Angry Roleplayer's 33 non-meta BUILD LIST / Streams

Winter Orb is one of the most popular skills in Betrayal, with every 10th player actually using it!
Since the beginning of the league i've been observing things and looking for a better way to squeeze the most out of it.
Great boss killer, very solid build for Atlas progression. Shaper down on 1 ex budget. Curse and Reflect Immune.
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15) [3.6] The "Ultimate" SOULREND / ESSENCE DRAIN Occultist Build. LEAGUE STARTER #1! > UBER Elder done!
Essence Drain Occultist / Trickster is a well known, solid league starter with countless guides existing! Let's take a DEEPER look into current state of ED and also find out how well new Synthesis gear and skills like Soulrend / Malevolance / Bane will work together!
In 3.6 update, a couple of new Chaos Skills appear, such as Soulrend, Malevolence and Bane. As well as older Chaos Skills get significant boost and revamps!
We will be using these skills in 3.6 to league start as well as deeper explore different combinations with a well-know Essence Drain + Contagion combo (as Soulrend and ED stacks and count as different sources of DoT).
Over last months i've been checking various sources on current Essence Drain situation as well as tried to squeeze max damage out of it. In this guide you will (hopefully) find the most comprehensive and detailed information on different ED setups!
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16) ARCTIC BREATH Trickster (2-3 Million DPS). Better than one ugly Vortex!
In 3.5 we've got a massive rework of Cold Skills, giving as a lot of new ways to scale cold damage. While everyone were playing Cold Snap and Vortex, i was pretty thrilled with the Arctic Breath rework. The damage was not there yet in 3.5, but surprisingly, in 3.6 the damage HAS ARRIVED and skill is more viable than before now! Look no further if you want to play something off-meta and not a meme build as well :)
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Just a FYI: almost all guides have been updated for 3.7!
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17) [3.7] SRS Necromancer (2019 Edition) Build - 6 MILLION DPS on a 1EX budget! Uber Elder in 3 days!
Before 3.7 even started i've been theorycrafting a fresh, strong, 2019 ready SRS league starter, as a tribute to Yoji's SRS build that i've used back in 2.6 to reach level 90 for the first time ever! When 3.7 launched though it all became even better!
I was totally surprised by the damage and the smoothness of current SRS. Killed Uber Elder on a 5L in just 3 days at level 88 which is the LOWEST LEVELLED character kill i've ever had, and i am not your super "i dodge everything" guy. And i am pretty bad at bossing :)
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18) [3.7] ICE CRASH BERSERKER Build. 6 Million DPS + 700% CRIT, ALL Content Viable!
Just when 3.7 launched i really wanted to play reworked Cleave with Ahn's Might.
Once i started and got to maps though, i quickly faced the reality of SHITTINESS that Cleave is. It's just bad and reworked threshold jewel does not fix it :(
So i've started looking for options WHAT ELSE can work with my original plan to use Ahn's Might and Berserker and stumbled upon Ice Crash and OMG it just perfectly fit! AOE! Great single target! Fantasic eye cancer effects! P E R F E C T!
This build is balanced around offense and defense. Berserker in general is very glass cannon, but can be very frustrating to play through rippy League content. Esepecially if you are a new player. So after decent amount of experiments i came to an optimized balanced setup which allows you to sustain most damage while dealing enough damage to destroy pretty much everything.
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20) [3.7] KINETIC BLAST/BARRAGE "Wander" DEADEYE (2019 Edition) Build > UBER ELDER down!
Kinetic Blast has been nerfed twice. First time in 3.4 when it got less area
damage and explosions were changed to prevent shotgunning near walls. And then in 3.7 when abyssal jewels were all lowered down by at least 30%.
So what's the state of KB Wanders now? I must say i devled quite deep into the build to answer the question. And the short answer is: still viable. Still doing the job. Still expensive. Still needs barrage for Uber Elder. Still ridiculous aoe which one shots everything offscreen, still insanely fun!
The goal of the build was to create a TANKY, HIGH dps character capable to do ALL content, and not just silly currency farming. The basic goal was to achieve at least 1 million shaper dps on KB, but eventually i surpassed it and now sitting on 2 millions KB dps as well as almost 5 million for Barrage.
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21) [3.7] LIGHTNING ARROW/BARRAGE Deadeye Build / Your #1 Bow League Starter!
Lightning Arrow was always a popular choice for levelling, but rarely was it used in the end-game. I kind of fell in love with LA during my Kinetic Blast levelling process (went from level 1 to 85 on LA) and decided i am gonna min-max it and push through Uber Elder and all content to see where “borders” are. Actually they are nowhere to be seen! lol. The build does not struggle anywhere and just breezes through all content including Uber Elder and such. It has same speed as Tornado Shot, can be MF just as Tornado Shot, and at the same time can kill Uber Elder not-as-any-Tornado-Shot while being cheaper as noone gives a damn about lightning jewels.
But the best part is the whole smoothness of the build.You literally take a skill at level 12 and progress through the WHOLE game! It is literally one of the best bow league starters i’ve ever played and can totally recommend to any new players who want to try bow skills!

