[3.3]Templar/Hie Kitava spell spammer! Mana stable at 26 possible spells per second!

Work is almost done, Updated major build changes as of 8/5/18. Stop back in and see if the changes succeed at guardian kills. Love you guys thanks for checking out my build.

Just recalculated the build dps 742,330-1.1million/sec the large range is due to the uncertainty of helm triggers. Assuming 1 trigger per second at 30% out of 4 possible trigger the build would be an 850k or more dps build.

LIVE STREAM!!!!---->https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=bg-0XxUnlMY
Hello I'm Glorious_Bigbeard and I would like to share a new original Templar Herophant build concept with the POE community!

The "Kitava Spell Spammer", was created in an effort to eliminate aspects of totem builds I felt were negative. Now with Kitava's Thirst the act of placing totems is both an attack and buff phase. This reduces the short period of delay and vulnerability experienced while placing and waiting for the totems to start their assault. This greatly increases clear speed and reduces vulnerability by simply clearing the screen with arc lightning, or freezing most of the mobs with freezing pulse. The build is a completely flexible template with no element specific bonuses. If you don't want to use the spells I chose for the build, Then you can simply change them with little concern for the builds performance.

ANSWER---> So our totems cast 6x freezing pulse per second, and we self cast our main attack spell three times. This is a base of 9 cast / second with the possibility of triggering our Kitava's Thirst helm up to three times, thus unleashing a possible total of 21 spells/sec while maintaining stable mana. With the proper gear and boot enchantment you can achieve 4 arc castings per second resulting is a possible 26 spell, but it took me almost an entire league to achieve mana stability with 4 arc/s . This build is the definition of spell spammer!
This is the proof of concept video taken around level 90. It shows the build in action and is of course entertaining because I'm an awesome streamer! At around 1 min into the video I hit three back to back breaches- OOH and by the way the build has almost doubled its dps since this concept vid.... be sure to check out the absolute power of the Kitava Spell Spammer!!
video spammer!!!---------------------> https://youtu.be/iCg6OXdsnLc
Check out all my builds and video's here----->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1JSQFg-W88FlTF4L8zIuhw

I will soon add a Guardian Kill Vid so please stop in again and check it out!

Pro's & Con's

+ Increased clear speed compared to other totem builds
+ Solid skill and item interaction, fun and fast paced
+ Inexpensive items
+ Build dps is hard to calculate. 742,330k +106k/helm trigger(0-4/s)
- The build has not defeated a guardian yet
- You have to enchant the items yourself, lots of lab runs- ug!
- Difficult to maintain a balance mana pool, lots of regrets and moving passives around, Difficult socket colors to achieve, Requires crafting knowledge and can be more expensive than the gear itself.

Current Gear

Path of builder import code

Required Jewels

It is my opinion that Alera is the best choice. She gives critical strike chance, resistance, and mana regeneration. These are all very crucial to the effectiveness of our build.

level 90 Passive Tree

Gear explained
The Belt and Chest piece have an obvious synergy. We constantly shock ourselves but don't suffer the effects of being shocked.
These rings scale our damage and add a dot, but more importantly they have resists and mana regen on them. This makes them excellent choices for this build.

Finally the boot enchantment is probably the most important part of this build if you want to exceed 3 arc castings per second. At 4 arc castings per second we cannot maintain mana stability without this boot enchantment. Since our Kitava's thirst is adding 130K+ damage per trigger we need as many arc castings as possible, however, mana is our life with mind over matter and we can't sacrifice our builds stability for damage.
And because we need to kill recently to gain the benefits of the boot enchantment to maintain stability we use the worm jar for a number of reasons. First for long boss fights we can trigger the boot enchantment and top off our mana if were getting low, and secondly it is guaranteed to reflect a shock to ourselves, and thirdly it auto scales our fire dot and adds more lightning damage

Suggested Flasks
These are all excellent choices for flasks. You will need to decide on which of them best suits your play style. I would choose the Wormjar personally. Oaks flask is probably better than rummi's, but requires all 3 of your resists to be the exact same value or it is less effective.

Leveling Gear
For early game dps buy a white six link staff. These can be obtained for about 10-15chaos. Then use an essence or slam it till it shines. This is by far the most effective way to get ahead of the power curve.

Leveling guide
Before we can utilize the Kitava's Thirst helm we need to first level up our gems. Its only after the gems reach 13-16 levels will we be able to reach the 100mana cost needed to trigger the helm. In addition to reaching the trigger cost, we will also need to mana stabilize the build. This can be done with a combination of Mana leech, Mana regen, and limiting the number of Arc spells we can cast a second. This is probably one of the most difficult parts of leveling the build as mana is also our secondary HP pool we can't run around mana dry.

