Streamer Interview - Havoc616

Havoc has the best voice.
Monkey see monkey do ! I subscribed cant wait to watch next race live till then I see theres many to be watched ! Thank You an GGG almost 5 years now an I still love the game !!!
Bex wrote:
There are many new streamers looking to make their way in the Path of Exile community. What advice do you have for them?

true answer is : "buy a viewer bot and get above the others" but whatever...
who is this kripparrian guy he is talking about?
I've been playing way too long. If there is a like button for this post, please bump. Would love a bex like button too. See you next time!

GGG please have that included as micro transaction - every time you die the voice pops out - see you next time. hahahahah!

More power to Havoc616!!!

:AOE expert
Simply the best :-)
Please do audiobooks! We love your voice!


HvR the legend xD
it's always fascinating to see passion, love of the game, 24+ hours long sessions when for me poe is just a rage dump/fighting addiction/psychology analysis thing...........

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