[3.3] Octavian's RainbowTrap Fire Trap Build. Everything viable.

pls post 3.6 trees
rinsedout wrote:
pls post 3.6 trees

I second this request. A saboteur version of the tree would also be much apprechiated.
kind sir plz update :)
I've seen some people interested in a tree. This is my lvl 77 character in the SSC.



Now level 90. Uber Atziri down.

Will link to a new post going into some changes I made later today.


Elder/Shaper/Hall of Grandmasters all down. Unfortunately, the league mechanics kinda burned me out, so this is as far as I'm taking this build. Here's my lvl 93 character path of building export:

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For some reason you pastbin link give me only to 90 points... that is for like 64 level can't find the rest of the tree?
How come is nobody using immolate with fire traps ?
Due to the 200% dmg effectiveness, this adds a ton of damage after the first trigger ( which could be done by pre-setting up a fire trap with increased duration+inc AOE against bosses) .

I don't quite understand why I don't see people using this with fire trap ...

EDIT : I'm guessing becauseit's more ideal to deal damage from the very start without the conditional "burning target", and the fact that the build is already scaling + added damage ( which are additive with eachother ) in high enough quantity, I'm actually starting to use elemental focus instead of immolate at the moment and it feels slightly better ( and I'm not using Anger yet, my build is slightly different so I want an essence worm to use it ).
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
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fire trap just got buffed even harder in 3.8 - wonder if this could guide could get updated?
Any chance we could get this updated? I would love to play this to start Blight league.
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