This section of the build guide is a video diary of the progression toward end game content. The build gets there no problem, but taking on the guardians a bit of a leap from the map clearing. The video's are not intended to be awesome examples of an elite player, but rather a comparison of how the items effect the builds performance at my skill level with as few variables between comparisons. These video's will later help me to determine the course I will might take to further develop and improve the build and ultimately help determine the builds value to average skill level players.

Lair of the Hydra #3 The impala's test----->https://youtu.be/uZq7nX3_Sws
In this video we explore a replacement for the Brass Dome. Other armors fail the test to upstage the Brass Dome's defenses. Considering the Impala's unique item interaction with the magalaro's restraint I feel it needs more than just a little testing. Lets check out how the Imapla's Broken Heart manages the Hydra!

Lair of the Phoenix #1 The impala test continues-----https://youtu.be/pb63PVLpTLY
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So whats going on here? Whats the deal with this build?

This build started out as a personal challenge to myself. I would take an original build concept from start to finish and document the progress along the way. The Kitava's Thirst helm was the item I chosen to center the build around. Its an interesting item that many players won't even bother to pick up. It has terrible sale value and no one is willing to wastes a good lab enchantment on. The Belt "Maligaro's Restraint" is a similarly odd quality item. What? Runaround shocking yourself? you got to be kidding me right? Nope, I'm not kidding you. Now that I've declared my challenge I need to make good on this and come up with a viable build that isn't total trash AND fun to play by the end of the league.

Progression--> Many aspects of the original build variations have failed and went to pixel hell. There were however a few aspects that I felt were redeemable ,and even some that were surprisingly good. My first bout with the hydra was a failure in dps, but my defenses were over the top. I took a savage beating but just couldn't dish it out as well as I was taking it. So a week later I took a swing at that ol hydra. Seems I overcompensated the damage by sacrificing too much of my defenses. The result was terrible. I'm saying it was like being a kindergartner in a bar brawl. I'll share the first Hydra video, but the second one is just to humiliating. Seriously my feelings are still hurt. Thus build has continued to develop since that very terrible day.

Currently the build is clearing red maps like a boss, However, after 7 attempts at the guardian I humble decided the build only excells at cash farming and mapping. I humbly accept my defeat, and will go on with the rest of my life.

So then without much ado I shall go on to the next original build..........

Glorious_Bigbeard nightly stream! --------->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1JSQFg-W88FlTF4L8zIuhw

Show me some love and check out my stream!
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I've reworked the skill tree to be more efficient and chose to reduced ES a lot. By adding more resistance to the skill tree I was able to greatly increase the builds effective HP, and scale up spell damage significantly. I am currently working on replacing the Brass dome with life armor and adding Choir of the storm to the build. The large number of spells/sec along with our high critical strike chance should proc the amulet at a very satisfying rate. By replacing the brass dome we will loose our protection from critical strikes, but we gain an additional 30% block chance. That would bring us up to about 57% chance to block and considerably add HP to the build. This is all part of the process of creating a good build and only after spending the currency and experimenting will I be able to decide if replacing the brass dome is beneficial.

One thing to take note of- It is important to stay under 3 spell castings per second. The required item and skill point investment for balancing 400mana/s is just to great a challenge and severely impacts the builds damage and stability. I've removed onslaught from the build as it was causing me to go over 3 cast per second and sucking down all my mana.

Another alteration to the build was to corrupt my amulet with .5% lightning damage leeched as life. This was an inexpensive purchase that was an obvious benefit to the build. If possible I will also try to get lightning/cold leech corruptions on my ring slots.

Thanks again for checking out the builds progress in my nightly stream. Its been a fun time and a little facepalming of course. I will be working on a new build video on the 4th of July. Red maps and level 90. Stop in and check it out!
from the video build seems really slow, lackluster in dps and can't sustain mana :/
Explosive Cleave Gladiator by supreme_pizza
Yup I agree, that was the level 80 proof of concept vid. I made a new vid today with all the improvements since that video was made.

T15 Sunken City at level 90. Please be sure to check it out!. I believe your opinion may just have to change! Build is still in progress and I will be looking into adding more dps.

Good builds don't just happen, they take a lot of time and work. As you progress you run into new problems that require new solutions. I'm currently working on red maps and looking into options that improve performance in this area.

