of more of them. I've watched a few videos about stash tabs and I've realized that sooner or later stash tabs will be a need for the accomplished PoE player.

With that in mind, I've decided to buy a High Council Supporter pack that earned me 550 points. The point is: how should I spend these points? Keep in mind that I'm not interested in cosmetics atm. I just want to spend it in useful resources for the game, in other words, stash tabs.

I was wondering buying the following:

1 premium stash tab bundle (200 pts)
1 stash tab bundle (150 pts)
1 essence stash bundle (40 pts)
1 fragment stash bundle (75 pts)
1 currency stash tab (75 pts)

Remaining Points: 10

I'd like to have also a map stash tab and a divination stash tab but as you can see, I am lacking of points for the deal. There would be needed 190 extra points for that.

So, should I wait for a promo to spend my points? Do they occur frequently?
Should I buy a First Blood Pack instead?
Any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot ppl!
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Stash Tab sales occur regularly every three weeks. Unless you need the tabs right now, I would definitely wait.

As far as which ones to get, just my opinion in terms of how useful they are:

- Don't get the regular (non-premium) tabs. They are almost useless and the premium tabs are not that much more expensive. Even just the inability to rename them is a deal-breaker for me.

- Definitely get the currency and map tabs. Those two are, by far, the most useful and well worth the money.

- I would skip the fragment tab unless you really really need it. An average player will not need to keep around more fragments than fit in a regular tab with room to spare. The fragment tab is only worth it if you're heavily farming endgame bosses and you want to store the fragments in bulk.

- Divination tab is kinda eh. Some people swear by it; I personally don't see much point. I've never had more distinct cards than fit in a regular tab. I guess it's good if you're too lazy to turn them in too often.

- Essence tab is neat if you like being organized. Again, you can comfortably store essences in a regular tab. But having them automatically organized by type and tier makes looking for ones you need much, much easier.

- Quad tabs are really more of a personal preference. They are a tiny bit cheaper than four premium tabs, and a tiny bit more expensive than 4/6th of a premium tab bundle. Good if you want to just toss all of your junk in a big pile, bad for being organized. I also find the small items a bit too difficult to see; so think about whether this would be an issue for you.

So, personally, I would rank the tabs in order of usefulness/value:

One premium tab or premium tab bundle (to facilitate trading)
^--- up to here I would consider "necessary" for comfortable gameplay.
As many premium tabs as you need to store your stuff
More premium tabs/Quad tabs
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Welcome to Wraeclast, friend! Hope you’ve been enjoying your time here.

So here’s the advice I would give;

  • There is a Watchlist.
    • Add things to it fairly liberally. You’re not making a commitment to purchase them.
    • Add a single type of stash tab to your Watchlist. They all go on sale every three weeks; adding more than one will just flood your inbox with near-duplicate messages.
    • Check which type of Watchlist Notifications are enabled. If you plan to rely on e-mail notifications, make sure you have an e-mail account associated with your Path of Exile account. People who have only played through Steam typically do not.
  • Stash tabs are expensive; don’t rush into a decision.
    • Only buy them (and everything else) while they are on sale.
    • I don’t think you need to buy two bundles at once. Buy a Premium one the first time the sale comes around, then make a more informed choice about whether you would like your next bundle to be Premium or not. I’d lean towards one of each type, personally.
    • I’ve never seen someone claim they regret buying the Currency Tab. It’s probably the best example of specialized tabs. It offers a clean UI and generous storage.
  • If you’re interested in what are little more than personal preferences...
    • The Map Tab is great at organizing Maps, however a Quad Tab offers superior search functionality. I’d suggest buying a Quad Tab and seeing if you like using it for Maps - if not, it can be repurposed and you can buy a Map Tab in the subsequent sale. Personally I have a “bin” Quad Tab which I dump items into while mapping, then I later sort through it and move items into various other Premium Tabs. Works for me, but YMMV. I’d suggest buying one Quad Tab with the plan to later buy either a second one, or a Map Tab. See how it goes!
    • The Essence Tab is of dubious value; buy it for the pretty UI, not the space. Essences aren’t so common that this would be a better deal than a regular tab which you can place other items in - and which costs less, too. It’s a ‘nice to have’, but not essential.
    • The Divination Tab is much the same as the Essence Tab. Nice UI; from a storage standpoint the value isn’t great. I wouldn’t spend points from my first / only supporter pack on these.
    • I do not recommend the Fragments Tab.

Please understand that much of the above is subjective.
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regarding the tab type to buy, please note there is a upgrade path from normal tabs to premium but none for quads (which have premium tab functionality).

personally i really like a quad for just dumping items in it to evaluate them later on. many people have problems with the smaller item size once you placed items in it but the handling is ok for me once i got used to it.
I have a couple quad tabs that I use for quality gems and jewels but I find them too hard to use for most things. It's hard to drop things where you want them and hard to remove things because everything is small so I don't use them for chaos recipe or just item dump. But that's just me. Some people love them.

I agree with the advice above. The special tabs Ithink I couldn't live without are the currency and map tabs. I also have other specialty tabs too. I like the div card one because you can filter by full sets and they can stack to 5000. I don’t redeem some cards until I need them because one slot is smaller than the size of the item I'd have to store. The essence tab is nice but you don't find all that many essences so it's a luxury. The fragment tab is borderline useless for me. But it's slightly better than using a normal tab since you can stack sacrifice pieces and offerings there that don’t stack in a normal tab.

If you want to pinch pennies, I'd say get a bundle or two of regular tabs and upgrade one or two to premium just for trading. You don’t really need to name the tabs until you get more than that. On stash sale weekends, the normal tab price plus the upgrade price is the same cost as getting a premium tab. So in the future you still would have the option to upgrade more of your tabs. It just would distribute the cost over a longer period.
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Pref order:

1 Currency tab
As many Premium Stash tabs as necessary for trading (pref 4; DO NOT GET A QUAD TAB IF YOU VALUE YOUR EYES.)
1 Divination/Card tab
1 Essence tab
More premium tabs, as necessary to hold all of your stuff (regular if you don't want to trade with these tabs for the time being.)

Time's up.

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