The Incursion League Launches Soon!

Altruistic Mode enabled!
Challenges? What bou them?
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
Shinjuku wrote:
When do you plan to add a simple way to know how many slot character I already have?

Ummm...maybe try counting it? The free maximum is 24.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
hype hype
Last time to play NZ POE
Finally, I could use my uTorrent again... since 3 months ago.
Shiny !
Time to check again all info to chase sneaky change/nerf/whatnot at the last minute, YEahhh....
A French who did his best not to make your eyes bleed ^^
Not sure about others, but my torrent says the file size is 9.3gig, not 8.8gig.

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