Here is one of the new unique jewels that you’ll see in 3.3.0!

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Wow, I like this one!
A unique with a mix of good and bad; feels like old POE. I like it.
Wonder what the altar will transform it to... untempered flesh?
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Isn't the STR side of the tree more strapped for crit chance than multi?
Where can this be placed currently for maximum gains in multi?
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very interesting. MIGHT be good when upgraded, we'll see I guess
altar of sacrifice, item sink incoming :-)
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Damn inquisitor will reborn in 3.3!
WTB Mana and life leech for casters on tree...
Completed 26 ChallengesNephalim wrote:
Where can this be placed currently for maximum gains in multi?

If you come down on the outer ring from Disembowling, take the jewel socket next to the Marauder End charge, and avoid the other STR nodes in radius, you get +40% (80 STR unallocated). You'll have to avoid Strong Arm, but can take Butchery.

Second best is the Templar jewel socket if you approach from the top via the INT nodes, which gives 35% (70 STR), but you'll have to avoid Devotion so that's kinda meh.

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