PvP in 3.3.0 and Beyond

PVP balance LOL
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Well, attack skills requires Heavy investment in pvp to actually work. I believe currently zerphi is the main concern.

Builds that requires little investment yet is able to kill everything that comes at it.

I played almost all pvp builds. Traps/Kb/La/Ea/Vd/fireball/magma

I am surprised i didnt see magma orb on the list as Magma orb's range is absurd. Able to kill someone from one corner of sarn to the next

bear traps - too strong.

EA is fine, its just the flask.

Commandment of winter - all you need is a zerphi's flask and fast movement skills and u can just 1 shot anyone that hits you, scaled by spell damage. able to 1 shot 10-11k hp.

kinetic blast is weak without Heavy investment.

Conversion talismans - 100 (fire/light) taken as cold.

Volatile dead does too much damage and have too much seek range. ( volatile dominates 1v1 matches due to the size of the arena )

Alot of people complain about skills like kb or fireball doing too much damage. but the fact is that it requires heavy investment to make it work. A 1000ex wander vs a 30ex zerphi vd the latter still wins.
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Rank 1 has spoken ^^
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Was going to say Arc Totems, but you said all things that have recently changed.
So I guess the only other one I can think of other then the one's mentioned would be Scorching Ray.
I'm a league PvPer foremost so I don't know the extremes of what's broken as much as the standard folks do, but everything that comes to my mind is already on the chart.

I just want to add my voice to this post to say how much I appreciate GGG taking steps to address PvP again. There may not be many of us, but we think there's a lot of potential in PvP in Path and would love for it to be in a place that's more fair and accessible for other people to come play with us.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
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Flask charges are extremely limited on PvP, being able to gain charges from time allows a player to "pop" all their flasks for an optimal engage. After a failed engage or a win the Flask generating player can just run around until they have all flasks again making them gain a larger and larger advantage as the match continues.

This needs to be disabled in PvP or given a maximum amount of charges that can be generated in PvP
that is what makes pathfinder a flask acedancy.
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Just make Flasks Refill in between rounds...
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then again, despite this being a good step towards pvp, most people will just boycott skills they lose to, instead of finding a solution.

End of the day it is how much you invest in the build, casual pver's with good/insane gear coming into arena is gonna die regardless and complain.
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NickK_GGG wrote:
Hey guys

Thank you for endeavoring to improve our PVP and letting us know.
I really like your short list of skills.

Here are some non-skills to consider:

Flesh Binder - the Necromancer Ascendency Passive, the caustic cloud it creates on Zombie Death is currently the highest source of chaos damage in the game against players and kills life builds instantly regardless of their resists and life pool.

Zerphi's Last Breath (seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFktkwJjdks)

It basically bypasses mortality for anything that does not kill you in one shot, currently being used in conjunction with Volatile Dead and Explosive Arrow, already on your list, but it can amplify just about anything thanks to the Fevered Mind Jewel.

Xirgil's Crank

Like Zerphi's, it allows builds with insane energy shield pools to ignore anything that does not one shot them, except for dots, which because most energy shield builds us Chaos Inoculation, limits the non-one-shot skills that can kill them to Scorching Ray because it does not hit enemies (this gets negated outside of 1v1 where anyone else can hit the player to trigger their energy shield regen).

Commandment of Winter
Laboratory Enchant

The base damage is really high and it scales very well with both projectile and elemental damage.
When it goes off it hits a player multiple times; either it pulses or it knocks the player back so they stay in its area, not really sure.
The largest issue is that items and flasks that increase projectiles increases its projectiles, making it an instant kill ability that clears multiple players in an area like a shockwave.

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