[3.3] Apep Recharge Blade Vortex Occultist - CI - Uber elder and etc...

tavi2530 wrote:
How do you poison yourself with this build? I don't see a Golden Rule jewel

The shield reads "Chance to BE Poisoned" , but do we still need a way to poison or will it just have a chance to poison us on every hit?
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Please clean up that POB MESS before publishing it. Gems are TOTALLY screwed up. Double Enlighten on 2 items, double IC. All activated make people think that enlighten 3 is enough to have 279 unreserved mana left. That's just bullshit. At least deactivate not recommended stuff.
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Been browsing for builds I have not either done at all or have not done in a while for a week now, for flashback. Yours seems like a solid choice to do a bit of everything, a month is well enough time to farm gear and I don't really care about the "being at the top" aspect or racing.

For incursion league, the only thing I was left to do was to solo uber elder, I just simply get hit by everything :D, maybe I'll succeed better with a more forgiving build like this.

Regarding your PoB, I was very impressed that you had trees for leveling as well, until I started to scratch my head like "waiiit a second, there is something funny here...".. Seems like you found the way to change a shadow into a witch mid game! Well done! :D
Really wanted to go OCC bv but I don't have the currency for the shield..is it that important?

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