[3.4] Bow Fire Elemental Hit Juggernaut | Endgame | HC Viable

3.4 Update: We lost ~30% of damage, my map clear setup which was a bit over 100k is now a little over 70k. So the build is still strong and very viable.

Seems crit version is better to do now coz of overall damage nerf.

My Delve League build---Crit version with Blood Magic




Build is focused on fire damage of elemental hit using Avatar of fire & 2 Combat focus jewels.

Things to know before choosing this vs Ranger

1. Given equal investment the damage is somewhat at par with a ranger variant but it lacks the attack/move speed so might fall behind.

2. We may lack speed but gain immense tankiness that a ranger can only dream of.

Hideout Tooltip DPS with 4 linked Frostferno (Ele damage with attacks + Slower Proj + Combustion)


Before I go further, I must mention that there are some key items required without which the build will fall apart.

The 2 combat focus jewels are a must have, without these this build can't or would be something different.

Frostferno is another item that I would highly recommend but the build can work fine without it too.


I have two variants of the build.

1. A crit version which uses a Lioneye's Fall jewel. This variant is not cheap simply coz of the jewel cost. If you are doing this on budget go with the non crit version.

2. The non crit version utilizes Elemental Overload which sync's perfectly with the Undeniable node of Juggernaut Ascendancy. This one is also more tanky as you get to put in the crit nodes into life/armour.

Both require either a Frostferno with atleast 1 white socket(for easier gem swap) or your preferred bow with 5 links.


Lvl 95

Both versions are with kill all bandits to gain 2 extra skill points

Crit Version

Non-Crit Version

Non-Crit - Blood Magic Version
[Cannot run Aura's--Best for HC or if you have Mana Issues]

Ascendancy Path

Normal - Unflinching
Cruel - Undeniable
Merciless - Unbreakable
Uber - Unrelenting or Unstoppable

Crit - https://pastebin.com/snCzNT7t

Non-Crit - https://pastebin.com/sz7NtS05

My Current Character - https://pastebin.com/0ykSkNRi

Capping Resistances & required stats

1. Use belt, 1 ring & boots or gloves to cap your resistances

2. We lack close to 50 dexterity with our tree to equip 212 dex bows. So best to stack it on one of the above items or jewels.


I highly recommend Frostferno as it gives us an OP Cold-Fire gem and the +to level.

If you can't manage one then a 5 link bow is what you need.


Recommended is Kaom's Heart but budget option would be Loreweave. Loreweave provides better defenses and damage over Kaom's but you lose 1-2k total HP.


One of the above unique if your resis are capped or a rare Gripped Base with required stats
1. life
2. Resis
3. Attack Speed

Double Abyss Tombfist is best in slot in my opinion as it gives life/attack speed and Intimidate/maim.


Once again any rare with required stats
If your resis are capped then go for Bubonic Trail to gain more damage via abyss jewels.

You can also use Voidwaker or Deaths Door.

Enchant on boots "Regenerate #% life & mana if recently hit" is highly recommended


Xoph's is great for damage, extra life & also save's us 2 skill points but due it's high price I recommend a Yoke of suffering which gives us tons of others stats plus the capability to shock.


Call of brotherhood is recommended to boost dps.

Taming is a perfect choice if looking for a unique ring as it gives us resis & damage bonus.

Pyre works great too, can remove cold-fire gem if you plan to use it.

Koam's way is another great unique ring you can use but it lacks any stat boosts.

A rare ring with life/resis/stats and elemental damage can be used too, Taming is in no way required.


A Stygian Vise with required stats


These can be used for both leveling and late game

But for end game look for a rare with

1. Pierce an additional target/Additional Arrow
2. Attack speed
3. Elemental Damage/Projectile Damage
4. Life or any other stats you require
5. If going with the crit version then crit chance/multi should be preferred before life/other stats.


My choice is to either go with Quill rain or Xoph for map clear

Quill lacks damage but makes up with attack speed. Xoph's ignite radius can clear full screen mobs provided they are stacked together.

For Single Target Chin Sol is the best.

