It's been a while since we've showcased creative hideouts made by our community. We've picked some of the recent submissions from the Hideouts forum and have created some screenshots to share with you today.

Tainted Paradise by guggelhupf


Mediterranean Village by LAGROSSESIMONE


Zana's Madness by __MaX__


The Abandoned Temple by ZakkPerish


The Steampunk Asylum by kentgrav


For those of you who are looking for unusual decorations for your hideouts, we'd recommend checking out video tutorials by Path_of_DerroK and ruffinad.

We're always on the lookout for awesome hideouts, so if you'd like to submit yours for a future news post, just take a screenshot or video and make a post in the Hideouts forum.
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wow, pretty nice hideouts. Maybe i should put some effort into mine too :)
We need hideout slots
Been looking forward to these, always inspires me seeing what people come up with!
Maybe I should try sharing mine sometimes.
IGN: StriderX (Delve)
Spoiler tags aren't working for me for some reason (they refuse to open up.)

Chrome 67 (64-bit)
13 auras, 3 curses, 80k armour, CI, 7k ES, 500 ES/s regen, what more could you ask for? A Mic? I happen to have one of those too (that works!!!)
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Mediterranean Village looks professionally done. Neither overcooked nor under. A masterpiece in area design.

I've never more wished for the ability to rotate the camera than to appreciate how good this hideout would look from other angles.
I am convinced the so-called Mathil Effect represents a deep-seated failure in PoE...I'm just not sure of what.
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development idea: save / load your hideout layouts so that when i work on a hideout I can always save it to load it in..

(set required master level to load the layout, if it was made in a tier 3 hideout for example, requires the relevant master to be level 7)

fix the hideout stash as well pls, so unorganized and hard to navigate when you don't know exactly what you're looking for...

hint: you can also sell "hideout layout slots" in the MTX store
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Those details...
I am inspired to make one that looks good now.

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