[3.5 updating] Red Dragon 2.0 Budget Reave/Flurry Champion -FACETANK ALL CONTENT

[3.5] Red Dragon 2.0 after stat stick nerf

In 3.5.0 we are removing the ability to use stat sticks, through the following changes:
You will no longer be able to use skills that require a specific weapon equipped if you are dual-wielding and one of your equipped weapons is unsuitable for that skill.
Skills that could be used with two weapons, but were main-hand-only when used, now use both weapons when dual wielding.

---> https://pastebin.com/X5jVUE3D <---

So double bloodseeker, if u can get a corrupted one with power charge on crit you will be gold.

other mechanics are the same

I dont have a video game play cuz im running my other build right now, but the numbers on pob talk:

over 7k life
over 2M dps (2.5 in my case)
58% phys reduction
80% max res
istant leech (OFC)

You can drop some life nodes (near hearth of warrior) and go to get "claws of the falcon" for more dps

[3.4] Viable

For 3.4 - No tree change - No skills nerf
Add heral of purity that give us few more damage - we can run hatred/heral purity/herald ash/enlighten for more damage
So we can continue to facetank all things

[3.3/3.4] Before Stat Stick nerf (history-you can avoid to read it)

I tried to follow many "budget" builds but in the end you always need a 6links chest that costs at least 5ex, or waste a lot of fusing trying to link it (some times without success).
Why waste all those currencies when you can have a 6 link with 2chaos?
I ran this guy in flashback event and i did shaper with like 100 150chaos investment, so I decided to play it again in 3.3 and try to min-max this guy.
Kill Uber Atziri with few ex ( 5-6 ) investment. ( look improve and video sections )
Kill Uber Elder with some gear improvement ( look improve and video sections )
This is my second build so any advice is good.

Why champion
We can reach 100% chance to hit without wasting money into expensive gear maintaining critical strike.
Perma fortify and stun immunity.
The champion is the best combination of damage and tankyness.

Very good league starter
Budget for real ( no 6link ) you can save your currency for improve this char or do a new one
Fast mapping
Good boss killer ( swap into blade flurry only on high boss )
No Vaal Pact
Tanky ( instant leech/armour/evasion )
Very good lab farmer
Can run Ele reflect without drop hatred
Easy mechanics, is a good build for new player ( i think )

Budget ( no Tier 1 end game dps )
Swap set up for Bosses can be boring
Cant run phys reflect
Cant run no leech mod

Some stats and numbers

5300 hp with this shitty gear( we have 186% increased life from tree so you can reach easy 6000+ hp with better items )

About 1.2M dps on shaper ( it can always be greater with better items )
Full buffs with blind 70% evade chance, 39% without blind- 44% phys reduction


Mandatory uniques

Why these items?
With Bloodseeker we have instant leech, decent Pdps and some leech (2choas)
Death's hand give us power charges and 30% extra physical damage in extra choas on crit strike (good dps boost for 1 2chaos)
With bringer of rain we have easy 7 link for our main skill, dont forget blind
it gives us about 40% more evasion,good flat armour and evasion, 20 to 30 physical damage to attacks(it's a lot of flat phys damage!!!)(2chaos)
Belt of the deceiver give us intimidate = 10% more damage, some life and resistances for only 1 chaos

Other gear

As you can see they are all cheap items
Try to get phys damage, life, res and some int.
If you are really poor look for boots without movement speed they are so cheap

Flasks and jewels

Not expencive flasks, i got those jewels after i farmed some currency for like 20 30chaos each
You need anti bleeding-anti freez flasks, the anti curses isnt mandatory.
For jewels mods look for life-atttack speed-crit multi-area damage.


Unstoppable hero
Worthy Foe

I choosed fortitude instead of First Strike because when your fortify is down you lose the stun immunity.
I like to stay stationary and for me is boring to always cast fortify with whirling blade .
Cast adrenaline with RF or blood magic is boring and dangerous, so i choosed fortitude.
If you are a good player, not like me, you can grab First strike for more damage.

For minor God i choosed Tukohama
For major God you can use Solaris or Arakaali

I choosed to kill all for 2 extra points, but Alira are a good choice

Pastebin/Skill tree


First goal on tree is the duelist mana/life leech , you will drop it when you reach the claws nodes.
It depends on your playstyle: aiming towards life or damage nodes.
I like to level up with frost blade ( sunder, cleave, ground slam are good skills too )and to swap into reave when you could use multistrike.
For weapon try to get rare or unique claw based on your level, claws are not required but the claw life gain on hit implicit is very cool when your leech is low on levelling.
Remember to level up your blade flurry, setting it up in second weapon slot.

Levelling Tree

( select it in left down window near search bar )

Example levelling

Act 1

Act 2

Elreon's rings or amulet are great when you add more support gems and aura.

