Angry Roleplayer's 33 non-meta BUILD LIST / Streams

26) [3.8] POISONOUS ASSaSSIN Build (Cobra Lash/Blade Flurry/Plague Bearer) UBER ELDER + VIDEO GUIDE!
With the revamped Poison and Assassin ascendancy i decided to dive deep into the matter to find out the answer to the important question: How viable is Poison nowadays?
The short is answer is: YES. It’s not a meme at all. It does the job. It kills things. And it does so without trillion-attacks-per-second-molten-strike and mirror gear.

With this build i wanted to achieve 2 things: create a strong mapper AND bosser and at the same time to stay alive. Most people just do mappers and swap stuff to do bossing, or can’t stay alive at all due to ultimate glass cannon builds. I wanted to find a middle ground for that, a strong poison that build that can do all content on a tight budget.
And so i deliver you. The POISONOUS ASS.
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27) [3.8] FROSTBOLT / ICE NOVA *NON-COC* Assassin Build . SELFCAST Spells! Uber Elder + VIDEO!
While everyone were obsessed with COC, i was experimenting with BALLS. With a selfcast BALLS. With Ice Novas on top of cause.
Mathil loves this build as well, and he played it three times actually, but i had a totally different vision for that since the very beginning. First of all i wanted to utilize insane Elder 8L staff i dropped from one of the Uber Elders, beef up the neglected Frostbolt (my very first ever build was Frostbolt back in 2017! Gotta pay the dues!) to the max, and go CI ES TANK as well, with ES spell leech.
All these ideas are combined and reflected in this build you see. I successfully killed all content deathless, so i guess it kinda worked!
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28) [3.9] SIEGE BALLISTA HIEROPHANT Build v1.1 > Iron Commander & 15 Ballistas! CHEAP LEAGUE STARTER!
Ballistas were changed a lot in 3.9. +2 totems now + more on the tree, +2 two completely new skills gems + reworked Ranged Attack Totem Support.
In metamorph i really wanted to try Ballistas as a League Starter and later decide which ones are better now. Well, it appears that the classic Iron Commander Siege Ballista build is still one of the best, if not the ABSOLUTELY best “RAT” possible.
I’ve explored different possibilities, added some cool tricks and juiced up the build to the max here. Would definitely recommend for all content, a league starter and a valid all-around totem experience.
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29) 3.9] HERALD OF AGONY MANA GUARDIAN 2020 Build. ~30K ES. From Cheap to Expensive!
Herald of Agony Mana Guardian is definitely one of the tankiest builds in the game, but one of the most expensive too. It is one of these “elusive” builds that you always wanted to try but never had the currency for it.
Well, luckily for me, i’ve got enough this league to actually taste all the power of the build and so i, present you different versions of it. I wanted to make it more affordable for newer audience, while still providing mirror tier gearing options for those who can handle that.
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[3.9]ANCESTRAL WARCHIEF CHIEFTAIN Build (2020 Edition).Cheap,Strong League Starter, 15M+ DPS!
Ancestral Warchief Chieftain is one of the classic Path of Exile builds. It always was a strong league starter, but how is it for all current end-game? With so much powercreep and so many builds around.. it’s really hard to tell, isn’t it? And it’s a totem build as well, and not everyone likes totems.
What i did once again is a complete overhaul of a classic build. I fine-tuned it to the maximum potential and what came out is a total surprise. All Conquerors die in a couple of seconds with Shaper not able to shoot a single ball! It is SO STRONG. You will be surprised, trust me. I was surprised a lot.
I did a lot of cool tricks to push this build to the limits, so i really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i did!
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