[3.3] Popcorn Skeleton bomber (Minion instability Earendel's Embrace)

BlackArchon wrote:
Has someone tried to use Blood Offering instead of Bone Offering in the CWDT setup? Thanks to Mistress of Sacrifice, it should give you a high life regeneration (with 5 corpses: 17.5 + 12.5 = 30% for at least 5.5 seconds), given that you survive the 20% sacrificed life in the beginning.
I'm now able to answer this question myself: It is a really uncomfortable setup. Occasionally I get hit from stray enemy projectiles or smaller monsters, and every time I loose 1/5 of my life - this doesn't really feel good for me. So no, it's too dangerous for my taste.
Any news arround this build,started with it at 3.6.Some tree changes or smtn.
Desperation wrote:
Any news arround this build,started with it at 3.6.Some tree changes or smtn.
There don't seem to be any noticeable minion-related or fire-related changes in 3.6, so I will continue my skeleton bomber as in 3.5.
Killed Uber Elder in day 4 Synthesis. Still pretty strong minion build :)

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Make skeleton bomber rise again. Very strong and funny build
How is this build looking for next big patch? Any idea on the new Necro passive to choice and which order? Do you think it will be stronger than before? Also I think that new siegebreqker unique belt will be a nice addition to the build: https://i.redd.it/xrgtqqr2tni31.jpg
IG Name: Jim_Carry & Arnold_SWAGeneger
I think we should take Mindless Aggression->Unnatural Strength->Bone Barrier-> 2 small point with minion damage. This new unique belt looks nice buff on damage but will need sometime to check out.
Did anyone try this in the 3.9 patch??

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