Ooh by the way don't buy this item.
. It says it will cast a lightning bolt when you crit, but the amulet has a cast speed of 1.12. Regardless of how many crits per second we get were not gaining anything from this item. Furthermore the 50% lightning dps is equal to 2k extra damage and the increased critical strike chance based on lightning resistance turned out to be 3%. All in all I just wasted a lot of exalts for an item that is in my opinion not very good at all.
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I've tested the build with various armor, The results were that the brass dome still offered the most protection despite the negative 30% block chance. The additional block chance, life or energy shield did not prove more beneficial than the Brass dome's superior damage reduction and protection from critical hits. This may be a personal perspective, but the build was too much of a glass cannon. I've reworked the builds resistances and was able to achieve a higher dps (550K-700K) by removing the le heup of all rings and replacing the loss of dps on the skill tree. This improved my top dps by 100K, an obvious benefit but that also required adding more dex to the skill tree. I also tried to scale energy shield off the skill tree and this just didn't work out. The increased energy shield drew too much of the dps from passive skill points and didn't really improve the builds defenses much.

All in all, I have a few more adjustments to experiment with, but I think the only improvements left are adding corruptions and six linking items. I did experiment with different skill setups and was more or less disappointed with the results. I feel that my choice of skills are the most beneficial/efficient and work best with each other. That is of course an opinion so feel free to make those choices.

The feed back by the community has been rather quiet, I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried the build or anyone who feels I made poor choices. Lets get some intelligent build theory discussions started!
Knampfclown wrote:
from the video build seems really slow, lackluster in dps and can't sustain mana :/

So it seems He was right about the dps. I thought I had sufficiently increased it. I cleared the lair of the hydra map with absolutely no problems. Destroyed that map actually, however a few rounds with the Hydra suggested that the dps just was not gonna do the job. Again landing shocks on the boss guardian was not an issue and adding a Vincter's flask will not be needed.

The crank was originally added to a previous version of the build that also used energy shield. Now that we've ditched the ES, the crank is no longer our best option. The extra block chance is of course nice, but dosn't justify an item with no other benefits. I'm thinking pledge of hands or a six link rare at this point. The pledge of hands is of course a popular choice among staves with a big boost to spell damage and the free level 30 echo.

other options for increasing dps to use fevered mind and replace the gloves with a spell damage boost. Adding an additional reckless defense and dropping the amulet is also an option.

It's hard to say what the fix will be, but regardless of what ends up working its going to take a bunch of chaos :)
So PoB tells me the build is getting 549K dps with the arc and totems. Each helm trigger is 139K which adds 0-417k dps.

So that makes the build 549kdps - 966k dps not considering the wise oak flask with additional 12% lightning and cold pen. This is also assuming a 5-link staff and chest. This is also calculated without Lab enchantments on the helm.

As for the actual dps we obviously see 0 helm trigger more often that three helm trigger so the dps is somewhat slanted.

I think it would be fair to assume 1 helm trigger per second. With that consideration it makes the build a 688kdps build or lets just call it (700k or more).

I've been toying around with resists gear trying to always upgrade items to have more flat life on them. I somehow ended up with over 2k mana, and just under 3500 HP. The extra mana dosn't hurt the build and will change as my resist gear changes. The build has a very tanky feel when your not fighting a guardian :)

With regards to the guardians themselves I think the problem is that I'm not an elite player and this is why I have failed to kill one. The guardian map itself is no problem and the build clears them with ease.

I'll do my best to get better video's of the current build out for you guys.

Pob pastbin code
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Check out a vid of the build in its current stage of progress!!!!------> https://youtu.be/iCg6OXdsnLc

I made a huge improvement today! I reworked my gloves "cast on stun" and added a very interesting skill gem.

I have no intention of using the Aura portion of this skill but the Vaal Impurities are great! It bypasses Elemental resistance for three full seconds. I can charge up the Vaal before a boss fight and kill him in seconds with this active.

The Tactic I use is simple: I drop my totems generating power/endurance charges, trigger Vaal ARC for a 7 second shock and reflected shock to myself, then trigger the ice impurity. This increases my dps by 70%-110% spell damage. (based on shock value+ buff on the belt) and then I have 3 full seconds totem dps against 0 elemental resistance. If that isn't enough I can fall back to the Wise oak and penetration from the skill gems for a total of 48% Penetration to finish the job.

The increase to boss dps is such a huge improvement to the build and reduces boss fights down to seconds. Uber lab boss in 3 seconds or less! God I hate running the Lab! So hey.... Expect that Shaper kill Vid a lot sooner than previously expected. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself...
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Hey there dude. First off, nice to meetcha. I feel like you're not going to like me by the end of this, but I'm going to do my best to help and point out some observations about the build and format in general, and some specifics that you may appreciate. I am often informed that my tone is negative or condescending. Please know that that is not my intent, and I actively try to remove that from my responses to builds posted here.

