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26) [3.8] POISONOUS ASSaSSIN Build (Cobra Lash/Blade Flurry/Plague Bearer) UBER ELDER + VIDEO GUIDE!
With the revamped Poison and Assassin ascendancy i decided to dive deep into the matter to find out the answer to the important question: How viable is Poison nowadays?
The short is answer is: YES. It’s not a meme at all. It does the job. It kills things. And it does so without trillion-attacks-per-second-molten-strike and mirror gear.

With this build i wanted to achieve 2 things: create a strong mapper AND bosser and at the same time to stay alive. Most people just do mappers and swap stuff to do bossing, or can’t stay alive at all due to ultimate glass cannon builds. I wanted to find a middle ground for that, a strong poison that build that can do all content on a tight budget.
And so i deliver you. The POISONOUS ASS.
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