eHLD - Beastfang the Slow Facebreaker Gladiator Build

This is a really slow ethical build, but when you hit someone you do a lot of damage.
It is super weak to chaos damage, but you can put on two ming's as swap outs.
You can make this better by reducing damage for speed, but as a meme it is better like this.
With the attack speed so slow you should do combos.

It works well with The Surrender and the Gladiator node Violent Retaliation
Against say VD poet's pen players in Sarn, if they can't 1-shot you with an orb, you can get easily up to 340 stacks.

poe page:

Slow Facebreaker Gladiator - Dominating Blow

37k DPS pure physical damage
22,642 - 52,734 Dominating Blow hit damage
16,352 - 38,086 Reckoning hit damage
18,233 - 42,468 Riposte hit damage
6,926 life
9 es
76/76 block / spell block
1,184 evasion / 7,983 armor (39% phys. damage reduction)
76/75/75/-60 resists
3 movement speed


Main Attack - Dominating Blow

Fun thing to do - Spectral Shield Throw

Movement (stuck on stairs and ledges!)

With Surrender's Reckoning



Swapouts for Freeze / Chaos

This is a meme build.

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i loved the flask choices
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
Rupenus wrote:
i loved the flask choices

I think I am safe to swap out the bleeding flask for another burning, but will see how preliminary matches go.

EDIT: Updated build to be even slower using Kaom's roots and swapped out bleeding for another burning.
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since when could unarmed use riposte?!
biyte wrote:
since when could unarmed use riposte?!

It always worked, didnt it? It's vengeance that dont work with breakers
It's hard to remember what you have forgotten
Why are police looking for missing people? None of them were missing last time I saw them
i fought this build many times it hurts...feels like a bear attacking you irl
just thought i'd pop in and say this build is one of my favorites.
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I am glad people are enjoying this.

So I decided to try leveling as this on league, it is really easy to level as enemies get one shotted and turn into friends, so you can pull a bunch of friends into Incursions and clear the place out.

As a Zerker you can get a lot more DPS (a lot more...).
Since less block gave up on Surrender for the Old One.

Will see how maps go.
Reflect Combo Package works well with Gladiator as well, maybe 1/3 the damage but you can reflect kill a lot of players in Incursion Softcore:

(ignore the corrupts, they help though)

Also if you are feeling squishy while leveling, because you do not have The Red Nightmare or The Surrender, the safer alternative helm is
(and use enduring cry)

And if you want to be unethical, the Commandment of Force lab enchant is about the same as the other counter attacks and can stack first strike damage fairly high.

The best skill to level with is Infernal Blow, as you do not need any melee splash or ancestral call to augment it; the new explosions take care of everything.
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They just changed the main skill of this build, Dominating Blow.

I won't be able to steal golems anymore, but anything that makes a corpse should make a Sentinel? Does anything make corpses on death in PVP....

Also the lvl 1 damage was increased by 15%, maybe they buffed the high end damage as well.

Once 3.4 hits I'll be unethical in Sarn one shotting whoever skips the league, will probably move all my gear from Deadfang to Beastfang and keep the bear look, retire Ghost Rider:

[3.3] Tsundere Gladiator, Max Block Facebreakers, Infinite Life Flasks, Shaper Viable

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