I see a lot of builders that use PoB to estimate their damage, and then base whether the build is good or not on those arbitrary numbers. That's generally a bad idea. It doesn't address a lot of fundamental issues at play here. I do not recommend it. Claiming to be able to cast 21 spells per second (which is assuming all 30% chances on kitava's occur everytime you cast during that second) is spurious at best, and after watching several of your videos, you never even got close. You succeeded in making the manacost for your primary skill (freezing pulse 5 link) up to 118 mana so good job there, but with a cast rate of only 1.88, you're definitely not going to even come close.

In Builder, you enabled a lot of very odd and funny checkboxes, and I don't really think you're aware of how some of them work. For example, ticking on 'Is the enemy Shocked?' is a well known incorrect parse, it always assumes perfect 50% shock (which you are significantly, severely under). Having it enabled does not work to show you an accurate representation of your build damage, and really only serves to inflate your damage incorrectly.

Your actual Average hit is closer to 9000 - 15000 per freezing pulse. Assuming 1 range, frozen, enemy is not a boss, you have max power charges and frenzy charges, you are at point blank distance to your enemy, and you have killed 5-10 enemies recently... Which is ridiculous.

You also have 'crit chance lucky' without running a diamond flask. And you set your power/frenzy/endurance charges to '3' despite 3 being the default regardless, and in your videos you occasionally had all charges up, but it was far from regular. That's not that big of a complaint to be honest, but I can tell you're learning PoB (which is ok), I just wouldn't use it to try to justify your build.

Self-cast arc is 3 per second
*ahems* 2.16 (2.31 with frenzy charges).

I'm more impressed that at level 90 your damage modifiers are so low tbh.

None of the spells that your thirst cast for you have any damage supports whatsoever, instead you've opted for them all to cast simultaneously and hope that a 30% chance to trigger is better than increasing the damage they actually cause when triggered. I mean, it's a huge net dps loss but i'm guessing you enjoy the way it looks.

You don't show HP totals in your video, or mana. Or the zone range of the temples/incursions you were in. 146% life from tree is pretty low, but somehow you've managed to get to 90. that deserves a bravo of sorts.

Your life total was 3717 at time of writing, and your mana was 1420. with MoM (non divine guidance), 30% of 3717 is a total of 4943 eHP. which would be barely enough to push harder content except for...

...the elephant in the room...


You've equipped a Brass Dome (which by your description is to extend the duration of self shocked) and you're wearing maligaro's restraint to reflect shocks back to you. Ok. But you're not immune to taking extra damage due to being shocked... And honestly, with such low damage, you haven't really realized the downside of this because you rare shock things. On your T15 boss kill, you shocked Armala maybe three or four times. And you got hit hard when you succeeded. Brass Dome does not prevent you from taking additional damage, it prevents you from taking extra damage from critical hits. Regular hits and degens will hurt for the extra amount. Shocking yourself is a tremendously bad idea without a method to deal with the incoming increased damage taken.

You're not even elemental proliferating the shocks (which would be a useful way to do something with these shocks.

Choir of Storms is a great item for many builds, and it's quite powerful. But again, see prior points.

Your youtube videos where you showcase your 'botw hopeful submission' doesn't actually discuss the build or show anything in particular that the build is doing. You ranted on about how much work you've put in, the 'numerous exalts' it cost, and a plea for us to like/subscribe to your youtube channel. .............

You took Illuminated Devotion ascendancy, which increases your damage output based on your character having Arcane Surge... but then never put Arcane Surge on....

With regards to the guardians themselves I think the problem is that I'm not an elite player and this is why I have failed to kill one.
I don't think the issue is that you're not an elite player, I think the issue is that you've decided that elite players are wrong or worse than you. There are severe mechanical misunderstandings here that require considerable investigation and study. The game is great fun to explore and understand how different functions interact with each other. However, making large mistakes and not realizing them, and putting yourself at odds with others, doesn't seem like a position where you'll be able to acquire any additional knowledge from.

I do hope the best for you, I think your base idea can work (Kitava's Thirst) and you should likely abandon the brass dome / belt combo entirely. 60% increased damage is completely negligible versus the terrible cost being shocked enacts on you. having negative modifiers for your Total More damage is something you should fix (Remember: less damage is significantly worse than reduced damage, and increases reductions occur before less/more).

Going around claiming the build has 1 million damage against white monsters in PoB with every possible thing ticked on, doing bad math, misunderstanding modifiers, totally messing up ascendancies, over-hyping yourself for making such a great build (Kappa) and false claims such as 'immunity' etc.... is a good way to get most people to nope on out of your thread rapidly. I believe these are some hard pills to swallow, but please understand that my criticisms were for the most part about mistakes with the build and things that are fluid and can be improved upon. The sales-pitch / like and subscribe part of what you're doing is on you, and you'll likely be far more successful with it if you can work on your game mastery and knowledge, and then return that back to others.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo

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