Act 3

Nothing big changes just start to pay attention to your res, u can start to use
if your mana allows it.
brightbeak for more attack speed

Act 4

first good unique claw

And when you can get multistrike start to use reave.

LVL 40+

After act4 u can use Ornament of the East for a good unique or serch a rare like this

After Kitava always attention to your res.
At lvl 56 you can wear death's hand, search always for a rare gear with life-res-phys damage based on your level and rush to blood acqueduct till lvl 67 for your bringer of rain


IMPORTANT put your reave in helmet ( AOE skill and low lvl bosses )

Always in helmet blade flurry set up for high bosses dps

You can swap only increased area into concentrated effect but blade flurry is the best for single target

I choosed to cast the golem and blood rage on CWDT ( Pay attention to the levels of the gems )
You can cast directly blood rage and lightning golem
You can use enfeeble instead of punishment for more tankyness

No links required

If you get a 6 link chest

If you dont like that damage on full life isnt always up use chance to bleed instead.


Dont look my helmet enchants, im still trying to farm a good one
Blade flurry damage is a waste of currency
Search for:
Ancestral Protector Totem grants 12% increased Attack Speed while Active
Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased Attack Speed
150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Lightning Golems

For boots enchant search for:
120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently
Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently

Videos Sorry for pug quality


Build's Follower video


100chaos shaper kill by slowhands

Tank Mino with extra life

Hydra first attempt -12 max player res and 109% extra cold damage ( 1 death )

T15 Sunken City Boss down only reave with increased area

Shaper (1 death like an idiot)

Uber Lab service for 3ppl

First try Uber Atziri (look improvement section for this gear)

Red Elder guardians

Red Elder

Uber Elder

My first Chayula ever

3 people Shaper service

i will put more videos

Improve section
IMPORTANThis section is not required, as you can see you can do shaper/red elder/guardians easy with my budget gear.
This section is only for deep end game.

First step

After some farm with my budget set up im starting to impove my gear.
Kill Uber Atziri with this set up

ATM lvl 94 6000 hp

Current gear

Got new jewel socket near blood drinker

1.8M dps on Shaper

Second step

ATM lvl 95 almost 6.300 hp - 6.600 with kaom's roots
Kill Uber Elder with this set up

Current gear

2.2M+ dps

For Uber elder get Kaom root for perma freez and chill immunity
You will reach 6.600 hp. Drop you freez flask for life flask.

With Abyssus we have 3.4M dps


-Why my damage is so low?
Make sure you have on all your rings/ammy/gloves "adds physical damage to attack". Any elemental damage is useless.

-Mobs hurt, why i take so much damage?
Make sure you res are capped, you need at least +34% over your max res.
Make sure you have on all gear +max life.
300+ delve mods hurt, run enfeeble instead punishment.

-Why you dont use a shaper off hand stat stick?
You can use shaper stat stick but to improve the death hand damage you need a double Tier1 extra mod and crit multi, that cost some ex.
With out death hand you lose power charges and unholy might, you should buy sin's rebith to get back unholy might that cost some ex too.
Have "power charge on crit" implicit help a lot and u can use shaper stat stick, but that claw cost a lot too.

[3.5] Red Dragon 2.0 currently viable - After Stat Stick nerf (work in progress)



The build is born around the bloodseeker claw to have istant leech, high %increased life from tree for good HP pool, good armour to be able to tank all content.

On champion we are able to get 100% chance to hit(worthy foe) without wasting currency on accuracy rolls.

Pro and Con

-Budget for real to start (no 6link-Shaper viable on 150c ish)
-Tanky (6k+ hp on budget/armour/istant leech!)
-Fast mapping and decent boss killer
-No Vaal Pact
-Very good lab runner
-Easy mechanics and playstile
-with care able to run ref mod (yugul pantheon necessary)

-Swap gem for bosses can be annoying
-Unique weapons (no tier1 dps)
-Swap set up for Bosses can be boring
-Cant run no leech mod


In this order

Unstoppable hero
Worthy Foe
First strike, Last to fall

For minor God i choosed Tukohama
For major God you can use Solaris or Arakaali

I choosed to kill all for 2 extra points, but Alira are a good choice

Gear work in progress


Choose if run life or sulphur flask


Gems/Links work in progress


Budget - around 100/150c Shaper viable:

LVL 90
over 6000 hp
around 1M dps

Expencive gear:

LVL 95
over 7000 hp
aorund 2.5M dps


PEACE and thank you
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Gotcha, 1st reply <3

Amazing, cheap and effective build.

Glad to see some good builds like this one.

keep it going dude, good work

the video is good as a showcase, i like that instant leech :))

Have fun
Nice build …. ty
First goal on tree is the duelist mana/life leech

Do you mean all the way into Vitality Void and Spirit Void, or just one node of each mana/heath leech each?

Hi, i started with this build so my damage was so low i picked up vitality and spirit void...
If your damage is good and you can sustain your mana with 1 or 2 mana leech point dont grab spirit void.

