Streamer Interview - Zizaran

And the rest of real pros players we streamed at 2012 plus other games like CSGO, LOTR:DME II, D3 ROS, WoW:C, WWII, KF2 etc.

Btw donations from stream are ilegal when this injections from 3rd supporters shows up at the final sources consumed like RMT, Auto botting. Beleive me, the true aint complicated, only ppl who have private vices and interest has it and tries to hide it. Again its ilegal at any form and procure way.

Good interview Ziz go get some sleep.
Blue hair MTX for Ziz and luscious blonde hair MTX for mathil when?
who cares who is zizaran or any other guy who play Oo a game...........meaby i am to old but i will never get ppl who watch how other ppl play lol and specialy send them money when so many ppl need money for food etc....( and yes i watch some times some streamears but mostly only Tutorial things nothing more ) its some sort of new age superstar or somting ? Oo

and plis dont take this as heate speach etc its only my personal opinion

peace and love
"Streamer Interview" aaaaaaand it's not even a video, that's weird o.O
f...u...a...l strimars u destroing the game wid iour vidios evry time u bild a strong build ggg destroy the build or the items alot of good build good items werd destroyd bicaz of u stremars fu all
Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
"A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, trying to escape from something you can't see. She hands you a rusty-looking device called the Blood Crucible and urges you to implant it into your body."

Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
Since Ziz started hosting the noodle I've completely stopped watching. I saw all the top highlights, watched many hours of content.
[Removed by Support]

Hey Narkofix, would you care to give any examples of other people's builds I've stolen and claimed as my own? Every time I've looked at another persons profile or anything similar I always specifically say and link to their profile / guide, for example when I looked at Dan's Life Righteous Fire guide when I couldn't do Uber Elder on Low Life Righteous fire (Not enough regen) And then I repeatedly mentioned I copied his build.

When I was looking for a good lab farmer Pressstarttopaws had a really good bladeflurry build that she suggested I use so I used that and promoted her and her guide for that.

MartyPoE had a KB Guide I promoted because I didn't make time to make one when I was playing it.

Do you have any examples of builds I have 'stolen'? Most of the time I always make my own builds, after playing the game for 13000 hours (10k~ which are streamed that you can see on a stat website) there's not that much mystery / difficulty in making builds, and most optimised builds for a certain skillgem should be exactly the same unless they have differences such as more optimised for hardcore or softcore.

As for your other comment, I've never had people farming for me, I play with friends and we try to compete on the ladder so we share all our resources, that's pretty normal, I have my community discord open so you can try to find other players to play with if you do not have anyone else to play with at the moment, people are very friendly there. I'm now trying out SSF for a change of pace and finding it quite enjoyable, but I also liked for example playing with havoc where we farmed him a headhunter and I tried playing support for the first time.
@Zizaran ingame
path23leech wrote:
Since Ziz started hosting the noodle I've completely stopped watching. I saw all the top highlights, watched many hours of content.

How come?
@Zizaran ingame
Zizaran?? Who´s Zizaran???

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