PoE just close itself randomly without any errors whatsoever

Same thing happening to me since restarting playing poe with a new hardware setup in last league. Only seems to happen in delve though. Haven't been able to track it down to any specific area/animations since it happens quite infrequently.
I've tried fiddling with the settings and tried to troubleshoot it down with other people having same issues, but at least hardware-wise I've had even completely different manufacturer's cpu/gpu/ssd/memories/mobo and what have you...would love to get GGGs take on this issue at some point.
Has this problem already been solved? PoE also randomly closes on me, it doesn't happen alot, but the few times it happened, it always happened either when i return to my ho with a portal, or if i use a waypoint to travel to another town. Weird...
Was thinking this patch will fix this, but not game is still crashing with no reason, you mapping and boom it's kicking back to windows,
This has been happening to me as well for the last few weeks in Legion... right before legion i did a clean install of windows and PoE. Some days it doesnt happen and others like today its happened 5 times in 2 hours.. wtf is going on?
started today for me changed absolutely nothing didnt even update any drivers whatsoever

20+ crashes in 5 hours nice game
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Same thing. This and the "present" crash. Can't progress past level 90 because I crash every three maps and lose the exp again.

Done for this league. Maybe I'll try again next league. But probably not. Over a month and no fix even discussed.
For anyone getting a "Present" error, could you please Private Message me a DxDiag report?

Information on getting a DxDiag report can be found here.

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