Streamer Interview - Havoc616

In PoE the server tracks which reached high lvl till capped one 100, but there is other platforms linked with officially with PoE which same business GGG cant scan, so this means, that Havoc wasnt the 1st to reach lvl 100 in game, leaving apart the exploits till now working and GGG dsnt have any notice of it.

He is 25 ?. Then pls seek for a work cos donations from a non professional job (called gamer) dsnt benefit when tax agency we're speaking and other type of tax involved in a country.
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Havoc is badass dude
Wasn't Baker who hit lvl 100 first? Or you mean in 1.0.0 and above only?
The one and only LEGEND HAVOC!!! Thanks for sharing this interview. Very nice read.

Much love!
he got a ---->>>> EE degree? :D

WAIT elemental Equilibrium Degree lulz!

PoE on school ! Omegalul heheheheeh
Knowledge is power. Guard it well ,Blood Ravens.
Kapow Dude. Havoc is such a great guy, always friendly, and then he is good looking aswell! KappaPride
Oh, and he is also pretty good at PoE!
Havoc is overall the most prolific and likeable member of the community, he is the goat. I loved the interview just like all the community content he puts out.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
The major project I'm taking part in at the moment is organizing, administrating, hosting & casting the community races

GGG, may be its not a bad idea to let people create their own races? And by that I mean real private races with invitational link or smth.
For example, someone opens up a spetial race registration form on the website, chooses the race type, race time, etc., clicks "register" and gets an invitational link. Everybody who opens this link would have the opportunity to join the race in the game.
I think you have 99% of this functions implemented already. And I hope this won't require a lot of server performance.

P.S. its just an idea, my thoughts. I think a lot of people would like to compete with their friends in private races :)
Love the racing content. This is pure entertainment and should be heavily supported by Tencent/GGG imo

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