PvP in 3.3.0 and Beyond

Hey guys,

First off, I'm really glad so many people are still having fun and are invested in PvP, despite it not being a development focus recently.

Over the next few months we'd like to address the most heinous balance issues affecting PvP. We're compiling a list of the most problematic skills and seeing what we can do to bring them in line with what we (and you) feel is a much more sensible power level.

It's also been a few years since the PvP damage-scaling algorithm has had a deep look, and in that time we've introduced Ascendancies, Abyss Jewels and dozens and dozens of new skills, supports and mods. It's pretty likely that the current algorithm needs some work.

This job becomes much, much simpler with feedback, which is where you guys come in. Short and sweet feedback about which skills/ascendancies/mods/whatever are most problematic, and why they are problematic, will help us immensely. Try to be as impartial as you can.

On our current watchlist is:
  • Poet's Pen's Trigger
  • Volatile Dead
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Bear Trap
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Blight
  • Glacial Cascade
  • Cremation

And all traps and other skills that have seen significant mechanical and damage changes in 3.3.0.
Last bumped on Feb 20, 2019, 3:47:01 PM
ProjectPT wrote:
Thank you.

What would be the best way for us to format feedback about skills we find problematic?

Just list the skills and give a short description of what it is that you feel makes the skill unfair. Short and to the point is the best way.

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