[3.3] Mjölnir 71Quant Full MF Shield Charge

I always admired the autobomber style of play, but it had so much requirements to start the character.

So, I tried with the new arc and Mjölnir and came up with a tree to cope with all MF gears.

This is my first build guide so it may be rough.

If you have any questions, post a reply on it. I will try to answer best I can

For Pastebin of my current char

Disregard the reduced mana node I took next to Sanctity, I took it because I needed 1100+ mana.
I will respec once I upgrade my amulet.
Very versatile that build can adapt to what you have.


Not bow/wand magic find.
Fully IIQ gears for maximum loot.
Semi-budget start.
One button kill all with maximum speed.
Really Fast!


Weak single target
with or without MF, damage is about the same (about 60~70% more damage without MF gears) So no endgame bossing, maybe shaper, but def not uber elder.


T11 Waterways without HeadHunter

T13 Malformation with HeadHunter

0. Build concept

We shield charge in, hit a pack, arc chains out, most of them die, left overs die from inpulsa explosion.
For narrow spots, throw a ST and have a feeling of mighty Thor.
For single target, use vaal ST right at the boss and run around within arc range to hit them, or
just keep throwing regular ST at them, it's not the best, but works upto T16 elder maps(not guardians).

1. Passives

This is the barebone of skill tree. These are the crucial part of passives.
They are 78 points. They provide 360str and 305 int for the weapon.
You should focus these nodes first.


On the 1 Jewel socket right below, use pure talent.

For End game skill tree, it should look like this


+1 power charge on the right and the arcane potency on the top left are the least priorities.
Get them as late as possible probably at 95+

Bandits: Alira
Pantheon: up to you, but I use Brine King Major and Garukhan Minor
Ascendancy: Assassin -> Path of Shadow -> Elementalist

Reason for choosing Ascendant over Elementalist
It takes a bit more investment on stats and res as elementalist.
Also, to get ele reflect immune, I have to give up on either 25% lightning pen, or 20%+ more damage with shock which I didn't want.
For shocking things, +0.6 spell crit from gloves, +1 crit from scion-assassin, +0.5 spell crit from pure talent, I can reach 42~48% crit on arc easily, and with assassin's mark and diamond flask, I get 82% effective crit.
Even if arc doesn't crit, 25% chance to shock (20% arc and elementalist passive node(the one near templar)) I have 86.5% to shock enemy in general, so conflux is unnecessary.

2. Gear


This is the build defining piece

If you can afford it,

try to get a onslaught for 4 seconds on kill corruption on it.
The attack speed corruption is just a good bonus if you can afford it, but it is expensive.


Lycosidae provides 100% hit chance so it makes the game play much more reliable and is a best in slot.

If you are lacking a bit of damage

Esh's Mirror provides a enough damage boosts to help you kill some high HP targets,
if you pair this with Vaal Breach, you single target becomes pretty nice.

Sentari's Answer provides extra 8% quant which helps out with the loot.

With Esh's Mirror and Sentari's Answer, you are going to suffer from the accuracy, so may need to
use additional accuracy for the attack links

Body Armour

You just need an inpulsa to start with, only 3 link is fine.
Try to get high increased damage if you have shocked an enemy recently and 10% shock explosion damage


You can use either of these.
Starkonja provides a bit more health and damage
Devoto's provides more speed and some chaos res.

Arc extra chain enchant helps with damage and clear speed so get it if you can afford one.


You want Sadima's Touch with 16% increased quantity.
For corruption +% to Spell Crit is really nice, and currently it's not that expensive.


GoldWyrm with 20% Quant is the best.
Possible good enchants are
Attack and cast speed if killed recently
Movement speed if not hit recently
Adds Lightning damage to attacks if not killed recently (for single target)


Bisco's leash provides up to 35 strength and some cold res and quant so pretty good.
However, you will need 17 strength from somewhere else to fill the Mjolnir's need either in Jewel or Amulet.

Best in slot is

with at least 52 strength.

With just a HH, you can fill up the remaining 52 strength for Mjolnir which makes it best in slot if you have it.

Another option is a rare belt with
52+ Strength
70+ elemental resistances
Strength is important because we need it to meet the Mjolnir requirements.
Resistance helps out with the ventor shopping.


You want ventors to fill your resistances.

Try to find 4%+ quant ventor's with high resistances you can get.
You can upgrade them later once you accumulated enough wealth.

If you are on a budget, try to get a regular rings with high life and resistances as possible

But, be cautious and try to keep Lightning resistances as high as possible for our Wise Oak.


