[3.13] ARC/LIGHTNING SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build (3-4 MILLION DPS, Uber Elder/Atziri EZ PZ) +VIDEO!

It's time to share the build that i created and played back in Harbinger. Yes, i played Arc Trapper in Harbinger. Looong before it became the "meta" in Incursion.

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V 1.9 Update (01/07/2020):
-POB updated for 3.13
V 1.8 Update (01/07/2020):
-POB updated for 3.11
V 1.7 Update (12/03/2020):
-POB updated for 3.10
V 1.6 Update (13/12/2019):
-POB updated for 3.9 (added Pantheons so make sure you use FORK for POB)
-added a default rare wand instead of Shimmeron
-will add more levelling trees when i have more time
V 1.5 Update (06/09/2019):
-PoB updated for 3.8
V 1.4 Update (06/06/2019):
-PoB updated for 3.7
-Master Sapper changed location and is now required 3 MORE nodes to travel to. This raises the bar for the skill tree from 92 to 95.
-dropped Herbalism for Revenge of the Hunted
V 1.3 Update (07/03/2019):
-PoB updated for 3.6
V 1.2 Update (17/12/2018):
-Inya's Epiphany added to End-Game gear options. These boots provide a smooth synergy between a counter productive charge generation of Chain Reaction (when you trigger all traps at once you don't gain as much power charges), so use them if you can balance your resists!
-added Lightning self-damage mitigation section
-added crit shield example in end-game section
V 1.1 Update (05/12/2018):
-drop 1 shimmeron and use 1 rare crit wand OR a crit shield if you have problems surviving the new lightning SELF-DAMAGE added to Shimmerons!
FULL VIDEO BUILD/GUIDE: https://youtu.be/d16LDajfXbM
Take a look at my character name. It worked!

Noone bothered with this weird combination, but i actually had a blast even though single target damage was COMPLETE CRAP.
Later Saboteur ascendancy was reworked in 3.2, i returned to my original build and now it was a much smoother experience! With some jewels and abyssal gear and regen in the ascendancy it became much better, yet still sucked for single target in general. So i've been waiting for some single target help and looks like it finally arrived in 3.3! More damage per chain and CRAZY 8 second traps!
How does it work, in general?
1) Trap Support has no cooldown now in 3.3 and you can throw 15 Traps instead of 3 (in the end-game you can have around 23 traps at a time on the ground). THIS IS A BUFF, so now it's all about your Throwing Speed + cooldown for lengthy 8 second Traps.
2) Arc is a lightning, chaining spell with highest amount of chains in the game. Chain means it will "zap" between enemies. In 3.3 Arc does 15% MORE damage per remaining chain. If 1 enemy is on screen it will be 105% more damage, which is DOUBLE the damage. So it's now good against single target.
We will use Arc+Trap in a shaper 5L gloves for clearing maps and 8 second fat Lightning Spire Trap in a 6L for bosses.
3) Run around, throw traps, don't run INTO packs or you will die. For the same reason i don't have a dagger and a shield here. Even with Acrobatics, this is still a pretty low HP build. Going ES route is pretty much same, maybe a little better.
Don't stand near bosses or you will die.

+great map clear speed
+serious firepower with very low investment
+end-game viable (need very good reflexes for end-game though!)
+massive life regen (up to 20% per second and even more with Tinkerskin)


-Squishy as low Life pool (hard to go over 5k)
-Pretty slow with a wand and Flame Dash
-sketchy for HC

3) Skill Tree Progression / Path of Building / Ascendancy / Bandits
Path of building: https://pastebin.com/X0EBvwfB
For Ascendancy: Pyromaniac, Perfect Crime, Chain Reaction, Explosive Expert (SC), or Born in the Shadows (HC)
Bandits: Alira or Kill All. (i always choose Alira)

4) Early Levelling Gear / Skills

Nothing crazy here. Double Lifesprigs, Wanderlust, Lochtonial Caress.
Get Axioms early on. It will help you stack crit fast.

You can also use Fencoil which is a free Trap link
it can be later upgraded to a solid 6L!

In incursion league there are also a lot of cheap Trap DPS one-handers:

In the past i used Fire Trap->Ice Trap for levelling, but now it's not needed.
At the start you will have Explosive Trap. Use it till level 12.
At level 12 get Arc and start doing this setup:
3L: Arc-Trap Support-Multiple Traps
4L: Arc-Trap Support-Multiple Traps-Added Lightning
Level 18:
4L: Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Trap Support-Multiple Traps
At level 22 buy Deerstalker boots!

At level 28 start using Lightning Spire Trap in a second 4L:
4L: Lightning Spire-Added Lightning-Trap & Mine Damage-Advanced Trap Support (or Controlled Destruction)
At level 38 start using Cluster Traps Support on Arc:
4L: Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Trap Support-Cluster Traps

5) My Actual Gear / End-Game Skills

Shimmerons are absolutely BEST end-game DPS wand if you go the Power Charge route like me:

The only thing that can get pretty close is some kind of a beast wand like this (also mine, but less DPS than Shimmeron):

Or a good crit shield:

The rest is pretty obvious:

Gloves with +1 Trap can boost your damage by around 25%. But they will most likely drop your resists into abyss :D. If you can still balance your resists, use them for sure! It's a HUGE BOOST!

