[3.4] Tornado Shot Deadeye | Level 100 viable | #3 Ranger | Elder | Shaper | Lab

(look at hp bar, pre-nerf Vaal Pack much?)


This is the build I used to get to 100 in Incursion League, some very different ideas which I think make this build much stronger than the traditional T-shot build.


- Extremely fast clearer, possibly fastest, especially at higher tiers where weaker build like autobomber can no longer clear effectively.
- Excluding Uber Elder, it can clear everything with ease, Uber Elder is doable depending on gear, although build is not made for that.
- Like most bow builds it is extremely expensive, even at a starter level, this build has an even higher gear cap than other bow builds.
- Highly survivable for a bow build.


There are a lot of gear variation, ranging from low cost to high cost, clear speed vs survivability vs MF.


Gear choices


Budget option, best unique bow currently, scales extremely well with abyss jewels because of high crit and attack speed and a little MF doesn't hurt. This will carry you to everything besides Uber Elder.

Endgame option, there are a lot of variation u can get on a shaper bow, but the one above is close to the best mods. Only better if it has higher added flat damage and a higher attack speed base (thicket, highborn or imperial). You will really feel the damage gain on things like T16 Null Portals and bosses.

A typical amount of dexterity would be around 450 which equates to 135 to 225 added cold damage which is just insane considering the normal added cold damage mod has a max of 50 to 87, the dexterity mod is equivalent to more than 2.5 times of a max rolled added damage mod.

The double damage and attack speed mod is the same mod, and is a HUGE damage boost.

Critical strike multiplier and chance to gain power charge on crit is also the same mod, and this allows us do some very interesting things with our auras and curses since we don't need to use Herald of Ice + Assassins mark anymore.

The 3 shaper mods above are probably the minimum requirement if you are looking to upgrade from Windripper to a shaper bow. Could do without the crit multi if you can find one for cheap. Any added elemental damage would be a plus.

Body Armour

Super high movement speed means super high clear speed. Prioritize resistances over evasion and life.


Super budget option, upgrade this as soon as possible.

Semi-budget option, don't keep this for long.

Clear speed option, insanely good at pack clear, can keep forever if you like this over +2 quiver.

Best overall option, increases single target, pack clear and survivability. Up to personal preference if you want this or Rigwald's Quills.


Survivability option, I used this to 100. ENCHANT IS REQUIRED.

Clear speed option. ENCHANT IS REQUIRED.

All in One option. Extremely expensive but 2 more abyss jewel means it has even more damage than Devoto's while still having the life of Starjonka's. Helps a lot with resistances when using MF gear. ENCHANT IS REQUIRED.


Clear speed option. "Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit" is only needed if you have a shaper bow with power charge on crit. Tombfist is an extremely strong pair of gloves, since it gives two abyss jewel slots and on top of that life and attack speed.

As mentioned in weapons section, if you have a shaper bow with power charge on crit mod you don't have to use Herald of Ice + Assassin's Mark, since even a level 10 Elemental Weakness is stronger than a level 20 Assassin's Mark, more importantly it frees up 25% mana reserved.

In addition, a curse on Tornado Shot hit is much better than a curse on Herald of Ice hit, since it will work on monsters after first hit instead of after shatter. Also it will work on solo bosses.

MF option. Don't use this if you're trying to level. Can also get Elemental Weakness on this.


Defensive option. Since we use so many uniques, maxing out resist is quite hard, boots is where we can get most of it. Attack speed enchant is recommended.

MF option. Will give you a lot of resistance problems, can be solved by getting a quantity amulet with resistance or give up some damage mods on abyss jewel for resistances.


This is one of the defining uniques for this build. Most people see this as a leveling ring but I think its actually very underrated.

The most important stats are Life and Mana gain on hit, which is wildly powerful for Tornado Shot on par with pre-nerf Vaal Pact, this allows us to not get claw leech nodes or Vaal Pact. So more survivability if you use Blood Rage. Also has a nice amount of quantity and resistances. Reduced curse effect is very nice if you are using the cheapest build option which doesn't have a curse immune flask.


Budget option.

Clear speed option. Put Vaal Burning arrow into the build, since it uses the least vaal souls and stores 3 charges, you can easily keep up permanent Soul Eater. Use this if you only care about clear speed.

Budget MF option.

MF and endgame option. Besides quantity, look for elemental damage, elemental penetration, crit multi, life and charge gain is also nice.


Budget option.

MF option. Give clear speed as well if you can sustain rampage stacks.

Super MF option. Only viable for lower tiers. Gives up too much clear speed over Headhunter at higher tier.

Endgame clear speed option. I would only convert to MF once you have a Headhunter, other wise your survivability and clear speed is just not worth for MF.


Replace curse mod with bleed mod if you don't have a jewel with "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you"

Exact mods.