Other Bows you can use


Only If you prefer to use frostferno and use a rare bow.
For Crit Version go with the Harbinger Base and for Non Crit go with an Imperial Base

1. Attack Speed
2. Ele Penetration
3. Double Damage/Culling Strike
4. Elemental Damage with attacks
5. Crit Multi/Chance for Crit version
6. Increased attack speed if killed recently for faster map clear


Ele Hit + Elemental damage with attacks + Mirage Archer + GMP + Cold-Fire

If using Frostferno/Pyre drop Cold-Fire

For single Target switch GMP & Mirage Archer - Combustion + Fire Pen/Inc Crit/Slower Projectiles

A standard setup with single target gems in frosferno & maps clear in a 5 link bow can also be done for ease.

Boots or Gloves

CWDT + Immortal call + Inc Duration

Herald of Ash + Haste/Anger + Enlighten

Other Support

Movement skill : Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks + Culling Strike[Not Necessary]

Blood Rage: Manual Cast to gain Frenzy charges as you map clear.
Warcry: Enduring cry - To generate Endurance charges

Golem: Ice for crit, Flame/Stone for damage/defence


My tree gives 4-5 jewel sockets out of which 2-3 are reserved for unique jewels depending upon the crit/non-crit variant.

The combat focus jewels as mentioned at start are the base of this build

Lion eye's Jewel position is right above resolute technique, I am using this to gain more crit chance via the melee nodes.

Rare Jewels preferred stats

1. Life
2. Projectile Damage
3. Attack Speed
3. Crit Chance/Multi if going crit version

Abyss Jewels preferred stats

1. Life
2. Fire damage to attacks/bow attacks
3. Armour
4. Crit/Chance multi for crit version
5. Any other stats/resis you require.


No unique flask provides us anything significant that it can become important. So use normal setup of
1. 1-2 Life flask with instant recovery
2. A Diamond flask for crit chance if going crit version
3. A quicksilver flask
4. A defense flask like basalt.

Bleed/Freeze other stat remove mods should be added to your flask setup

If you must use a unique flask then go for Rumi's for Defence & Dying sun for map clear.
Another great unique flask which works with all ele damage builds is Wise Oak, can give boost to both damage & defense provided you tweak your resistances accordingly.

If you have Mana issues early on, use Divination Distillate. Doedre's Elixir can be used to self damage when starting boss fights to get our endurance charges rolling.

Soul of Arakaali
Soul of Gruthkul/Tukohama


Might upload more as I get time

VS Chimera
A lazy kill but just to show how build performs

Shaper Kill

Skipped some parts with no action to make it shorter. Unedited final phase.

3.4 Early League Showcase
In a Chimera Map
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How do you survive in endgame?...Wheres the leech of life coming from?. Can you do uber elder with this build?
Last edited by yissus on Jul 9, 2018, 11:37:53 PM
yissus wrote:
How do you survive in endgame?...Wheres the leech of life coming from?. Can you do uber elder with this build?

1. High Regen/life
2. 6 Endurance charges and good generation of them to keep immortal call working.
3. I have taken vitality void to keep up with life leech.
4. Nearly 50% phys reduction from Armour and other damage reduction benefits from ascendancy.

Upto T15 maps, even heavily modded are very smooth. I haven't done uber elder with this build yet but red elder was a breeze.
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What's your ascendancy path?
Dexlaz wrote:
What's your ascendancy path?

Thx for bringing that up, it has been added to the guide

Normal - Unflinching
Cruel - Undeniable
Merciless - Unbreakable
Uber - Unrelenting or Unstoppable
Did you level this with a bow too? I guess Quill Rain would be great to level this build with since its Ele Hit?

Thinking of running this in HC
mirthfulnga wrote:
Did you level this with a bow too? I guess Quill Rain would be great to level this build with since its Ele Hit?

Thinking of running this in HC

I switched to ele-hit only when I could equip frostferno i.e 60, but you could level however you like.
When to take Unstoppable and when Unrelenting? And what did you choose and why?
Dexlaz wrote:
When to take Unstoppable and when Unrelenting? And what did you choose and why?

It mostly depends upon playstyle and perhaps even SC/HC. Unstoppable should be taken if you gonna focus on fast map clears only.

While as Unrelenting helps us further in tanking damage. I think Unrelenting is a superior choice, I went with the same simply coz I prefer damage endurance more than fast clears.
Looks nice and somewhat simple, even affordable.

One question: what is the point of CtF gem? I must be missing something here.
"it gives us an OP Cold-Fire gem"
I mean, it's a good gem, but in THAT build you can't do cold damage at all, and you don't have any base cold damage, so you convert nothing, and you get no bonus fire damage from cold base.
How does CtF work here?

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