Hello and welcome to probably one of the least played melee skill in Path of Exile melee patch!
If you are still here, then i guess you wanna see how is it, to play a TRULY MELEE build?
Glacial Hammer is one of these "rare" skills that i never played, so in 3.7 i decided i am gonna give it a try after playing Ice Crash for a while. It was an easy switch, and on top of that i could use the new SHOCKWAVE support. The result was actually an interesting, yet contradicting experience. The tankiness, single target and aoe are decent, but Uber Elder fight was the hardest ever for me. And not because of damage or sustain, but because of absolutely tiny melee range on top of new "animation cancelling". Sometimes you just don't hit because you are not close enough or cancel your hit and don't even realize what was the problem. And if you hit air you lose mana too :)
So all in all it's a solid setup with very decent damage and superb tankiness. But if you are used to clearing screens with MELEE cyclone aoe then this build is definitely not for you, because are literally facing danger face to face. This is a very PERSONAL build ;)
This is a ONE PUNCH MAN build!
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Just let them kill themselves! No need to press anything, not even the flasks!
This is probably the craziest build i've done during the Legion. Expected to be a meme, but turned out to be super strong against everything.
Reckoning has been there for a while, but it has never been as strong as it is now, with all melee and accuracy as well as flat damage buffs.

24) [3.8] CHAOSMANCER (100% CHAOS Spiders and Zombies) Build. <2 min UBER ELDER. INSANE Clear Speed!
For quite a while i had this sick idea to combine Spiders and Zombies. After all minion buffs arriving for minions in 3.8 it has become a true reality. Zombies are tough and strong, while Spiders are immortal and fast. With new skill gems like Feeding Frenzy and new items like Triad Grip, Rotting Legion and Aukuna's Will it is now possible to do really insane stuff.
Combining the best of two worlds i bring you the strongest minion build i've played so far: CHAOSMANCER. Also known as AFKmancer. A 100% phys->chaos conversion Spider and Zombie build which allows you to stand still or just run around and yet do all hardest content.
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25) [3.8] GLACIAL CASCADE MINES Saboteur v2.0 (2019 Edition) Build.OneShot bosses! ULTIMATE VIDEO guide!
While everyone were playing Icicle mine in Blight League i was busy revamping the glorious Glacial Cascade build to it's former glory. I've been on a holy crusade for single target and on a quest for clear speed.
What you see here is a monstrous one-shotting build with literally unparalleled (for miners) AOE and great clear speed. I took it quite far, beyond the horizon, to see the limits of true POWER. That is GLACIAL CASCADE SABOTEUR. Throwing 23 mines now! One-shotting all bosses in under a second!
Instead of just doing a build guide i've made a comprehensive MINES video guide where i will explain you difference between traps and mines, changes in 3.8 as well as discuss and show other mines in action!
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