Should not have increased charges used, so that it can store 2 uses.

Exact mods.

Exact mods.

Flasks are highly customisable. I won't list every combination you can do, but there are things like adding a life flask for leveling or lab.


This is the option if you are on the Windripper/Herald of Ice version. The onslaught mod is very strong, it allows us to not get onslaught on jewels and focus on damage. Get Temporal Chains immune if you are not using a curse immune flask, any of the other 3 is good if you are using one.

To expand on the shaper bow option, now that you don't have to use Herald of Ice, you can now use two 50% mana reservation auras with level 4 enlighten and have 12% mana unreserved, which is enough. For the two auras we will use Wrath and Haste. Onslaught is still the best mod, lightning penetration is best for wrath, otherwise, lightning damage or crit chance would be similar.

"Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" is recommended so we can get curse immune over a bleed immune flask.

Life is not required but will boost your survivability by a lot. Other mods should be added elemental damage in the order of lightning > cold > fire, although it doesn't make too much of a difference. Attack speed on crit is on par with a T1/T2 flat damage mod. I would get attack speed on half my jewels.

Current Gear


Shaper Bow version

6L Tornado Shot

4L Auras

Windripper version

6L Tornado Shot

Uses ice instead of lightning for more reliable shatter chance.

3L & 2L Auras

4L Blink Arrow


Vaal Breach is not needed.

I didn't use this until i reached Level 100, will clear a lot faster with it though.

I don't use Ice Golem because I don't like summoning it often, and projectile chain maps. Up to you if you want to use it.




Has the resistance that we need.


Fast and Deadly > Gathering Winds > Far Shot > Ricochet

All the ascendancy are really good, not really sure the order to get them in. Probably shouldn't level with this anyway.


For Pantheons I use Arakaali and Shakari because I hate caustic cloud and i like to loot strong boxes while standing on top of caustic cloud, but if you're not stupid like me, for major Lunaris and Solaris are both good. For minor, Gruthkul or Shakari. Should upgrade all of them to max.


Minimum Gear Checklist


Below are the minimum gear for every slot, if you are lacking damage or hp, it is most likely because you are missing 1 or more items below.

- Windripper 6L
- Decent rare quiver
- Starkonja with +2 secondary projectile
- Queen of the Forest
- 1 Socket Tombfist
- Decent rare boots
- Thief's Torment
- Decent rare amulet
- Decent rare stygian
- Dying Sun
- At least 5, life + 2x damage mods abyss jewels

Map mods

Elemental/Physical Reflect: Save until mirror sextant, reroll if you don't use sextants. Phys reflect gets out of hand and can kill you if you get too many Headhunter buffs.


T16 Underground Sea | Abaxoth | Headhunter - https://youtu.be/_ROM3gnsh_s
T16 Underground Sea | No Headhunter - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s75be8MIC5w
Shaper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTzkPr_wU_8
(Lets just call the Shaper kill deathless)

(i strim sometimes, https://www.twitch.tv/the5six)
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Hey, can you unlock your profile so we can see your current build on character?
crdn wrote:
Hey, can you unlock your profile so we can see your current build on character?

Updated with all current gear and tree
Yeah I cant see your profile either
Why triple blade vortex in chest piece?
McCoye wrote:
Yeah I cant see your profile either

You don't need to :), everything on this character is listed.

kevinsleepy wrote:
Why triple blade vortex in chest piece?

Ignore sockets in items, just follow gem section and socket those wherever u want.
Nice build, I might try your clear speed setup in a few days but otherwise don't expect this to get much traction due to the fact the starting gear is beyond 99.9% of people's entire league budget lol.

really pricey build you've made. do you find it easy to switch between mf and bossing?
squiggyniggy wrote:
Nice build, I might try your clear speed setup in a few days but otherwise don't expect this to get much traction due to the fact the starting gear is beyond 99.9% of people's entire league budget lol.

really pricey build you've made. do you find it easy to switch between mf and bossing?

Yeah, didn't make the build for beginners, intended for people who knows how to make money and want to try out some insane clear speed.

Don't think its very different from the super popular t shot guide, price wise, if you go the budget version.

Not sure what u mean by "MF and bossing". If you're talking about shaper/elder, i never do those unless im helping a guildie. And yeah i just take off my sadimas and goldwyrm and swap to tombfist and res boots and shaper and elder both melt. might add a video soon.

GL with your attempt nonetheless, hope it'll be fun for you.
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can run without dying sun? any other recommendation? or its mandatory?
pretokreca2 wrote:
can run without dying sun? any other recommendation? or its mandatory?

Im gonna say yeah it's required, of course it'll work without but it won't feel as good. I also assume u don't have helm enchant if u dont have dying sun? and the helm enchant is 100% required.

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