3.3.0b Patch Notes

I quit after day 1 due to all the crashes/server deaths, been doing dailies only (and crashed 3 times during those).

I suspect there's something about Culling Strike that's causing a crash.
my start to crash now to load the game now.
Nothing change. Still crashing and drop fps....
It is not possible to play.

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Awesome! Thanks for the patch notes!
Did uber lab back to back from 9PM to 5AM yesterday.

Now my game is crashing every other instance.

...y u do dis
I wasn't crashing before this patch, now I'm crashing once every 30 minutes on average. Good job.
it stills crashing for me :/
As many others here mentioned too, this patch started the sporadic crashes for me too. No error messages, just a prompt that PoE has stopped working.

It would seem that specific monsters have something to do with this. I crashed 2 times on Argus in lab, then some specific places in maps.
IGN: Nano
I am crashing with Scorching Ray/IceStorm combo. Also crashing in the Labyrinth any time I go in at any random point. I cant ascend and can hardly level now that I've reached 60 its begun to crash much worse. Please fix.

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