So ... thought I'd post a 1st update on my levelling with this character. Currently only 47, but thought it might be useful to others if I post now before I forget what I did :)

I levelled with frost blades until 38, and swapped to Reave at the point I got Multi-strike.
All fine to this point. Frost blades is easy to level with due to the distance you can keep - Reave is up close and personal so there is more danger of a one shot, or if you get unlucky with accuracy and miss a few times (and then end up with no mana). I'm softcore ... I think if I was Hardcore I'd maybe have stuck to frost-blades a bit longer.

I don't have tabula rasa, so using ASHREND, as it adds level 10 fire damage. Using the links as in the OP. Also swapped to MORTEM MORSU when I got the claw nodes. Also needed gear with +INT and +STRENGTH as I wasn't getting much from the tree

As recommended, I went first to SPIRIT VOID. Didn't bother with VITALITY VOID as it felt like I didn't need it with frost blades. I then headed to the right side of the tree - taking first the 3 life nodes (HERBALISM), and then heading left from there to take FINESSE and ASPECT OF THE LYNX. I then rushed up to the claw nodes at the far right of the tree, and once I had SOUL RAKER I took the points out of SPIRIT VOID and used them towards CLAWS OF THE MAGPIE. I then took the life nodes to the left of the claws cluster (BLOOD DRINKER). I've since added the other life nodes on the path (THICK SKIN and GOLEM'S BLOOD). I'm about to start adding the crit nodes next, or maybe the JEWEL nodes. I don't have any decent jewels .. but maybe for a few chaos I could add some +6% life and damage as well, so that might be better. I'll see :)

I took conqueror first, as I really want worthy foe 2nd. Not having to worry about accuracy is a pretty big deal when we need to hit to get back life/mana, so that's my focus. Not sure if that's a mistake ... but it's what I've decided to do.

Any comments - or mistakes I've made - let me know. If others are following this guide would be good to know what gear you're using (especially if unique, as it makes searching so much easier / quicker!)
Completed 7 Challengeszedzed_uk wrote:
So ... thought I'd post a 1st update on my levelling with this character. Currently only 47, but thought it might be useful to others if I post now before I forget what I did :)

TY man for your report!

Grab worthy foe on second lab maybe isnt worthy(for me), cuz your accuracy on low level is good.
Grab before unstoppable hero make you more tanky for third lab ( and in general ).

For your mana problem try to use some -# mana cost of skill like praxis ring or elreon jewellery.

Always serch on poe wiki if there are some good unique for your level, if not take on poe trade one rare for 1 or 2 choas.

BTW levelling its always a personal thing, so find your way ! I always help my stats with tree taking some +30 int/str/dex points that i will drop after.
And try always to personalize the build are u following on your playstile .

at first view your guide is quite nice, i like the video and the whole idea behind it (with Reave etc). Im going for it, but im slow and can't tell you anything specific yet, as i dont have much time to level atm. But in any case im going for the First Strike, i cant stay away from that juicy 100% damage and attack speed...

Thoughts for the super expensive build: Enlighten lvl 4 to fit in Anger to add a watchers eye for more additional damage(perhaps the reduced mana preserved nodes).
And i cant get an idea for Abyssus on how to mitigate the phys damage. Isn't the build keen to be one shot with Abyssus? Maybe a Brass dome plate? or a rare with lightning to phys, lighting coil? Loreweave seems really good for the build but the phys damage realy worries me...
you name is super dope, maybe the build has the name for a reason?
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edchis wrote:
at first view your guide is quite nice, i like the video and the whole idea behind it (with Reave etc). Im going for it, but im slow and can't tell you anything specific yet, as i dont have much time to level atm. But in any case im going for the First Strike, i cant stay away from that juicy 100% damage and attack speed...

First strike its very cool point , but dangerous and boring cast it ( FOR ME ofc ). You will good with that !!!

I dont like abyssus make you so vulnerable (i prefer run a tanky boy as you can see in the build), but a lot of people like play glass cannon so i put it in the section. Starkonja its great choise.
Anger dont get you much damage , we dont have any increased ele damage, arctic armour can mitigate the abyssus with Enlighten lvl 4. Grab iron reflex to convert evasion in armour and taste of hate.

The improve section it's just a thing to give you an idea of ​​how you can change the build,
it's all based on your choice, you can personalize this base build on your playstile.

Thank you for report


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Recently hit Blood Aqueduct and feel like i can talk about the build.
The lvling was smooth with frost blades on a tabula untill lvl 38 when i switched to reave as the guide says, also i bought a pair of Mortem Morsu(very cheap), they helped the clear speed and sustain. As other people did i also went for Spirit Void and later used refund points on it so that i could get the claw nodes. Sustain is great and damage is very good, I feel like i can tank most things and be safe. Overall really like the build.

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