You want the Shaped Quant amulet with some life and resistance

You can use Bisco's Collar as well but may require some stats and resistances from jewels

Rare amulet with
Strength if needed
Missing Resistances
some life

is enough to get started.


For Atziri's Promise, try to get high elemental to chaos
For Diamond flask, you want the freeze immunity to get to going fast
For Quicksilver flask, you want of adrenaline with 30% movement speed.
Quicksilver can be replaced by Rotgut if you want a more cheaper quick option.


Pure Talent is a MUST jewel since we benefit from Scion, Templar, and Assassin
Desired corruptions are,
global critical strike chance
increased Damage
Cannot be Silenced
Corrupting blood cannot be inflicted on you
Cannot be Maimed
Cannot be Hindered

You want a watcher's eye with some wrath mod
Best one is (70-100)% increased critical strike chances while affected by Wrath.
Vitality is life gain on hit is nice and can help our life capped during the mapping but having both
Wrath and Vitality with Herald of Thunder may be costly.

For rare Jewels, you want
2 damage mod and 1 life mod another slot can be used to fill some strength or resistances.

On budget, try to get % increased maximum life and missing Strength and Resistances first to smooth out the mapping process.
We have 6 free jewel slots so there will be always a room for improvenet.

My Current Gear

3. Skills

In Mjolnir:
Arc - Added Lightning Damage - Lightning Penetration

We use added lightning damage instead of controlled destruction because we want as much crit chance as possible to apply shocks reliably

Wrath - {Aura of Watcher's Eye or Herald of Ice or Ash} - Enlighten

I had Vitality on my Watcher's eye so I am using that to help my survival, but if not use Herald of Ice or Ash for some visual effects. It's totally fine to not use anything else, and you won't need the Enlighten.

Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Enhance

You actually want higher quality on Herald of Thunder because the quality bonus on Herald of Thunder is global, which benefits our Arc damage.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - {Culling Strike / Additional Accuracy}

You want the Culling Strike with quality since it provides more attack speed
If you are not using Lycosidae, use Additional Accuracy gem to get more reliable shield charge procs

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Summon Ice Golem - Blood Rage

Use lv1 or lv2 CWDT. Ice Golem is there to boost our crit chance and accuracy.
If you are using a HH, don't use Blood Rage since getting ES from mobs can screw you up.

Vaal Spectral Throw - Faster Attacks - {Culling Strikes / Additional Accuracy} - [optional]Faster Projectile - [optional]Innervate

You only need a 3 links to start. Faster projectile lets your ST travel further which provides a bit to quality of life. Innervate is also a bonus damage if you can proc it with the culling strikes.
Again, if you are not using a Lycosidae, use Additional Accuracy instead of Culling Strikes

Alternative single target could be
Charged dash - Cast While Channeling - Arc - Lightning Penetration - Elemental Focus - [Innervate/Added Lightning Damage]

This set up does more damage but requires more links. For rare pack clearing, ST seems to do better job.

4. Maps

You can do almost all map mods even the reflect since we take Elementalist node.
Only hard mod is Cannot regen life and mana which require some gimmick with Praxis ring and 2 link shield charge [SC - Fortify] for whole mapping process.

With my current gear, I can do T16 Elder Underground Sea no problem.
Normal and Magic packs still get 1 shot, but rare mobs takes couple seconds to kill.
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looks awesome would love to try this out!

thanks for the guide
gonna make scion now lol

got a leveling guide?
would love to see how fast it gems with hh
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In speed, bisco's leash can compete with HH.
HH becomes good once you get couple faster attack and movement speed auras.

I will try to record some good footage with HH on and update the videos tab
nice thanks man,

what did you use to level up?
For leveling, I used Poet's Pen VD set up till lv 70 and kitava kill.

But honestly, I would suggest just do arc trap build with some spell damage nodes on tree for QoL.

After around lv75, just respec into Mjolnir
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SisterHell wrote:
For leveling, I used Poet's Pen VD set up till lv 70 and kitava kill.

But honestly, I would suggest just do arc trap build with some spell damage nodes on tree for QoL.

After around lv75, just respec into Mjolnir

got it tyty
What ascend u take?

What ascend u take?

Assassin and the path of shadow first
Then elementalist

do you think this would also work for a Shadow? Got a spare Shadow char I could respec ^^ It is not too different.. The rings and some Jewels are not added in this preview, since I'm not home and can not use PoB to do it, however, Shadow would be a bit more expensive considering you will want Emperor's Might Jewel (about 3 Ex) for the Strength increase. If the Shadow got that, he sustains the missing strength in comparison to the Scion but loses a jewel socket. Then again Emperor's might is not the worst.



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