[3.5] Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor (Uber Atziri Viable)

Thanks for taking the time to look everything over. I've made some adjustments and my gems have all just procd level 20 so Im seeing some more damage.
Hey, i see you you removed this guide from the list, it means its bueno, not viable anymore? maybe you will update it or nah?
Last edited by hwan on Mar 7, 2019, 8:10:21 AM
Even if not updated for 3.6 and Witch seems to be the go to now, tried this build for 3.6 and works like a charm so far, just lvl 84 since I'm kinda new to the game but enjoying it!

Getting the two rings sure works wonders ^^

Thanks for the build.
Last edited by Zaitar on Mar 27, 2019, 10:07:57 PM
Is this build and items available for synthesis on ps4?
Please someone make a new skill tree. I tried to open the one that is here, but it has empty places in the tree.
Just wanted to say thanks for the build, OP! Doing this in legion and holy ballsack its amazing, clears everything with 1 Vaal Arc, feels really good for mapping and who doesnt love inpulsa explosions :)

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