These boots provide a smooth synergy between a counter productive charge generation of Chain Reaction (when you trigger all traps at once you don't gain as much power charges), so use them if you can balance your resists!
For the amulets and rings: high life, crit multi, spell damage, resists. Of cause Opal rings would be sick.

Any good Elder ring is a good pair with Shaper Ring:

Shaper 5L (Trap Support): Arc-Trap & Mine Damage-Cluster Traps-Elemental Focus/Lightning Penetration (Pen will work better against bosses)
6L Spire: Lightning Spire-Added Lightning-Trap & Mine Damage-Controlled Destruction-Elemental Focus-Concentrated Effect (once again Lightning Pen can be used against tough bosses like Shaper)
Jewels are life, crit multi and lightning added damage:

6) Flasks

1 Diamond for Crit
1 Atziri's Promise for Ele->Chaos DPS
1 Quicksilver
1 Basalt/Quartz
1 Eternal Life
you can have Sulphur instead of Basalt for more damage if you wish.
For HC you need more defense (evasion, armour, dodge flasks..)!

7) Pantheon Gods

Major: Solaris, Arakaali is also incredibly strong with the regen we get from Ascendancy.
Minor: Ryslatha
These are my personal choices.

8) Hardcore Viable or not?

It is doable if you do Acrobatics/Phase/MoM and stack all life where possible. Still very squishy build and very hard to reach 5k life even with a lot of investment. Regen is good though.

9) More good gear

Loreweave is a fantastic choice for SSF and a super strong choice for Trade league as well. It gives a lot of everything as well as much more damage than Tinkerskin:

These gloves can be untill you get Shaper 5L:


All kind of WRATH jewels.

+1 Corrupted Chests like Tinkerskin or Loreweave.

Shaper EZ PZ: https://youtu.be/DkhFil_x4yE
Uber Atziri EZ PZ: https://youtu.be/LMVrBsh_noM
Uber Elder: https://youtu.be/P6_BpLF92Lk
T12 Shaped Dunes: https://youtu.be/TtiR0phCIhA
T14 Crimson Temple with Breach https://youtu.be/9yiz-Urlojo
Hall of the Grandmasters: https://youtu.be/LP9flGhLAqo
Chayula's Breachstone: https://youtu.be/rTs4W8tbVW8
T16 Phoenix: https://youtu.be/EGTgY6XptAs
1) What about MoM

MoM is great, but not required. Mostly usable with Eldritch Battery and decent amount of ES.

2) Why Arc is in 5L And Spire in 6L?

Since Trap limit was increased from basic 3 to 15, it's much easier to do damage with arc now, and for Spire it's just 3 charges, so THEY BETTER BE STRONK :)

3) And what about Eldritch Battery?

It's really useful in pair with Tinkerskin. You can use it to reserve mana and spam traps infinitely. Not so easy to reach though, and without Tinkerskin it's pretty pointless.

4) I keep dying from using 2 Shimmerons

Shimmerons were nerfed a couple of patches ago and imbued with a Lightning self-damage making it problmematical to dual wield them. At the same time if you have enough max lightning res, going Loreweave or outregening the damage it is still possible to survive. If you are not levelled enough, or don't have enough lightning res or still have problems: just use 1 shimmeron and 1 rare wand or shield.

5) I throw less traps than you in the video!

Cluster Trap Support was nerfed a few patches ago, so now you throw 1 less.
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/
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You have any kind of progression guide yet? And are you going to take more AoE for overlapping Lightning Spire's blasts?
Going to be trying this out. It looks pretty solid.

Not sure on the links yet, but i'll be stacking critfor maximum shockage.

I'll probably go with 2 high crit daggers until I can get some Shimmerons.

180% max life, with MOM + tinkerskin. I'll be playing hc.

I'll keep you guys updated.
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
T4R3 wrote:
You have any kind of progression guide yet? And are you going to take more AoE for overlapping Lightning Spire's blasts?

Progression is pretty straighforward:
Before 3.3 i usually levelled with Fire trap, then ice trap, then switched to spell traps. But for now there would be much more options: like explosive trap for example all they way up till maps. Arc in general is a pretty weak spell, so it requires some levelling before it gains needed strength. All TRAPPER nodes first, then start gathering crit chance and then Blast Cascade. Invest in LIFE a lot, as it's really hard to get 5k life with a trapper. I also changed the tree a bit, since Master Sapper is higher now. WE can get life from Revenge of the Haunted instead of Thick Skin, and it will give us 1000 more evasion as well!
I will be going for cast speed for sure for maximum zap times on 8sec trap
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/
Lvl 41 running a 4 link arc trap and 3 link lightning spire and everything is easy mode. Faster casting helps a ton with lightning spire, hopefully can find another suitable 4 link soon.
Hi all, and for the Bandits who you kill? Who you help?

Thanks a lot.
Fun build. Gonna mess around with the tree after mapping for a bit.
Jorick wrote:
Hi all, and for the Bandits who you kill? Who you help?

Thanks a lot.

Alira for crit and resists
All builds: http://www.angryroleplayer.com/path-of-exile-builds/
Been doing the exact same build, literally the same, however I think this should be CI build and you should not block shock with elemental focus gem.
Been playing an arc trapper as well, super fun. Rolling through the levels. I killed the a7 boss in less than a second (well, a little more if you count the time between him killing silk)

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