[3.12] Elemental Hit Ascendant [All Content]

Good question. Its pain in the brain to level this in a new league, so its not a starter I guess. There is not enough dmg nods for bows on the left (none) and you'll have to farm for the two Combat Focus jewels. Died so many times and switched to RoA cause with non of the Combat jewels you deal only fire dmg at a random rate. Had to respec later, i guess at the end will worth the trouble.
Yeah I'm doing grouped self found with two friends and it's a rough start to say the least. Didn't really think too much about the jewels just heard that Elemental Hit was OP and went for it.

Maybe I'll just reroll.
The best elemental version i had tried so far...

i did a few changes on the Inc Race and manage to do uber elder deathless on first week of race


hope u enjoy my video

all the best and keep the hard work

By: SpinStorm
One of the most satisfying builds I've played so far...not even past act 5 yet and at 44 my sheet dps is 10k with GMP and 6k single target at work now but will post my items once I get home. I am running a legacy crude bow(cant remember name, but it has +1 to gems and +2 to bow gems). Definately see huge potential with this build.

This is what I am currently running and the encroaching darkness 2 abyss socket belt and a corrupted +1 tabula rasa. Damage is amazing sitting at about 1900 hp so not too terrible there as well.
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Nice build!
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hi, made a duelist/slayer with exact same tree, the build is definitely sound, and also fun to play with.

Using kaoms roots, could get uber elder down, though not deathless, it took 2nd set and 4 ports, i'm bad at this one. No frostferno/+6/+8 or mirror tier items, just 21/20 gems with yoke, ctob and pyre

Any news ggg will nerf elehit next league? lol

3.4 patch notes are out,
"Combat Focus now causes Elemental Hit to deal 50% less damage of the prevented element, including damage that gets converted from the prevented element to a new element. This affects all existing versions of the jewel."

so now, something like 1+0.9*(1+0.9) becomes 1+0.9*(0.5+0.5*0.9),
elehit will probably lose slightly less than 1/3 of current damage.

Just tried uber elder using 18/20 elehit on 1st bow swapping w/5l chin-sol (21/20 elehit, taking out dmg on full life gem), still could clear that fight, though not deathless again.

The build still can farm uber elder for 3mod watchers eye on 3.4 sc, i guess.
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ele hit dead now?
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Try it this league
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I would assume it's a FAQ, but can this be used as a league starter in Delve? I didn't have the chance to try out Ele hit in Incursion, but now can be the time :)
If u want to do this build as a league starter, u're probably looking at the the cotb ring and 2 combat focus jewels before anything else, i'm quite sure they wont be cheap the first week.

maybe its better to level up as caustic arrow build or whatever to farm some currency and clear some labs. U need to respec the build if u're using scion anyway.

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