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JuneStupid wrote:
Hello. Is it viable for the next update 3.10 sir ??

As far as I can tell, nothing meaningful has changed for this build in 3.10. If anything, maybe it gets a little easier to build since cluster jewels add some more choices for you to think about adding.

It will still be a viable non-meta build for people that want to play self-cast freeze pulse.

I have so much going on IRL that I don't know if I will play at all in 3.10. I don't think I'll get a guide update out anytime soon. But everything is mostly the same as 3.9 which was mostly the same as 3.8.
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I have been looking for a standard build to spend my EX on, although I cant min/max like you have here I only have 220 EX I think im gonna build it minus some of the 100ex+ items like the corrupted shavs and rings. Cool build.

Think I might build it in temp league and finish it up in standard.
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