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Again going to ask: which psectre for this new event/season SO or new spectres from ultimatum mobs trials ?
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Thanks for the update, I just recpeced to spectres. Is there some trick keeping your minions alive? My spectres and golem die pretty fast in T10 ultimatums.
kayella wrote:
What is up with the new mob Trial Galecaller

There is also Windcasher. Seems same with extra attack skill.


It's interesting... compared to Redemption Sentry:

150% base damage mod.

Main attack:
Fires 2 additional Projectiles
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage

100% base damage mod.

Main attac:
75% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage
Deals 200% more Damage
Deals 25% less Attack Damage

Isn't Galecaller 136% base damage and RS 150%?
Nrgy_Erezya wrote:
Hello o/

I play the summon spiders and i'll say thank you for that ! But I have a little problem : my spiders can spawn at 100% when I kill a monster with "blade vortex" (launch with trigger a socketed spell on my weapon). I take the syndicate operative in order to kill monster with they poison, but its not working they can't kill.

If someone can save me because is so frustrated ^_^

Edit : (Syndicate Operative cannot kill monstrer since I take Triad Grip Mesh Gloves with 4 green sockets)

You or spiders has to kill the monsters, other minions cant due to the interaction with speakers wreath head piece and the whole reason to use it.

From the key mechanics for the spider build
2. Speaker’s wreath & spider’s poison
Speaker’s wreath blocks your spectres and spiders from killing monsters with hits, because they cannot ignite the monsters.
This means all monsters will die from spider’s poison.
And any kill from a minion’s poison will count as a player kill.
Can anyone share Syndicate operatives ??


to switch to SO, do you need clusters?
can someone help me check why im so weak? i have trouble with tier 6 ultimatum at lvl 93 thats not right.. also my SO's have 4x less dps than the given pob

my pob: https://pastebin.com/LhD1GXqg
So I am currently working through the "upgrade after league start" list. I have 4 spectres with the starter build. Thinking of getting Devouring Diadem.
1. How do we allocate our gems with Devouring Diadem, kinda full on slots right now?
2. Since I barely know how clusters work, I skipped that step for now. But since we basicly remove minion damage for increases in auras, just how big dmg increase do we get? I cant really put my finger on it with my limited knowledge.
Whats an easy to get spectre for starting out all these you show us look hard to get
If you join channel 6666 people give away any spectres you need there.

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